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Mint Mobile 10GB SIM Card

Mint Mobile 10GB data SIM kit

Mint Mobile SIM Card - HorizontalMint Mobile SIM Card - Vertical
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10GB4G/5G Data
$20*$2 per GB
  • Unlimited nationwide talk & text
  • 4G & 5G data speeds
  • 3-in-1 SIM kit
  • Bring your own phone
See Deal* Buy 3 Months Get 1 Free
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Mint Mobile phone plans starting at $15/mo - See Deals

Mint Mobile 10GB plan

Mint Mobile SIM card description

  • Operates on the nationwide T-Mobile network
  • 7-day money-back guarantee
  • Prepaid - no contract, credit check, or activation fee
  • Bring your phone or buy a Mint Mobile device
  • Keep your phone number
  • Using your phone as a mobile hotspot is permitted
  • Free calling to Canada & Mexico, affordable rates to 160+ other locations
  • Flat-rate international roaming available as an add-on feature
  • Customer service by phone on weekdays and weekends, 24/7 by virtual chat

Mint Mobile features

Data Speed5G & 4G LTE
3G NetworkGSM
Mobile Hotspot
Bring Your Phone
Keep Your Number
Credit Check
Customer Service24/7
Money Back GuaranteeYes - 7 days
ContractNo - 3 mths prepaid
Taxes/fees included
WiFi Calling
Visual Voicemail
Multi-line Discounts
Multi-month Discounts
International CallsYes - Includes Mexico & Canada
International Roaming

Mint Mobile compatible phones

As Mint Mobile runs on the T-Mobile network their SIM cards are compatible with GSM phones. If you’re not sure if your phone is compatible you can use our IMEI checker.

Most of the latest phones use both the GSM and CDMA technology.

Phone compatibility checker
Dial *#06# on your phone to access IMEI

Mint Mobile coverage

Mint Mobile is powered by the T-Mobile network, offering you access to their nationwide 4G LTE network and 5G where available.

Whether you’re new to or have used them before, you can check cell phone coverage in your area using your ZIP code.

Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your AreaCheck Carrier Coverage

Mint Mobile prepaid SIM card benefits

There’s a number of benefits when buying a SIM card kit with Mint Mobile;

  • Prepaid: all plans are prepaid, so you can pick the features you want and pay upfront each month.
  • Same coverage: operating on one of the three major networks, you’ll get the same quality coverage.
  • Keep your own phone: they make it easy to bring your own phone so you don’t have to spend money upgrading to the latest handset, unless you want to.
  • Low cost plans: saving you up to $600 a year on your phone bill. Offering all the same features, but with half price plans.
  • Easy to switch: simply wait for your SIM kit to arrive, pop your new SIM into your phone and you’ll be up and running, all within a few days.

T-Mobile vs Mint Mobile comparison

Keep your T-Mobile phone, number & coverage: Save $660 per year

CarrierNetwork Coverage4G/5G DataPriceAnnual Cost
T-MobileT-Mobile 4G & 5GUnltd*$70/mo$840/yr
Mint MobileT-Mobile 4G & 5G4GB$15/mo$180/yr
*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$55/mo$660/yr

Mint Mobile SIM card activation

It’s easy to bring your own phone to a cheaper carrier:

  1. Order the Mint Mobile SIM starter kit online
  2. Replace the SIM card in your phone and follow the activation process
  3. If you’re looking to transfer your phone number, this can take up to 24 hours

Mint Mobile info

Headquarters1550 Scenic Avenue Suite 100 Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1420
Customer service(800) 683-7392

Mint Mobile customer reviews

Mint Mobile
Average Customer Rating267 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars105
4 Stars18
3 Stars24
2 Stars24
1 Star96
0 Stars0


I paid $200/month for my kid and I before after extras I didn’t need. Coming to Mint, her phone is $360 a year and mine is $180 saving over $1800 a year! I work from home, so I’m on WiFi most of the time, I only need 4GB. If you’re having issues with your data make sure your phone is compatible with T-Mobile (which is what Mint uses) service, or you’ll have issues. If you have a Verizon phone, make sure its unlocked or you’ll have issues. This is not an issue with Mint, but with your phone. There are settings you need to adjust in the phone itself as well, and I suggest first resetting your network settings, if that doesn’t work then try backing up your data and doing a factory reset.

If you have a problem it's your problem

If you have problem! Terrible process, terrible operators terrible supervisor, terrible results and for no fixes but the money is there's

The better business bureau knows of all the problems (alot) Different customers but same problems over and over again. I bought new mint mobile phone (return it right way) and I'm still trying to get full refund back December 2021

Could never get BOTH phone/text AND mobile data...

I kept getting referred to my previous carrier about keeping my phone number (a whole nother issue), and the 2 (separate) hours i actually had service I never had mobile data....finally pulled the plug and cancelled inside the 7day window..... Advice: If you get ANY guff with your service in the first day or 2....cancel.

poor coverage

I had verizon, it worked almost everywhere although expensive. I don't use a phone much so I swtched to Mint to save some money. It rarely works. Data almost never works. I was in a local grocery store a few days ago, tried to call home and saw "no service" on my screen". I didn't expect top notch service but this is ridiculous.

I agree with most of the reviews posted here.

I've been with mint for just over a year and that's a year to long. Calls drop consistently, when I contacted mint I was told we were in a commercial area and I'd get better reception if I went outside well I tried that still didn't help. So if you have any kind of businesses (gas station, grocery, schools etc) forget about making or receiving a clear connection. Customer service continues to lie (probably told to do so) about payments and coverage. Continued voice mail problems. You definitely get what you pay for which is bad reception...Can you hear me now!! Pay a bit more somewhere else.

Terrible customer service.

Slow mailing of Sim. Long wait till activation. Was told we cancelled service when really they just dropped the ball.

DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE! It is terrible!

Purchased a 6 month plan and from the very 1st day of service I've had almost no ability to maintain a call for more than 2 minutes. Customer service gives you a runaround and blames all issues on you, your phone, the towers, and as of late even Joe Biden! If Ryan Reynolds is the owner, partner or investor, he should worry about his future and get out of the cell phone business!


DO NOT SIGN UP FOR MINT. IT IS A SCAM. Worse service I've ever had. These guys are liars. I never had my phone service working properly. They kept promising that they fix the issue and this is a temporary problem. But they never did. Finally, I switched over to a different carrier but they said since you past 7 days, we don't provide money back.

Really? So you promise to fix the issue and once it is past the 7 days no money back for your lies? Well, I will be reporting you to every place I can place a review so that everyone can see how shady you are.

Mint Mobile is the worse wireless company

I signed up for a 3-month plan and paid them $82.00 Received nothing. Been trying to get a refund for 3 months to no avail stay away from this company. Hate to be negative but they are bad, bad!

Run. Mint service is terrible.

Run. Mint service is terrible. Texting on network was unreliable. Working with customer service to resolve the problem was long and arduous, then the problems recurred. Wifi calling and texting didn't work either. I switched to a different plan after a month, and they wouldn't refund the other 2 months that I paid for. Zero stars.

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