The best T-Mobile prepaid phone plans: Starting at $5/month

Cheap prepaid plans on T-Mobile's 5G & 4G LTE networks: Switch & save $600/yr
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If it's been a while since you shopped prepaid cell phone plans you're in a treat. This sector of the mobile service market has undergone huge changes in recent years.

You can now choose flexible - and affordable - plans designed to meet your needs and still get the T-Mobile coverage you trust.

We'll show you how to find the best T-Mobile prepaid phone plans, including how to save up to $600 per year!

Cheapest T-Mobile plan
T-Mobile network
1GB 4G/5G data
$10 /mo
T-Mobile individual plan
T-Mobile network
2GB 4G/5G data
$12 /mo

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* 100 Days FREE Trial
T-Mobile 5G plan
T-Mobile network
5GB 4G/5G data
$5 /mo* $15/mo

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* $15 for 3 months service
T-Mobile family plan
T-Mobile network
15GB 4G/5G data
$20 /mo*

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* Only $60 for 3 Months
T-Mobile unlimited plan
T-Mobile network
Unltd 4G/5G data
$25 /mo*

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* $25/mo Forever - No Price Increases

The cheapest prepaid plans with T-Mobile wireless coverage

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T-Mobile Prepaid Phone Plans
Tello SIM card vertical

Tello: Best cheap prepaid T-Mobile plan

T-Mobile wireless network coverage

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

1GB 4G/5G Data

  • No contract. No bulk buying.

  • 24/7 friendly customer support

  • 4G LTE/5G nationwide coverage

  • Free Hotspot & Wi-Fi Calling

  • Free international calls to 60+ countries

  • No roaming

  • Coverage in rural areas

Tello 1GB plan includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 1GB data for only $10 per month. Tello plans offers wireless coverage on the T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE network. Read Tello review

Tello plans
  • Tello unlimited talk & text plan: $8/mo

  • Tello 1GB plan: $10/mo

  • Tello 2GB plan: $14/mo

  • Tello 5GB plan: $19/mo

  • Tello 10GB plan: $24/mo

  • Tello unlimited data plan: $29/mo

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US Mobile SIM card vertical

US Mobile: Best prepaid plan for one person

T-Mobile wireless network coverage

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

2GB 4G/5G Data


* 100 Days FREE Trial

  • Flexible, no contract plans

  • 24/7 customer service

  • 5G coverage available

  • No international calling

  • Phone selection

US Mobile 2GB plan includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 2GB data for only $12 per month. US Mobile plans offers wireless coverage on the T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE network. Read US Mobile review

US Mobile plans
  • US Mobile 500MB plan: $5/mo

  • US Mobile unlimited talk & text plan: $8/mo

  • US Mobile 2GB plan: $12/mo

  • US Mobile 5GB plan: $15/mo

  • US Mobile 15GB plan: $20/mo

  • US Mobile 25GB plan: $25/mo

  • US Mobile unlimited data plan: $35/mo

  • US Mobile unlimited data plan: $45/mo

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Boost Mobile SIM card vertical

Boost Mobile: Best 5G prepaid plan on T-Mobile

T-Mobile wireless network coverage

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

5GB 4G/5G Data


* $15 for 3 months service

  • Nationwide coverage on AT&T & T-Mobile

  • 5G & 4G LTE data speeds

  • Buy online and no credit checks

  • Bring your own phone

  • Cheapest unlimited data plan

  • No data only plans

Boost Mobile 5GB plan includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 5GB data for only $5 per month. Boost Mobile plans offers wireless coverage on the T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE network. Read Boost Mobile review

Boost Mobile plans
  • Boost Mobile 5GB plan: $5/mo

  • Boost Mobile 1GB plan: $8/mo

  • Boost Mobile 2GB plan: $10/mo

  • Boost Mobile unlimited data plan: $12.50/mo

  • Boost Mobile 15GB plan: $20/mo

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Mint Mobile SIM card vertical

Mint Mobile: Best prepaid family plan on T-Mobile

T-Mobile wireless network coverage

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

15GB 4G/5G Data


* Only $60 for 3 Months

  • Offers the latest phones with 0% finance

  • Prepay months in bulk for more savings

  • Reliable network coverage

  • Works with most GSM phones

  • No family plans

  • Minimum 3 months

Mint Mobile 15GB plan includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and 15GB data for only $20 per month. Mint Mobile plans offers wireless coverage on the T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE network. Read Mint Mobile review

Mint Mobile plans
  • Mint Mobile 5GB plan: $15/mo

  • Mint Mobile 15GB plan: $20/mo

  • Mint Mobile 20GB plan: $25/mo

  • Mint Mobile unlimited data plan: $30/mo

See Mint Mobile phone plans

Boost Infinite SIM card vertical

Boost Infinite: Best prepaid unlimited plan on T-Mobile

T-Mobile wireless network coverage

Unlimited mins

Unlimited texts

Unlimited 4G/5G Data


* $25/mo Forever - No Price Increases

Boost Infinite Unlimited plan includes unlimited mins, unlimited texts and unlimited data for only $25 per month. Boost Infinite plans offers wireless coverage on the T-Mobile 5G and 4G LTE network. Read Boost Infinite review

Boost Infinite plans
  • Boost Infinite unlimited data plan: $25/mo

See Boost Infinite phone plans

What are the benefits of prepaid phone plans?

We love MVNOs or Mobile Virtual Network Operators. If you're on the lookout for a cheaper phone plan, they're always the best route to go down.

Do you want to stay on the same network, keep your phone and number, and get greater flexibility?

Here are the features and benefits of the T-Mobile MVNOs to help you decide.

  • Huge savings: Starting from around $10 a month, cheap T-Mobile plans could save you up to $600 a year without compromising quality.

  • National wireless coverage: T-Mobile MVNO carriers operate on the same T-Mobile network, so you'll receive their nationwide coverage at half price.

  • No contracts: Low-cost carriers like Mint Mobile offer prepaid plans, so there are no long-term commitments. You'll find a variety of T-Mobile no contract phone plans to choose from.

  • Keep your phone and number: If you don't want the extra cost of upgrading, you can bring your phone and easily port your number over with T-Mobile BYOP plans.

  • Easy activation: Just insert your new T-Mobile prepaid SIM card from your new carrier into your existing phone.

  • eSIM: If your phone is eSIM compatible, you can switch instantly or add a second line. Check out the best T-Mobile prepaid eSIM carriers.

  • Customize your plan: Pay only for what you need with MVNOs. You can choose from T-Mobile individual plans or multiple lines, or if you just want something basic without data, there are a variety of T-Mobile talk & text plans available.

  • 4G LTE network coverage: Get access to T-Mobile's 4G LTE nationwide coverage as their MVNOs operate on the same network.

  • 5G high-speed data: You can join the fast 5G network in some areas at no extra cost. You'll find some great deals with T-Mobile 5G plans and can choose from a range of options to go with your 5G compatible phone.

  • Multiline discounts: With already low-cost plans, if you're looking for two or more lines, you could save up to $600 per year per line by opting for T-Mobile family plans thanks to their multi-line discounts.

  • Special discounts: A range of special offers available for military and veterans with T-Mobile military plans. And if you're a student, you can shop all the deals with T-Mobile student phone plans.

  • Pay as you go: No need to worry about overage charges with PAYG. You can control your cell phone costs and only pay for what you need with T-Mobile pay as you go plans.

  • Unlimited plans: If you're a heavy data user, the good news is you can get T-Mobile unlimited data plans to fit your data needs for half price.

  • Smartwatch plans: An additional SIM card for your smartwatch doesn't have to be another expensive plan, with T-Mobile smartwatch plans or T-Mobile Apple Watch plans, there are plenty of low-cost options.

Compare T-Mobile unlimited plans

Plan Data Monthly Price Annual Cost
T-Mobile Magenta Unlimited $70 $840
T-Mobile Magenta Max Unlimited $85 $1,020

T-Mobile vs Boost Mobile comparison

Keep your T-Mobile phone, number & coverage: Save $552 per year


Network Coverage

4G/5G Data


Annual Cost


T-Mobile 4G & 5G




Boost Mobile

T-Mobile 4G & 5G




*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GB




How to pick the best T-Mobile prepaid carrier

  • 5G and 4G LTE data speeds: Since T-Mobile MVNOs are all powered by the T-Mobile network, you'll pay less without sacrificing speed.

  • Unlimited talk and text messaging: Finding the best T-Mobile cell phone plan has never been easier. Virtually all small carriers include unlimited text and calling in their plan options. Compare cheap talk and text plans with or without data.

  • International calls to Canada and Mexico: International calling is a must for many people. Luckily MVNOs offer some of the best international phone plans, with free calling to certain countries like Canada and Mexico and discounted rates on others.

  • Multiline discounts: Low-cost carriers also offer some of the cheapest family cell phone plans, with multi-line discounts.

  • Wi-Fi calling: This feature is handy when you're out of your service area, allowing you to make calls over the internet instead of on your cellular connection.

  • Tethering/hotspot data: Many low-cost carriers allow you to use your phone as a hotspot. Pick an MVNO with the best mobile hotspot plans so you can share your mobile hotspot data with other devices.

  • HD video streaming: Just like the big guys, some MVNOs offer HD video streaming, and some don't.

T-Mobile network coverage comparison







Verizon Coverage






AT&T Coverage






T-Mobile Coverage






Source: RootMetrics RootScore 2022 report

When it comes to 5G network coverage, T-Mobile scores the highest, according to the J.D. Power 2023 wireless network study.

Find cheap prepaid phone plans in your area

Switch & Save $600 per year
Find cheap plans in your area

If T-Mobile isn't giving you the best coverage, check out the best AT&T prepaid plans and Verizon prepaid plans.

T-Mobile customer service comparison



Reach Mobile TrustPilot score


Tello TrustPilot score


US Mobile TrustPilot score


T-Mobile TrustPilot score


Verizon TrustPilot score


AT&T TrustPilot score


Compare the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans





Tello SIM card - Horizontal Tello




US Mobile SIM card - Horizontal US Mobile




Boost Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Boost Mobile




Mint Mobile SIM card - Horizontal Mint Mobile




Boost Infinite SIM card - Horizontal Boost Infinite




How we picked the best T-Mobile prepaid plans

MoneySavingPro reviewed the best value prepaid phone plans available on T-Mobile's network and ranked them based on various factors.

The most important factor we considered was the price of each plan in comparison to other similar plans available in the market. We also evaluated data limits, network coverage, perks, customer feedback, and overall service quality.

We regularly monitor the market to keep track of new products and plan changes offered by carriers. This list is updated at least once a month, or more frequently as necessary.

Prepaid cell phones compatible with T-Mobile



Samsung Galaxy A03s


Samsung Galaxy A13


Samsung Galaxy Note20


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S21 FE


Samsung Galaxy S21


Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra


Samsung Galaxy S22


Samsung Galaxy S22+


Apple iPhone 14


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra


Apple iPhone SE


T-Mobile prepaid plans FAQs

What is the cheapest T-Mobile prepaid plan?

You'll find the cheapest prepaid plans with T-Mobile MVNOs like Tello and Mint Mobile. Compare cell phone plans starting at only $10 per month.

What is the best prepaid phone plan on T-Mobile?

T-Mobile MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) provide cheaper cell phone plans while still offering the same quality coverage. Carriers include Tello and US Mobile.

Recap: What is the best prepaid T-Mobile plan?

The cheap prepaid cell phone plan revolution continues to grow rapidly.

T-Mobile MVNO prepaid plans are affordable and flexible. Bringing your own phone means you can save even more and switch carriers whenever you wish.