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    Speedtalk Mobile Reviews

    Speedtalk Mobile customer reviews & complaints

    Speedtalk Mobile
    Average Customer Rating19 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars15
    4 Stars1
    3 Stars1
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    Plans starting at:$11/mo
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    Reviews of Speedtalk Mobile in 2022

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    Read 19 user reviews

    Great just need it to work!


    Fast service set up

    Great product the best of it kind


    I purchased the monthly cell phone plan. At the beginning, I encountered the credit card payment issue but finally solved by calling them. It's fast and easy. Thanks for SpeedTalk mobile. I can use it smoothly without doubt.


    Affordable plans, easy to install, good coverage

    It's great

    I got it for my daughter Christmas gift for her smart watch

    Easy to buy easy to active and easy to use. Speed

    Just excellent 👌 !

    It was quick to install

    I set it up and it activated pretty quick.

    Customer service is going downhill

    I've used SpeedTalk Mobile since 2016, when I got my first smartphone. I have a plan where I pay and then use up the money on minutes/text/data.

    Unfortunately SpeedTalk customer service has been getting worse the last few years and has reached the point I'm ready to look for an alternative. They have never let me know when I was low or out of minutes - they could easily set up an automated system to send an email or text, but no.

    There have been a few times when I had to call customer service to help with a refill. One time I chose "stacked" and it didn't apply the plan when my current one ran out! It turned out it was waiting till the end date which was months away. They just don't seem to understand basic customer service.

    I would go to their site to check my balance and order a refill. I didn't know I had run out of balance until I saw the $5 charges on my credit card.

    Today I went to their site and they had changed it and it no longer shows the dollar balance. I had to call customer service and spend an hour finding out where that screen is, and it shows only minutes and megs used, not the remaining dollar balance.

    I asked the customer service rep to stay on the line while I refilled and sure enough, that didn't work either. I filled in the fields and clicked Submit and nothing happened. Twice. Luckily he was able to refill it for me on the phone.

    I'm in one of the biggest crunches in my life with a mile-long list of tasks, and SpeedTalk takes up my time for basic things they don't do. They don't respect me or my time, and I'm looking for an alternative.

    The 3 stars is for their service up to now.

    easy and cheep

    just for my kids, easy setup , I choose $7.5 but they have more plans. for my was fantastic.

    Works Well - Prepaid Plans Sold Through Amazon

    SpeedTalk sells prepaid plans through Amazon for all different kinds of phone use, and they offer short term -- one day, one week, one month -- prepaid plans for tourists as well as six month and yearly prepaid plans for longer use. The network service has always worked well, along with the SpeedTalk plans being very affordable. Plus, if you buy a SpeedTalk prepaid cellular plan through Amazon, you can return it if there are problems, so there's some added protection with SpeedTalk / Amazon purchases.

    My smart-phone is still running on the SpeedTalk Mobile service with a plan that offers 500 minutes of talk; 500 texts; and 500 megabytes of data each month, refreshed at the beginning of each month. For some, this plan might be too limited but for my quick phone calls and emergency use it has been perfect and it is only eight dollars and twenty-five cents a month (a ninety-nine dollar a year prepaid plan).

    There are many different plans offered by SpeedTalk and maybe one will work for you. There are so many small operations today selling unused bandwidth from cellular companies that it is difficult to choose which are better and which are worse. All I can add is that I've been using the SpeedTalk network for several years and it has worked well for my (limited) needs and the price has been perfect.

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