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    Patriot Mobile Reviews

    Patriot Mobile user ratings

    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars32
    4 Stars3
    3 Stars1
    2 Stars3
    1 Star40
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    79 Patriot Mobile customer reviews

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    Don't believe the fake one-star reviews

    I switched both of my cell phones over to Patriot Mobile. They use the same cell towers as the big carriers. It was an easy process. Their call center is in Texas, and I did not wait but a few minutes before talking to a helpful person. She walked me through the whole process while transfering my service to them. Call Patriot mobile and see for yourself. All of these one-star reviews are FAKE!!!!

    Amazing service far superior to sprint or AT&T

    I'm completely satisfied with the setup and customer service

    Poor coverage, expensive plan, inferior

    I have had Patriot mobile for four months and this week I am returning to Spectrum. Two huge complaints: coverage area and the expense for what you get. We were down by a river not far from metro area and my service was gone but my husband’s phone with Verizon had three bars. The kicker is I was speed throttled when I am paying $50 a month. I have never once been speed throttled until now because I hardly even use the phone off of wi FI. Very poor

    Did not live up to their promises. Shame on them.

    We signed up and to our chagrin, we could not activate. No one on phone would come to the phone and email just kept saying "We'll get back to you." Really? Both of our phones are no longer working. We cant activate because we can't supply the SIM CARD PIN #, which they never gave us to begin with. We are done with them and are going back to our former carrier. Shame on them for doing this to vets and patriots!

    They no longer care about existing customers.

    I am on hold for 1 hour, then cut off. This has happened 3 times in the last month. I have emailed customer service, and they never get back with me. DO NOT USE THEM!! So sad

    Was a good company NOW horrible!!!

    Plans seem to change monthly and what you are told today may be wrong tomorrow.

    Warning! Patriot Mobile is not who they claim to be

    Warning! Patriot Mobile is not who they claim to be.

    my phone is overheating. called patriot mobile. They said to return my phone call the protective services. I was under that. Called them. they tell me to call patriot mobile to return it. Back and forth and no resolution. My phone is heating up and they don't care.

    Poor Weby

    Tried using the site to switch from ATT. Website is poorly thrown together. Twice, I got to a point in the process, and there was nowhere to continue on. 13 year old could make a better website.

    Great coverage, great customer service

    A company that loves this country.


    SIM cards mailed were T-Mobile, 1 bar of service, need 2 bars to make a call, service rep said maybe it would work better outside…….what? -27 degrees, I don’t think so. Took the SIM card out, new AT&T cards are being mailed. Charged me for the new cards, I had to call again (most hold times are between 30 to 50 minutes, if you go into the queue where they state they will call you back, it rang once and they hung up) to have charges reversed. Now, instead of refunding all of my money after cancellation at Day 6, still no SIM cards and no service used, they inform me they do not refund Activation fees (even if it didn’t work) or SIM card fees. Now they are kind enough to credit my account for the 4 days of no service, which I did not use, or even could have used…..$58.00. But, they still have my initial payment of $153.88. Waiting for a Supervisor to call and credit or I will make a complaint with the BBB and also the FCC.

    Wish I would never have heard of Patriot Mobile.

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