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    Optimum Mobile Reviews

    Optimum Mobile customer reviews & complaints

    Optimum Mobile
    Average Customer Rating85 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars14
    4 Stars4
    3 Stars1
    2 Stars2
    1 Star64
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    Reviews of Optimum Mobile in 2022

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    Read 85 user reviews

    They offer an unlimited talk, text & data for $40

    Since subscribing to the service I’ve had to contact them twice. Each time through text

    customer service and backend is horrible.

    I set up a phone line and 3 days later I still cannot see my account

    Lack of coverage

    Used them for 2 months. Virtually zero service regularly. The primary network is Sprint, and when you can connect its great. But if you hit a dead zone you switch to ATT 2G, NOTHING above. 600mb if you're lucky, usually under 200mb. Also what they don't tell you is using your device as a Hotspot is limited to 600mb/s. If you need minimal service and live in a populated area it may work for you, but if you're 10mins out of a town don't count on it. No, I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy.



    Our service has been good

    Been positive. I recommend them.

    The professionalism is zero company.

    Actually more 0 star then 1.

    I’ve been thru hell with his crappy joke company. Yes it’s cheap for $20 monthly but to dealt with bunch of clown company is not worth it.

    I rather pay more to legit big company that has already name years.

    They don’t have hotline number all I had to do is messages them (chatting in live) I mean I had to stop doing whatever I need to do just to be able chat with them and the end they can’t find solutions.

    I requested a new number and for altice policy is disconnected which is the person that I chat with he never mentioned about that. So we continue the process of getting new number using altice iphone (purchase it with service paying monthly for $12 something) and the following month got a billed for a full price of cell phone and I was shocked. Over a month still waiting for them to find solutions of refunding cuz they aware they even don’t have the ticket for “requested disconnection” so they know is their mistaken for not communicating to customers.

    Ok on that problem hasn’t resolved I received another bill for full price cell iphone again. I mean really??? And I call optimum and they refuse to help the reason is they don’t have access to mobile department and again they advise to keep do the chat.

    The point is “NOT WORTH IT” me and my family so regret signed up for this little company.

    Basically optimum is another bad company too. Every time I went to the cablevision store nearby there’s always lots of people got out the store complaining and returned cable boxes and they can’t even be able to help me with my concern about the mobile service.. didn’t they connecting to each other? I guess only got good convenience only but for customer concern they clean their hands and said “I’m sorry I can’t help you, you need to chat with them thru their website. Very sad really.

    Good coverage

    Surprisingly Altice has a decent network at least where I live. I recommend trying out Altice.

    Lie, Steal, terrible customer service

    Suddenlink guy told me coverage is the best and I get to keep number. Didn't put SIM card in until a couple weeks later. When I tried the service, my number was different and the internet barely worked. I switched back to my old Sim card immediately. I tried to cancel and get a refund but they messaged me they don't do that. I was charged $50 in less than two months for services I didn't/couldn't use. I tried to cancel services but only way to talk to someone is chat. I thought I closed the account then they put another 5$ on my bill. You can't see why they charge what they do and you can't talk to anyone about it. It's been 3 months and I'm still trying to get that money off my bill and the account closed. It was very expensive in time, money and stress to work with this company. Don't do it. Never had ANY problems like this with AT&T prepaid

    Inept customer service

    Don't ever sign up for their services. They never delivered my SIM cards and there is no phone number to call them just chat. When I did connect with an agent they took several minutes between replies. Definitely don't consider them now.

    Fast internet speeds, fast setup

    My internet speeds are really fast and my sim card came in just a few days. It took 30 minutes to swap from Verizon to Altice. I'm happy this service has worked out for me.

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    2ndSpeedtalk MobileT-Mobile4.4
    3rdGen MobileT-Mobile4.2
    4thUS MobileVerizon & T-Mobile4.1
    6thTingT-Mobile & Verizon4
    7thTwigbyVerizon & Sprint3.9
    8thWingAT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile3.5
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