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Spectrum Mobile Reviews in 2022

Spectrum Mobile customer service reviews

Spectrum Mobile
Average Customer Rating1163 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars101
4 Stars24
3 Stars21
2 Stars51
1 Star966
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Cell signal is HORRIBLE!

I have never had more than two bars for my signal!

Worst customer service. Mean employees. Bad service

Stay away from spectrum mobile

If I could have given zero stars, I would have. But then I would not be able to give my review. Do not do business with this company. When I received the phone, it was not what I wanted, so immediately canceled and sent phone back . Did not ever use the phone, I sent it back in same packaging that I received it in. I was charged for returning a damaged phone. It was in perfect condition when I returned it. Had Fed Ex rep even look at it before attaching return label. Now rep at Spectrum says phone had a chip in the screen. Said they had a picture of it. It is not the phone I sent back in unused perfect condition. What exactly are they trying to do here. After reading other reviews, this is their tactic to make money. They are "stealing" money from the consumer. I will not let this stand. I am not letting Spectrum "steal" from me. I repeat....do not do business with them. They will rip you off.

I was at our spectrum, local store, today,1/5/22

Today was the most respect, and wonderful customer support I've been given since we've switched to t mobile, about a year and a half ago from Verizon. The names of the t mobile representatives were, Gio and Cesar. They took their time and were of SOOOO much help in explaining to me what I needed to know, about my concerns and also showed me, step by step, what was being done. I had some serious issues with just trying to get directions home, on my phone, through the Google maps and was just sooo frustrated that as soon as I pulled into that palm coast location and told them I was upset they addressed my issues, called the higher up people right in front of me and completely fixed my phone, which needed a lot of fixing. Again! I am extremely grateful for these 2 young men, Cesar and Gio, and also the outcome of what Cesar did to reboot and fix my phone. Thank you gentlemen for all your help and for making me feel that I wasn't being a burden to you with my issues😃! Awesome help and service from these gentlemen and I've recommended t-mobile to ALL my family members and friends, especially after the help I was given with my phone and my concerns. God bless all and your loved ones ALWAYS! 🙏✌️❤😃

Do not switch to this company they stink

The only time they pick up the phone is when you are calling to make a purchase I had trouble activating my SIM card I called at 4:00 for assistance from then until 9:00 I was transferred from dept to dept & left on hold 5 hours straight & the SIM card is still not activated so now I have no cell phone. Choose any company other than Spectrum

Fast and Easy

Rep took about 15 minutes to set up 2 phones for me. Simple and easy so far no problems happy with the service.

Customer Service sucks!!!!!

I ordered four 13 Pro Max's over a month ago. I received confirmation emails about my order and return labels for sending in my current phones. After Christmas, I checked the order status and it had been canceled (no email about this!?!). Like others have said on the reviews, when I called in, they blamed the store, the store blamed someone else. I haven't heard anything regarding this back from Spectrum regarding my situation. Problem solved--I'm staying with my current provider.

Not a good experience so far.....

You get what you pay for. They have horrible sales service and do not disclose everything to you when they sell you the phone. For example......it is unlimited data.....but not really. After using a certain amount of data, it slows wayyyyyyy down and basically will not work for you. Plus, they resolve things and promise you stuff and do not deliver. Even if you demand to speak to a supervisor. Do not switch. It's not worth it. I'm going back to Verizon.

Don't get involved with this

It sucks


Bought a phone iPhone 13 pro, 3 days after receiving it I sent it back because it wasn’t was I was expecting.

I tried to do an exchange for the 13 pro max but wasn’t available at the time.

So I did the return, as soon as I received the phone I put a screen protector and a case. Now that they received it they sent me some pictures showing a scratch screen and a broken back, the pictures shows a label showing the IMEI# but blurry also showing the phone dirty when I made sure that it was completely clean.

I know that the phone of the pictures it’s not mine but got no way to prove it. They told me to claim to FedEx for delivery damages but don’t even show you the box to see if it was damaged during the delivery.

I have read that some people claim the same situation meaning that they most be doing this on purpose. They showed you a damage phone that it’s not yours, take money out of your bank account claiming damages and then they can resell your phone and have gainings.

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