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    Selectel Wireless Reviews

    Selectel Wireless customer reviews & complaints

    Selectel Wireless
    Average Customer Rating13 User Reviews
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    Reviews of Selectel Wireless in 2022

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    Read 13 user reviews


    My service was shut off because I could not pay my bill. Not because I didn't have the money, but because I couldn't pay on line. I tried. And there is hardly ever anyone in the local office when I am off work. I tried to contact customer service. HA! what customer service?

    Terrible customer service

    I rate it -5 stars! Stay away!

    Stay away

    When I try calling customer service nobody answers the phone.

    terrible customer service

    long waits with no solution

    Horrible service.

    me phone keeps on going down every few days for many hours. when you call in you can wait on line for hours but no one will answer.

    Stay AWAY!!!!!

    Best Network, best roaming, best prices for value!

    They're on the best network (Verizon) and unlike all other MVNOs, they have most of Verizon's roaming coverage! THAT'S a big deal and for their prices, that's unbeatable!

    Terrible customer service.

    I’ve been double billed and unable to get them to credit the money for service or refund it. I’ve had them process my bill but not renew my service. And workers in stores invariably have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it.

    they send confusing messages

    They send confusing text messages telling you that your service is going to expire, then send another text saying it's been stacked and you are ready to go. I got 4 text messages yesterday 2 contradicting the other 2. Spoke with 2 customer service people that said their policy on these texts is screwed up and was assured that my phone service was fine. I discovered this morning that my service had been cut. My vet was to return a call about a possible emergency with my horse. He couldn't contact me. We changed to Selectel to save money....well...you get what yopu pay for !

    Verizon Network

    You can get more data for the same price with the deals currently at Verizon. With Selectel I pay $60 for two lines with 2gb of data. With Verizon I pay $60 for two lines with 6gb of data. I don't know why anyone would pay a premium to go though a third party with worse customer service.

    customer service

    Im already a customer. My elderly dad is in a nursing home and Fadel and Cody at the north lincoln ne. store helped me to get him all set up with a new phone and service!!! Thank you guys you were a pleasure to work with.

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