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    Net10 Wireless Customer Reviews

    Is Net10 Wireless any good?

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    Idiots are in charge.

    I dont have service for a month. Look like lots are in charge of this company. idiots gave out 3g sim cards for new phones and now lots people are suffering. Time to move on. That is how stupid executives ruin a business. Time to fire the CEO.

    Terrible customer service

    Been a customer of Net10 for many years. Service was OK until recently. Now I can’t make/receive calls. Hours spent with customer support did not fix problem. Last contact with 2nd level support guy said he found problem. Leave phone on for 15 minutes the he would call back. He never did. I rebooted phone and it still won’t work. Off to get a new phone from a REAL provider. Only real advantage is price. However, with no service, $0 would not be a good price.



    Customer service who don't respect you

    After 10+ years i've had it. TracFone and Net10 are one and the same. customer support is laughable. Air time eaten up by people who either do not or refuse to recognize what you want.

    cheap phones

    I use NET10 everyday. It uses T-Mobile's network. I bought a $60 cheap phone on Amazon. It worked just as well as my major carrier phone did. I use it and it works really well.

    horrible customer service!

    Net10 became the WORST customer support I EVER experienced. I had to call 9 times in 24 hours to get a cellphone number switched to another phone. It ought to take one phone call for approximately five minutes. i was on the phone each time for at least 45 mins. They couldn't answer anything I asked.

    Great data and reliability

    Nice affordable phones, great service, and reliability. Have not had any problems with customer service.

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