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4 StarsRecommendedThey respect loyal customersno problems

I have been a customer with T-Mobile for over 7 years and have been very happy

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3 StarsRecommendedThey had the phone I wantedInternet is so slow

The website drags and my homepage doesn't show all accounts. Irritating.

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2 StarsNot Recommendedcan't think of anyThey refuse to solve my problem

The carrier has over charged us on our phone lease for 1 year now. They have not corrected and it appears won't be correcting.

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3 StarsRecommendedCall quality is strongcan't watch TV or Netflix on my phone

I had miserably slow service and streaming was impossible.

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3 StarsRecommendedwell-knownpoor customer and network service

poor prepay policies

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5 StarsRecommendedThey don't try to deceive younone

Honest and straightforward prices. No surprises

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5 StarsRecommendedTop notch customer service representativesnone

Friendly, courteous, helpful customer service representatives.

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4 StarsRecommendedConsistently good serviceGet bounced around a lot in customer service

T-mobile has been consistent with pricing and reliability. I give them high marks for their call center customer service except getting transferred too many times.

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3 StarsRecommendedService is goodcustomer service is a joke

i can say that the carrier is good and that i never have dropped calls however they will not unlock my cellphone. I came to them with a tmobile phone that i purchased off ebay and that i pay my monthly charge and i requested them to give me the unlock code and they won't. it's like they're keeping me hostage. i'm not even trying to leave. I just want to sell my cellphone for a more recent one and if it's unlocked, i will get more money.

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1 StarsNot RecommendedWish they were nicerDon't like them anymore

Store representatives are rude, call center reps are rude!

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4 StarsRecommendedWebsite is easy to navigateNo email to contact customer support

I switched to T-mobile after having numerous bad customer support experiences with my previous provider. Tmobile accepted me with much less than stellar credit score and even allowed me to make payments on the cellphone I really wanted!

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5 StarsRecommendedCustomer service are determined to help younone

Lost/temporarily misplaced my cell phone manual, needed instructions to accomplish task for downloading photo album to desktop - customer service walked me through instructions and waited to ensure it worked properly.

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2 StarsNot RecommendedPhones are okThey lie

Don't buy their insurance. They send you back a used phone, not a new one like you lost or was stolen.

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2 StarsNot RecommendedOnly works when I'm at homeCheap quality phones

T-Mobile is very deceiving about coverage. No coverage when you are in a building.

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2 StarsNot RecommendednoneDeceptive business practices

I changed to T-Mobile. I was very happy with the early termination fee BUT once approved I found out online it states within 24 hours for the cyber MasterCard and 4-6 weeks for the plastic card. I waited three days and finally called and was told by T-Mobile customer service that is AFTER 25 days of having a T-Mobile Account

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3 StarsRecommendedService is excellent in citiesDropped calls and spotty coverage outside of a city

i might give them 5 stars if I never needed to leave the ny city area because their fees are terrific and that they let you use your cellphone's data plan on other devices but I can't believe my phone will have data access outside major metropolitan areas which is a big no no because I travel quite a lot.

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4 StarsRecommendedOutstanding customer serviceNot 100% coverage

We moved to another state and suffered a loss in data coverage which caused us to switch providers. The final bill went to collections, however tmobile went well out of their way to help us reconcile the debt and move on. This isn't ordinary treatment of ex-account holders. They went above and beyond even what we expected when we reached out to them for help.

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5 StarsRecommendedGood servicenone

Never had a problem with T-Mobile. Good unlimited service.

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