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Patriot Mobile Reviews

Patriot Mobile user reviews & ratings

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Patriot Mobile User Reviews

Not RecommendedNothing latelyCustomer Service and phones

Motorola phones are junk and for last several weeks family members have had dropped calls and coverage issues. No one answers the phone or emails and messages left are not returned. Hated to go back to Big Cell but this company is unresponsive after initial sales nd setup. Stay away from third party providers like them if you need help and dependable service. Motorola phones they sell are really bad.

Not RecommendedStated ValuesCustomer service

Switched to them a year ago because big cell company service was bad in our area. We liked Patriot Mobile's values. Setup was great but recently having coverage issues and dropped calls. For weeks tried to get someone to answer the phone - nothing. Left dozens of calls with a salesman Dan explaining issues but no return call. Tried emailing Ruben who originally helped us but no response. Service was so bad we had to transfer to Verizon. Stay away from third party cell providers is my advice. We have two military family members that need consistent service so big cell is the way to go. When you have problems you have to be able to get help. After setup there is no help.

Not RecommendedNothingBad phone, no customer service

My phone i got is defective, I tried for a week now to get a hold of someone to help me, but keep get the "overflow" person. They say someone will call back, but no has called back yet. And there's no other way to cancel the service.

Not RecommendedNoneSigning up on their website

I have spent the last three days trying to use the patriot site to sign up for their service. It is very error prone and looks like it was made by an elementary school project. I am very disappointed because I was looking forward to joining a company with the same beliefs as me.

RecommendedThe monthly cost.No service in remote areas.

I have had very good service with Patriot Mobile. My charges were cut in half from what I paid ATT. My only complaint is when on vacation, I do not have cell service in remote areas.

RecommendedCustomer serviceProbably nothing

Amara was great. Very professional, great sense of humor. Very helpful. Would recommend to anyone. Any company who donates money going to causes that represent of freedom, liberty, limited government and traditional American values. God Bless.

Not RecommendedSupport of causes I supportBeen a cluster f### since I signed up

Have yet to get 15% discount from promo code. Requested to keep my number, they gave me a new one. Activated phone and got a text message that I am restricted due to non-payment, but yet I am already paid at the outset. Called support, they had no clue. Said member services would call, still waiting.

Not RecommendedPrice?Customer Service

I have never written a review before, that is how bad my experience was with Patriot Mobile.

I moved from one city to another and transferred my cell phone service to the new city. The coverage in the new city was poor so I was looking for an alternative cell phone carrier. I have an iPhone 6 I am happy with so I called Patriot Mobile because they advertise on all the right-wing programs I listen to on talk radio.

I was helped by a guy named Derek who gave me his personal number and extension to call him since one of the problems I identified as being unacceptable with my current cell phone carrier was there was no way to reach anyone by phone, and the toll-free number had me on hold for over an hour sometimes. Derek set me up on an inexpensive plan and told me they would be shipping me a SIM card explaining that I would just replace the SIM card currently in my iPhone with the one from Patriot Mobile.

Four days later I received the SIM card and a simple 4”x6” “How-To” card with instructions. The instructions were simple and numbered 1 through 5. I completed all 5 steps, and tossed the SIM card that was currently in my iPhone into the kitchen trashcan between steps 2 and 3. Once completing the steps, the card instructs you to “ACTIVATE YOUR SERVICE” by calling 1-877-367-7524. I dialed the number and heard an error message telling me I had no service because the phone was not activated. I couldn’t activate the phone because the phone was not activated. This pissed me off because I needed the phone for my work. I went online with my laptop and sent an urgent email message to Patriot Mobile Customer Service and got an automated email reply stating that they had gotten my message. After 3 hours I still had no instructions from Patriot Mobile sent to my email and sent them another urgent message telling them I had no alternative phone to call them from. I was brand new in the city and didn’t even know anyone to ask to use their phone to call Patriot Mobile.

The entire day went by and I was unable to use my phone. The only solution I could think of was to pull the kitchen trash and search for the previous SIM card. The super small size of what I was looking for required me to sift through the waste with a fine tooth comb and a flashlight in order to locate it. I wiped it off and put it back in my iPhone and had cellular service once more.

I called Derek at the personal number he provided me and got his voice mail. I explained what had happened and that I was pretty upset and asked him to call me back ASAP to talk me through the process of activating my phone. He did not return the call that day or the next and I left him another message telling him I wanted a refund for the prepaid charges because I was going to cancel Patriot Mobile. Derek never returned either of my calls.

At this point I called the main Patriot Mobile number (972-PATRIOT) and stayed on hold for a good while before being connected to someone who told me he could activate the SIM card without me even putting it into my iPhone.

I was absolutely gob smacked! If that was the case, why did the card instruct me to insert the new SIM card and THEN call to activate it? In fact, the “How-To” card is sent to all people who sign up with Patriot Mobile who bring their own device. So, ALL new BYOD customers receive the same instruction card and in all likelihood, I was not the first person to experience this Catch-22 activation issue. So the biggest question becomes: Why have they not rectified the situation? Why are they sending out these cards when it is clear there is a problem with the instructions assuming that the vast majority of customers do not have a second phone or landline?


very helpful agents

RecommendedSo far so good. Haven't been on long enough to know

Again so far so good

Recommendedawesome customer service and cheapest pricena

signing up was easy. saving 50% than what i was paying with sprint

RecommendedAffordable, company philosophyNone

I love this company. I got a great deal on an iPhone when I joined. My unlimited plan is about $50 a month, and I pay an additional $20 for 5G hotspot which I need to for traveling, it's been totally smooth and reliable. Customer service has always been great. Over three years now and not one problem or complaint. Great company philosophy as well. I won't go anywhere else, ever.

RecommendedI love supporting prolife organizations.None

I received excellent service from their team! They are always helpful when I call.

RecommendedPatriot Mobile - great coverage and customer careCustomer care is closed on Sundays

I received my first phone from Patriot several years ago and have upgraded multiple times. Each upgrade, I spoke with a call center staff who helped me with the transition. It was flawless each time. The real beauty was the call center was in Texas

RecommendedCustomer service/affordableNone

I switched from Verizon to Patriot Mobile. I think I found the perfect carrier! Customer service has been so pleasant and it's so affordable. Maybe one day they'll expand into internet services!

Not RecommendedNonePhones don't work

I purchased a phone from Patriot Mobile a few weeks ago. It broke last week! I can't send or receive calls. Disappointed with what I received.

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Patriot Mobile FAQs

How do I switch to Patriot Mobile?

Switching to Patriot Mobile is smart, quick and simple. You don't have to buy a new phone, since you can bring your device to Patriot Mobile. You can keep your old number. All you need to do is order a Patriot Mobile SIM card and once you have that, you can switch your phone service in as little as 2-3 minutes.

Does Patriot Mobile have network coverage in my area?

Patriot Mobile is powered by Sprint, meaning you get the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage as you would if you signed up to Sprint directly.

Can I keep my phone number when I switch to Patriot Mobile?

Yes! It's easy to port your existing phone number to Patriot Mobile during the activation process.

Can I bring my phone to Patriot Mobile?

Yes! Most unlocked smartphones that have a SIM card slot will work with Patriot Mobile. If your phone is locked to a carrier you will need to contact your existing carrier to get it unlocked.

Is my device compatible with Patriot Mobile?

You can check your devices compatibility on the Patriot Mobile website before you signup.

Is there a contract or credit check with Patriot Mobile?

No. Patriot Mobile works on a prepaid month-to-month basis, meaning there is no credit check or commitment so you can switch carriers as often as you like.

Does Patriot Mobile offer unlimited data plans?

Most people don't need unlimited data, the average person only used 2-5GB per month. Typically, it's better to choose a customized Patriot Mobile plan and only pay for the data you actually use.

Does Patriot Mobile offer family plans?

Patriot Mobile plans are already extremely low-cost, so they do not offer further discounts for families.

How does Patriot Mobile billing work?

Patriot Mobile plans are prepaid with no contract. This means that you pay for 30 days when your plan starts, not afterwards. Patriot Mobile allows AutoPay to ensure you automatically renew your plan every 30 days.

Can I share my Patriot Mobile plan across multiple devices?

Additional lines can be added for $20 per line on all of Reach’s shared data plans. Up to 4 lines can exist on an account.

Does Patriot Mobile allow tethering?

Yes, Patriot Mobile allows tethering but it may depend on the plan you select, so you will need to check on the Patriot Mobile website.

Does Patriot Mobile offer international calling?

Yes, Patriot Mobile includes calls to international countries, more information can be found on the Patriot Mobile website before you sign up.

Does Patriot Mobile have a refund policy?

Patriot Mobile offer a refund within 7 days if you are not satisfied with the service. Be sure to check the full details on the Patriot Mobile website.

Who should switch to Patriot Mobile?

Patriot Mobile are perfect for anyone that is looking to save money on their cell phone plan, without compromising on coverage. Whether you're a family, senior, student, cord cutter, business owner or just a savvy consumer, there's a customized plan suitable for everyone.

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Patriot Mobile Network Specs

3G Bands:800 MHz, 1900 MHz
4G LTE Bands:1900 MHz, 850 MHz, 2500 MHz
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

Patriot Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:3341 Regent Blvd STE 352, Irving, TX 75063-3128
Customer Service:(877) 367-7524
Support:Email Support
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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