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Patriot Mobile Reviews & Ratings

Patriot Mobile customer ratings in 2021

Patriot Mobile
Average Customer Rating43 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars14
4 Stars2
3 Stars1
2 Stars2
1 Star24
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Read 43 Patriot Mobile user reviews

All I can say is that my experience was fantastic!

Their customer service is great. I could understand every word they said. The website is user friendly and the connection never drops. I brought my own phone over and haven't had one problem. My bill at ATT was $108 and at Patriot it's $70 for the exact same service! I'm glad that I get to support a conservative company that shares the same values that I do. I highly recommend Patriot Mobile.

Do Not buy the Cheapest phone

ALL I needed was a way to communicate to pay my monthly utility bill, call my lawn mower guy. That's it. In my past life I Never sat around fiddling with a gadget or widget, the 3G phone I had for over a decade served That purpose just fine. THEN, Patriot Mobile via The Pat Gray show came up, I took the bait since I Hate ATT. Looking over the phones offered on their web site and since I don't go for fartsy-tartsy tech-nick, I Bought the Go Flip3, by Alcatel. Big mistake and the Chinese junk is clumsey to navigate, it only 'manualy updtes' then your carrier settings fall out and bogus call blocker wihtin the contact list mysteriously hppens. More headache. Calling PMobile CService only adds to the confusion as they have No time in actually getting the device Up and functioning and Always another glitch they didn't cover o answer. I got out of ATT totally and decided on a new phone Only because the word was out last fall "3G will End by years end". So, this Go Flip 3 is still operating in the 3G realm and as of yesterday talking with Mobile C.Service 'it always will be'. I am returning this phone and Cancelling, Today. PMobile is nothing more than a scam no different than ATT.

Nearly Nonexistent Data, Can’t Connect to WiFi

For the last couple months, patriot mobile has been quite literally making my life worse by a significant extent. I was unable to afford Wi-Fi at home anymore, so I paid for the 22 GB of high-speed data and the first month the data didn’t even work at all. I called and spoke to a manager and talked him into giving me that month free. THE GUY TOLD ME THAT THE NETWORK I HAD BEEN ON WAS BASICALLY GOING DOWN HILL! You would think that they would send all of their customers on that network new Sim cards since they are paying customers, but I had to get through a couple extremely rude customer service agents and quite literally demand the month free and THEN they sent me a new Sim card. I was able to use data a little bit better, but it was still slow and spotty. As of the last week or so, I can’t even connect to Wi-Fi anywhere. I called and asked for solutions. I was given several and none of them have worked. This stresses me out every day and now I have to call and tell them I refuse to pay again. If they try to make me pay, I’m going to the recycle my phone so that I can hopefully afford a new one with a new carrier. RUN!

I don't know what all the negative reviews about

I don't know what the negative reviews are all about. Just make sure that you are in their area and you won't have a problem.

Poor communication

Placed my order and then sent an email requesting a change to a different phone. They acknowledged the request with an email stating that my request had been updated, which I took to mean the switch was taken care of.

I was in no hurry and willing to wait.

Two weeks later I sent them a request for an ETA on delivery of my phone. I received no reply. Another two weeks later I sent them an email with CANCEL in the subject line, which got a reply indicating that my phone hadn't been delivered because the order was cancelled when the phone change request was made - I have all the emails - they don't indicate anything about cancelling an order.

Just as well.

Hard to switch from Xfinity Mobile to Patriot

Since we would rather give our money to a conservative company instead of Comcast, we tried switching to Patriot Mobile. It has been 2 weeks since Xfinity released our numbers and Patriot has not been able to activate our lines. We have tried calling them almost every day and they only call back about half of the time (they never have representatives available when you call). We have been through the same loop of customer service trying to port our number, not working, needing a new PIN number form Xfinity, us providing it to Patriot, Patriot taking too long to complete the transfer, going back to xfinity for a new PIN, etc. Very frustrating and no useful support from Patriot.

No one calls me back about my problem.

Do real people work there. I wanted to change companies, but they sent my SIM card to the wrong address, the wrong state!!! Now no one will call me to fix the problem and I'm out the cost of the SIM card and the first month's service.

ZERO customer service!

ZERO customer service! (Except when they are taking your money.) Sent bad SIM card. Wouldn't help to correct the problem.

My iPhone 11 still is not working. Went to a sprit

iPhone 11 still not working. Went to a Sprint store and they worked with it for an hour. They said that Sprint is switching to the T-Mobile service and that is why you have no internet connection. So I will try to see what Patriot Mobile is doing about this.

If you want out - good luck!

I am very angry with Patriot Mobile. I recently, decided to go with another company. I could find no way, online to cancel my service. When I called, I was on hold, for a long time, then they c!aimed they couldn't help me. They claimed someone would call me, but no one ever did. My emails were unanswered. I feel trapped, knowing no way to cancel my service. I have filed a complaint with the BBB.

Wanted to support the stated values

but apparently those "pro-American" values don't extend to quality customer service. After reading some of these reviews, I realize that the horrible customer service and the excuse that they are just growing so fast that they can't keep up with demand, is nothing new. I see reviews from the summer of 20 that are relating the same experience that I have had. Long waits for a call back from customer service (sometimes 20+ hours later!) and then not getting answers to what I am asking.

Agent tried to tell me that I should be using AT&T where we live rather than TMobile towers. Problem is that AT&T has horrible coverage around our area, very spotty. I tried explaining this to the agent and he just kept telling me that his coverage map says AT&T. When I questions whether or not his map could be wrong, he got very short with me. (BTW, our address road isn't even on Google Maps yet, so not sure how he could be so certain about coverage).

Anyway, I will be going to TMobile instead. Done with 3rd parties. I can donate the $10/mo per line difference to a church or a mission organization and accomplish more.

no tech support. My acct does not show on internet

impossible to get tech support. My husband's flip phone got shut down. Could not get technical support. I am switching to T Mobile. It's the same service and price as patriot and the service is good enough.

It's great if you can ever get started

I'm glad to be supporting a company that believes the same things I do. I'm trying to switch my wife's and I's phones over to them. At first they sent out the wrong SIM cards but began the porting process on my phone before that was figured out. So they had to send out new SIM cards which took 3 days meantime I did not have a phone because they had already began the porting process from my previous carrier. Fast forward 3 days to when the new SIM cards finally arrive I was able to get my phone set up after being on the phone with them for at least an hour. Then we start the process on my wife's phone. The lady says that the port had started and wanted to hang up with me and said that she would call back when the port had completed. That was around noon and I never received a call back and now my wife's phone doesn't work either. I've called them twice today and the first person I talked to was nice and said to confirm the account info with the previous carrier and to call back when I had confirmed it so they could try porting the phone again. I got the correct info which was the same as the info I had given them before and called again. This was at about 8:20 PM and customer service ends at 8:30 PM so I was trying to get my wife's phone working before she had to spend another night without it. I was able to get in touch with someone who I assume was about to get off work and they made sure I knew that they were not interested in getting my wife's phone working and were very annoyed I called them. I was interrupted multiple times and after I had given him the same account info as I had already given them before he said it was updated and would port the number again. I asked what the info they had was before because everything I had just told him was the same as I had already given. The representative was very irritated at my question and said he couldn't tell me. I had had enough and knew I wasn't going to receive any more help because it was approaching 8:30 PM and all the person I was on the phone with cared about was getting off the phone with me. This has turned into a nightmare and I regret ever trying to join patriot mobile. It's been over a week that we haven't had both of our phones working and from the service I've received I don't see these issues getting resolved anytime soon.

Plan is awesome glad I switched from Verizon

I think you guys are great we conservatives need to stick together and support

Ignore the negative reviews - these are liberals

The negative reviews on here are from paid liberal/ socialist hacks who get paid for attacking conservative products.

coverage in my area that T - mobile doesn't work.

Really enjoyed interacting with customer service. Very patient and knowledgeable.

rip you off

Terrible, Travelers Beware

It's ProAmerica!

I heard about Patriot on The Dan Bongino show. I checked it out right away and found that it covers my area. It was so incredibly simple to switch, I'm saving over $30 a month compared to my old phone company, I got to keep my same number, customer service is superb, and I feel great that I'm supporting a pro American business! I can't help but tell my family and friends about Patriot mobile. I just wish I could have switched a long time ago.

Reliable service and conservative company

To me it is very important to spend money with like minded conservatives. I’ve had reliable service and not a single problem in my 3 years as a customer


Dropped calls, technical service never calls back or if they do can’t get through because no reception and I am in major city. Customer service never answers after waiting forever. Terrible service. Terrible coverage. Huge mistake going with this company

Customer Service

It usually takes 24hrs for customer service to return any calls. There is not a customer service #. They will use the excuses they are growing so they don't have the staff to support their members, but if you call the sales line you get through in less than 5 Min. Customer support will call you from their personal phone or from home, if they call you back! They have a message service that picks up after 20min on hold and if you leave a message its a 50/50 chance you will actually get a call back.

horrible phone service

my phone dropped over 20 calls in one day

LOVE not worrying about what I am funding

Good company but still don't cover enough states for my traveling work life. Also, no insurance available for my phone if something goes wrong. I love what they stand for but inadequate for the space of my work life. I may have to change companies. Don't want to. But necessary.

a lot of dropped calls

this was a big mistake going with patriot mobile ,just pay the extra cost and stick with att or verizon

Sprint coverage at best for overpriced at&t cost.

You must be conservative and stupid to switch to this.

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Patriot Mobile Network Specs

3G Bands:800 MHz, 1900 MHz
4G LTE Bands:1900 MHz, 850 MHz, 2500 MHz
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
Multi-line Discounts:Yes
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:Yes

Patriot Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:3341 Regent Blvd STE 352, Irving, TX 75063-3128
Customer Service:(877) 367-7524
Support:Email Support
Website:Go to Website
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