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Spectrum Mobile Reviews in 2022

Spectrum Mobile customer service reviews

Spectrum Mobile
Average Customer Rating1163 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars101
4 Stars24
3 Stars21
2 Stars51
1 Star966
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Every call has terrible reception.

Every time I'm on the phone the person on the other end says ,"Hello, hello?? Are you there? I can't hear you. We have terrible reception." Then it almost always drops the call.

They to shut down Spectrum mobile they are rude

They want me to pay for a defective cellular, and charge me for 2 phones and they turn the service off on the one being paid and wanting $250 for the broke one and plus not allowing me to use the current one until I pay for both. Well they can and will not get another dime. I went to a call center and the people there said they had not idea of some of the answers to the question. SPECTRUM MOBILE are a ripe off. GO VERSION. BOOST ANY WHERE BUT THIS SORRY COMPANY

ALL IS BAD. Not good reception

I bought LG Black 16 GB phone from Spectrum at $179.00 insured and was charged $262 the first time( $58 monthly charge-$45 per line & taxes) plus $12 insurance & sim card). My phone screen display crashed when dropped and I returned it for them to fix it and I was charge $40 for restocking. I wanted my phone back and they kept it with the sim card containing my personal data. They returned me $104.39 plus $12. They are morons because I wanted to keep the phone. I am disputing the $58 because I used only for a week and it didn't work like they claimed good reception signal. They promised $20 discount for being Spectrum internet/voice/ TV customer and now they want to increase $20 more from $142 to $162 plus taxes. I don't think this an honest way to make business.

Great customer service!

I had a great introduction into spectrum mobiles world & I got helped by a representative by the name of Jordan & he told me about the "by the gig plan upgrade capabilities and told me about all the options. He even remembered my name & it's not a easy name to remember!! & He told me about every option that can help me & Spectrum has lots of options for good prices! He even stated he uses the same plan! Spectrum on the come up!


Spectrum is a nightmares. They charged me 268 dollars base on the theory that I have used all my data, which is not true. Where ever I go I have WiFi access. Then, 11 days later they charge me 159 for the same reason, this case was worse than the first one, I turned off my cell data the same day I pay the 268 dollars they said I consume. The date I paid 268, I end up pay almost 300 dollars. Since I have two lines I upgraded one of them, so they charge me 31 dollars for the change plus 45 for the month ahead. This has being the worst choice ever.

bate and switch liars

I called to complain about my cable too expensive took away channels etc and was talked into bundling cell with cable thought great savings of 78.00/month right? wrong!! get my phones go through the growing pains of transfer hook up and down load the app and lo and behold they gave me a 1 gig plan but on phone sold me an unlimited plan, called they tossed me around from dept to dept and no one there will honor what they sold me and said there is nothing they can do... pissed is an understatement

Horrible, non-existent customer service!

Have been without a cell phone for 4 1/2 weeks, thanks to Spectrum Mobile. Lost phone, reported it, was sent a refurbished phone from their insurance company, Assurant. It could NOT be activated. 8 DAYS LATER, they finally sent another refurbished phone, which was also not able to be activated. VERY long story short, after over 30 HOURS on the phone with customer service with both Spectrum Mobile and Assurant, and finally having them agree to allow me to purchase a new phone from Spectrum, with Assurant reimbursing me, I still have no phone. That is because I have ordered 4 new phones from Spectrum in the last 1 1/2 weeks, and they have "lost" all four orders!! The only way I can get my reimbursement is to purchase from Spectrum! I am stuck. Horrible, Horrible experience!!!! PS: I have used Spectrum services for 22 years.

Customer service is the worst

Couldn’t make or receive phone calls kept getting the run around then when I canceled my service the finally wanted to contact me on how much for restocking also going to white glove the phones all so they can charge you full price when you return them

I am stuck with this terrible company due to sunk

Their sales reps lied to me outright to get me to switch. Once we figured out the nature of their plan, we were stuck due to the cost of leaving.

So far so good

Just switched from AT&T to Spectrum Mobile. I was able to transfer my phone and number using iPhone 6S with no problem. Service has been good so far, with savings of ~$50/mo.

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