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Google Fi Review

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  • Simple plan structure
  • Utilizes Wi-Fi to minimize data usage (on Fi phones)
  • Data use over 6 GB is free
  • Google Fi SIM cards available at Best Buy
  • Multi-line discount


  • Expensive for heavy data users
  • Must have Fi phone for full network functionality
  • No customizable plans

Google Fi is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) brought to you by none other than Google itself. This MVNO operates on both the Sprint and T-Mobile 4G LTE networks.

Google certainly is taking over the tech world what with Google Fiber - their internet that offers a free plan - and now a cell phone service. But is their cell phone project just as good of a deal?

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Google Fi launched in 2015 for the Nexus 6. In the beginning, it was an exclusive service available by invite only (kind of like Pinterest).

Interested? Read through our Google Fi review to find out if this service is right for you.

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Google Fi Highlights

  • Coverage on T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular networks
  • Prepaid with a twist - no contract, credit check, or activation fees; if you use more or less data than the plan you choose, you'll be credited or billed for the difference
  • Bring your own compatible device or buy a Google Fi phone
  • Keep your phone number
  • Mobile hotspot/tethering supported
  • International calling available; international roaming available in over 200 countries using your plan data and a flat fee per talk minute
  • 24/7 customer service

Google Fi Cell Phone Plans

Google FiUnltd/Unltd1GB$30
Google FiUnltd/Unltd2GB$40
Google FiUnltd/Unltd3GB$50
Google FiUnltd/Unltd4GB$60
Google FiUnltd/Unltd5GB$70
Google FiUnltd/UnltdUnltd$80

Google Fi plans have a base rate that includes unlimited calls, texts (international included), Wi-Fi tethering to use as a hotspot, and access to cellular coverage in 170+ countries.

The average T-Mobile user with an unlimited data plan uses around 6GN of data/month. That means they're overpaying.As you can see from the chart below, Google Fi may not be the best option for people who are heavy data users. However, if you use 3GB or less per month you'll see hundreds of dollars in savings per year.

Keep in mind that Google Fi does give you a phone leasing option which allows you to pay off your device in 24 monthly payments that will be added to your bill. If you choose this your plan price will go up.

If you are a heavy data user, check out our plan savings calculator and see which plan will give you the most bang for your buck.

Google Fi Pricing: Is it Competitive?

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
SprintSprint 4G LTEUnlimited*$60$720
Google FiSprint 4G LTE4GB$60$720
* Avg Sprint unlimited plan customer uses 4GB data per month

Google Fi Coverage

Google Fi is an MVNO that runs on both the Sprint and T-Mobile 4G LTE networks. When multiple carriers are available you will be moved to the network that is the fastest in the area.

How are they able to use these networks? Google Fi, like every other MVNO, buys coverage in bulk and sells it to consumers at a more affordable price. If you bring your own phone you'll need to purchase a Google Fi Sim Card.

Knowing whether or not you can get cellular service with this provider is as easy as checking the Google Fi coverage map.

Google Fi Cell Phone Deals

Google Fi - 1GB Plan
Google Fi
Data:1 GB4G data
$30per month
Google Fi is powered by:T-MobileSprint
Google Fi - 2GB Plan
Google Fi
Data:2 GB4G data
$40per month
Google Fi is powered by:T-MobileSprint
Google Fi - 3GB Plan
Google Fi
Data:3 GB4G data
$50per month
Google Fi is powered by:T-MobileSprint

Google Fi Phone Options

You've got fewer phone options with Google Fi than you would with most other MVNOs. Meaning Google Fi is available with the Pixel Family, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Android One Moto X4, Moto G6, LG V35 ThinQ, and LG G7 ThinQ.

So, if you're hoping to switch to Google Fi you can either:

  1. Bring your own phone – You can only do this if you have a compatible device.
  2. Buy new – Google Fi has a very limited selection of phones that work with the service.
  3. Buy refurbished – Doing so will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run and give you a perfectly reliable device.

Whatever phone you choose you'll need a Google Fi SIM card. If you bring your own phone however you'll need to adjust the Google Fi APN settings.

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Starting at:$10/mo

Key Considerations When Choosing Google Fi

Google Fi is just one of the many smaller cost carriers available for you to choose. There are many other MVNOs on every network including the Sprint and T-Mobile networks that Google Fi operates on.

Google Fi may be the right choice for you but first, there are some questions you'll need to ask yourself:

  • Are you a light, medium, or heavy data-user? (This affects your price)
  • Do you have a compatible smartphone or are you going to buy one from the carrier?
  • Does the Sprint and/or T-Mobile network offer adequate coverage in your area?


Google Fi gives you service on the nationwide Sprint and T-Mobile networks for a bargain as long as you use 3GB of data or less per month. Make sure to compare them with cheap cell phone plans from other carriers before making your decision.

Don't just take our word for it. Find out what real customers are saying in our Google Fi mobile customer reviews.

Save even more money by purchasing a refurbished Google Fi phone to go with your new low-cost plan.

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Google Fi Network Specs & Info

Google Fi Network Specs

Network:Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular
Technology:GSM, CDMA
3G Bands:WiFi
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

Google Fi Company Info

Headquarters:600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043
Customer Service:(844) 825-5234

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