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Spectrum Mobile Reviews in 2022

Spectrum Mobile customer service reviews

Spectrum Mobile
Average Customer Rating1163 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars101
4 Stars24
3 Stars21
2 Stars51
1 Star966
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They sneaky

I've had their mobile service for 3 yrs now. Moved out of state 2 yrs ago. Still have service. They've gotten bad at toggling down the data. Otherwise, things have been kosher until now. Made my monthly payment but getting texts, saying service will be interrupted if payment not made. Quick call to them and they say I have to pay for internet. Umm. ...I live in the hills of Tennessee. We haven't had internet since moving here 2 yrs ago. This was a NO CONTRACT SERVICE. why are you requiring I pay $118 additional, on top of the $85 I just paid? I'm looking for new service and these people can shove it.

It sucks

I wouldnt even rate it a star but i had to rate it something in order to be able to review spectrum mobile i will always regret getting my phone with them as soon as im done paying it off i am switching .

Fraudulent Charges and Worst Customer Service

Spectrum mobile is the worst. They tried fraudulently charging me over $1300 for a broken phone that I sent back via FedEx. They claimed to have received an empty box. I filed a police report. An investigation showed me drop off the package and no one touch it until a FedEx driver picked it up. FedEx weighed the package and it weighed 1.6 pounds. No way a small emptied box would weigh that much. Spectrum said they filed a claim with FedEx and would contact me back. I emailed them two separate times with all documentation. I asked them to provide me photos of the empty package and to weigh the box because there was no way it weighed 1.6 pounds if it were emptied. They did neither. They said they'd call me back but never did. They canceled my phone service that I was paying for because I refused to pay for the fraudulent charge. They then sent it to a collections company. I disputed the charge again. I called spectrum again and was treated very poorly. They blamed me for them closing out the claim. They said they never received documents. However, I had proof of the emails with attachments. I asked why they wouldn't have called me if they didn't receive it when I said I was sending them and was supposed to get a call back and was not provided with any response except I'm responsible for it and I owe them that money. I told them I will not pay one penny of it and will fight it at every stage and if they want to take me to court, I look forward to fighting them on it. They were extremely rude and unprofessional. I will never recommend them to anyone and will do whatever I can to make sure no one else uses them that I know.

Worst mobile company ever!

They're right hand doesn't know what they're left hand is doing. They couldn't even deactivate our account & keep charging us.

Mobile and internet horrible

Both internet and mobile are horrible. They take forever to credit you when they mess up but if you are just one day late they shut you down. One time they actually owed me money. They didn't credit it when promised so me not knowing that I didn't pay the bill that should have been in credit status. They shut me off, made me pay to restore and didn't get my credit until hours on the phone being transfered and two billing cycles! Don't even get me started on the unreliable phone service with untrained customer service reps who will suck you if hours of time on the phone monthly because no one knows what the heck is going on! It's so bad that I keep a secondary phone from qlink that I qualified for because I poor. I'd hate to be working full time and rely solely on spectrum because 1-i wouldn't have my free back up phone and 2- I'd probably loose Saud job because of all the time spectrum requires you to be on the phone with them during business hours fixing their screw ups. Monthly people! No joke, I was transfered around and on phone one day with them for FOUR HOURS, that is when i got that credit because of their mess up but of course it took more issues and disconnects and three billing cycles to fix it. If I did not have a phone to pay off I'd leave this torture in a heartbeat. Once that phone is paid off I am DONE and pity anyone dumb enough to give them a shot. They are pure hell!!!

Would be a 5 BUT don’t value existing customers

One of my biggest pet peeves with cable and phone companies is them offering lower rates to new customers than they will offer to existing customers. They started advertising a $29.99 per month unlimited plan I went in to swap from their by the gig plan to this new plan. Found out that they would only give this plan to new customers. Just paid off my iPhones so now looking for replacement carrier.

$29.99 for unlimited data for 2 lines is a lie.

Called customer service and spoke to store about adding new line to plan . Was assured my current 45.00cost for unlimited would be dropped to 29.99 as we now have 2 active unlimited plans. 3 Customer service reps and store assured this would happen. Not true! Was eventually told the price is only if you buy 2 new lines. Where in all their advertising does it say this, not on TV ads, not on web Site, NOWHERE! It clearly false advertising and a scam

Awful Customer

We simply asked that we receive the same $29.99 unlimited rate that they offer new customers, and they said no, because we'd been with them TOO LONG! This is discrimination- plain and simple- and they should be held to account. DO NOT TRUST THEM or expect your customer loyalty to mean anything. Customer service just hides behind "policy", stating restrictions around timing and/or us needing to return and get new numbers. Like, seriously- is this 10 years ago? I was a happy customer, but they demonstrated they don't care, so now I will share the truth. BUYER BEWARE.

Spectrum customer service is absolutely awful!!!

I've never been treated so poorly in my life! I've had to call Spectrum mobile for several different reasons and the service and knowledge of the representatives was horrid! I wanted to transfer my phone number from a phone that I'm trying to do a return on to the phone that it was on previously. I was told I couldn't do anything with them because my cable was past due and twice and then told my phone wasn't even on my account which it was active a bit over a week ago that I actually just paid almost $2,000 for and then transferred from Sales department to returns then to technical department back to sales department 5 times!!! I got heated and told them off at the end of it and I plan on doing a formal complaint against them... One Representative's name was Edward and he kept telling me I can't transfer my number to the previous phone that it was on because my cable was past due about a week and I explained that I have to transfer the number because I'm doing a return on the phone that the number is currently on and he kept repeating himself and talking over me...I had one Representative tell me they would put a ticket into the returns department and that they would contact me the next day which has not happened yet!! They're trying to drag this return out past the deadline of 14 days so they can charge me for the phone and I don't want the phone! They're seriously the worst people customer service representatives that I've ever had the misfortune of having to deal with them! Spectrum mobile and Internet are awesome and I've had no complaints about the actual service I receive... That's the only positive thing I can say and they have the updated phones with payment plans which is ideal for myself and my family.

Went to Spectrum store on 544 in Myrtle Beach,SC

Had the rudest customer service person ever, if I talked to my customers the way she talked to me I would be fired the same day. This company has the rudest customer service ever and their cell service it awful we don’t have but a 1/2 bar service and you can’t make a phone call or text anyone so buyers beware this company is awful going back to Verizon where customer service is fantastic and they are willing to work with you

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