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4 StarsRecommendedAwesome AppNone

Text now is great for wifi tablet using. When I'm away from my phone i can still text using this app. It's funny it doesnt come preinstalled with tablets.

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5 StarsRecommendedThe AppNone

I love this app for being able to send quick texts back and forth between my family. We all have it installed. Wifi is about everywhere in my city so we save alot on data to use this app.

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5 StarsRecommendedGreat AppNone

Excellent app to use for people like me who live off of wifi. Great plans and a really cheap alternative to high cellphone plans.

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3 StarsRecommendedGood AppAds

I really don't care for the pop up adds after i close the app. It's so annoying and a real turn off. The app itself is fine but it's not without the stupid ads!

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