Best Red Pocket Mobile Plans in 2023

How much is Red Pocket phone service?

Red Pocket 500MB - 12 Mths
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500MB 4G/5G data

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* Only $60 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket 3GB - 12 Mths
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3GB 4G/5G data

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* Only $180 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket 10GB - 12 Mths
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10GB 4G/5G data

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* Only $270 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket 25GB - 12 Mths
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25GB 4G/5G data

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* Only $360 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket phone plans starting at $15/mo - See Deals

Red Pocket cell phone plans

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If you're fed up with paying expensive cell phone bills, prepaid plans with an MVNO like Red Pocket can save you up to $600 a year.

Prepaid plans are no-contract cell phone plans, so you have the freedom to amend your plan at any time, should your needs change. Say goodbye to long-term contracts and credit checks, and get affordable plans with all the same benefits.

Powered by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon you'll have access to the same quality coverage, including 5G where it's available.

Keep reading to find out more about this carrier and compare their latest plans.

Check Carrier Coverage

Red Pocket Mobile plans

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Red Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 3GB planRed Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 3GB plan
$15/mo** Only $180 for 12 Mths Service
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Red Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 10GB planRed Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 10GB plan
$23/mo** Only $270 for 12 Mths Service
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Red Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 25GB planRed Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 25GB plan
$30/mo** Only $360 for 12 Mths Service
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Red Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 100GB planRed Pocket SIM Card - Red Pocket 100GB plan
$38/mo** Only $450 for 12 Mths Service
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Red Pocket Mobile plan prices

Red Pocket 500MB - 12 Mths500MBAT&T & Verizon$5/mo* Only $60 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket 3GB - 12 Mths3GBAT&T & Verizon$15/mo** Only $180 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket 10GB - 12 Mths10GBAT&T & Verizon$23/mo** Only $270 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket 25GB - 12 Mths25GBAT&T$30/mo** Only $360 for 12 Mths Service
Red Pocket 100GB - 12 Mths100GBAT&T$38/mo** Only $450 for 12 Mths Service

AT&T vs Red Pocket comparison

Keep your AT&T phone, number & coverage: Save $624 per year

CarrierNetwork Coverage4G/5G DataPriceAnnual Cost
AT&TAT&T 4G & 5GUnltd*$75/mo$900/yr
Red PocketAT&T 4G & 5G10GB$23/mo$276/yr
*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$52/mo$624/yr

Red Pocket phone service benefits

  • Quality coverage: Powered by the three main networks, you can expect the same nationwide coverage. You can check which network has the best coverage in your area with the Red Pocket Mobile coverage map before you decide on AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile.
  • Value for money: Red Pocket Mobile SIM cards offer value and simplicity with their plans. Although you'll find the same features and coverage as a plan direct from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, Red Pocket Mobile could save you up to $600 a year.
  • No contracts: As a prepaid carrier, you won't have to sign an annual contract. So if you're not happy with your plan there are no additional fees to amend or cancel.
  • Phone and plan bundles: If you're interested in upgrading your cell phone, you can find great deals with the best Red Pocket phones to choose from. Just like a phone and plan bundle from one of the major networks, but with affordable options.
  • Bring your own phone: If you don't want to upgrade your phone you can easily bring your own, with Red Pocket bring your own phone plans. You'll just need to check your cell phone is fully compatible.
  • Easy set up: Being online-based, it's quick to choose and purchase your Red Pocket Mobile SIM starter kit. Once your new SIM card has arrived, it's easy to set up and you'll be up and running with a few simple steps.
  • Unlimited talk & text: Most MVNOs provide unlimited talk and text with their plans.
  • 4G LTE coverage: Operating on the three major networks, you'll receive their 4G LTE data speeds.
  • 5G high-speed data: If you have a 5G compatible device you can get access to the fast 5G network (where it's available) at no extra cost with Red Pocket Mobile 5G plans.
  • Unlimited plans: Depending on how much data you want, Red Pocket Mobile unlimited plans offer unlimited everything at half the price of an unlimited plan direct from one of the main networks.
  • Multiple lines: Most prepaid carriers offer a discount for additional lines purchased, making Red Pocket Mobile family plans a great money-saving option when buying more than one line.
  • Personal hotspot: A data plan like Red Pocket Mobile hotspot plans are great when you're traveling or away from home. You can use your mobile hotspot data to tether to your laptop so you can continue working without WiFi.
  • Customer service: Find out what current Red Pocket Mobile customers are saying with Red Pocket customer reviews.
  • Data only: If you're looking for data plans you'll find a range of Red Pocket Mobile internet plans suitable for use with tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Promo codes: You can compare Red Pocket deals and promo codes to see what savings are currently available, however, these deals change regularly.

Red Pocket plan features

Red Pocket family plans

Plan1 line2 lines3 lines4 lines
Red Pocket 500MB - 12 Mths$5$10$5/line$15$5/line$20$5/line
Red Pocket 3GB - 12 Mths$15$30$15/line$45$15/line$60$15/line
Red Pocket 10GB - 12 Mths$23$46$23/line$69$23/line$92$23/line
Red Pocket 25GB - 12 Mths$30$60$30/line$90$30/line$120$30/line
Red Pocket 100GB - 12 Mths$38$76$38/line$114$38/line$152$38/line

What network does Red Pocket Mobile use?

Red Pocket Mobile is powered by AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile's 5G and 4G LTE wireless networks.

Network coverage ratings

Verizon network959.874%
AT&T network939.580%
T-Mobile network878879%

Sources: RootMetrics, OpenSignal, and Ookla.

Red Pocket Mobile customer service

Red Pocket Mobile4.4

Red Pocket Mobile data plans

Red Pocket 1GB Data Only1GBAT&T$10/mo
Red Pocket 5GB Data Only5GBAT&T$25/mo
Red Pocket 20GB Data Only20GBAT&T$40/mo

Red Pocket Mobile SIM card

Red Pocket will simply provide you with a prepaid SIM card. You pop it into your cell phone and follow the provider's instructions. You need an unlocked phone (meaning your carrier has released it for use on another network). You can check that your phone is compatible with Red Pocket before you sign up and the rest is a breeze.

Just make sure you don't cancel your current phone plan until you've ported your phone number over to the new carrier.

Bringing your own phone to a cheaper carrier is easy:

  1. Order the Red Pocket SIM card starter kit online.
  2. Replace the SIM card in your phone and follow the activation process.
  3. If you wish to transfer your phone number, the process may take up to 24 hours.
  4. Enjoy the same phone service at a fraction of the cost of the big networks.

Red Pocket Mobile phone deals

Apple iPhone SE$18/mo$20/mo$24/mo
Apple iPhone 13 mini-$26/mo$30/mo
Apple iPhone 13-$30/mo$35/mo
Apple iPhone 12 Pro-$33/mo$37/mo
Apple iPhone 14-$35/mo-
Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max-$37/mo-
Apple iPhone 13 Pro-$37/mo-

Is Red Pocket Mobile worth it?

Forget the lengthy contracts when you get a cheap prepaid cell phone plan from low-cost carriers like Red Pocket. With no contract, you're free to amend your plan or change carriers without an early termination fee.

Operating on the same major US networks, MVNOs offer great value for money, saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Happy with your current handset? Why pay the extra money to upgrade. With Red Pocket you can bring your own phone to make the switch even easier and save more money.

Read our full Red Pocket Mobile review.

Red Pocket phone plans FAQs

Where can I buy a Red Pocket Mobile SIM card?

You can purchase a Red Pocket Mobile SIM card online from Red Pocket's website.

How much is Red Pocket Mobile?

Red Pocket Mobile plans start at only $15 per month.

Red Pocket info

Headquarters2060-D Avenida De Los Arboles Ste 288 Thousand Oaks, CA 91362-1376
Customer service(888) 993-3888
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