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Tracfone Wireless Reviews in 2021

Tracfone Wireless customer service ratings

Average Customer Rating 29 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars 5
4 Stars 5
3 Stars 3
2 Stars 2
1 Star 14
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Read 29 Tracfone Wireless user reviews

No Customer service. They are in some other countr

My iphone stopped working a week ago, a very expensive gift from my GF. Stopped receiving calls or making them. The only number I would get is the help line. I called them 18 times. They kept repeating the same thing...I did them all.. re set, remove sim card , etc ect. *73.

It gets stupid after the 10th call or so...

I finally asked if I should get another phone..I have had the same number for 20 years. Yes, my phone was not working right ...so I ordered another phone Nextday from Tracphones.

it also did not work. Also did not make or receive calls.

So ...It is not my phone or the new phone I just bought.

It was Tracphone's service that was wrong. I finally got a supervior (after 8 days and dozens of calls) who kept me on hold for 45 minutes. Then like magic. The phone worked. After 8 days. Some one turned my number back on at the head office.

Cost me 8 days of lost work.

Tracphones offer to make it right ...none. Zero..

So lets understand what happened. Tracphone screwed up my service, which I pay for automatic ...Unlimited service for many years, same number, nothing changed...I spent 100 hours on the phone with them ...and finally bought a new phone just to get my service working again. And that phone also did not work >

Why? Because they screw up some technical thing on their end ...so sorry.

I lost a week of my life and so much business to their mistake.

I come up owning money to send them back a phone I never needed.

Think about that.

They really do not care. Words are cheap....were is the action?

Tracphone has no honor. No pride. And they do not take responsibility for their own mistakes.

Shame on every employee. You are all to blame.

Getting sneaky with minutes used

I have been using TracFone for about 20 years now. As of 2020 or 2021, they are getting sneaky with the way minutes are used for texting. They are reducing the amount of characters you are able to use when texting someone (used to be 145 characters and is now 140 - don't try to use an emoji because it counts as somewhere around four texts). Even more frustrating is that they are now taking it upon themselves to break up in-coming messages so that they are no longer one message but multiple. You are deducted minutes for each text that comes in, so they are able to use up more of your minutes by breaking the one in-coming text up into multiple messages. For example, the first line of the message will come through as one message "Hi John" (one text), the next sentence ".........." (two texts), and so on. TracFone is good if you do not use a cell phone all that regularly, but I will be switching to a different plan if they continue being so underhanded!

Patience with connectivity & customer service help

Haven't had any problems with calling. Nut, internet connection drops often enough to give only 4 stars. Customer service may be located a distant half way around the world. The time of day and cultural differences are best taken into account. Successful with understanding and patience.

Have been satisfied with phone offerings and their prices. Also like being able to add data via messaging.

Stay very far away.

Deserves 0 stars. Horrible consumer service. Horrible phone service. Tried to switch carrier and they want to extort 150.00 from me.

Signed up for auto payments and shut my service down for non payment. Stay very far away from these clowns.


Bought a new Samsung A11 didn't work out of box spent 2 hours on phone with people who don't speak fluid english now I have to pay to return it.

I spent over $100 for a defective phone and now I have to pay to return it,



Do not buy this service. Want $158. To unlock phon

Called them, even talked to Supervisor. Wanted to move phone and number to my old service. They would not do it till I paid $158. For it to

Be unlocked. I bought on HSN which gave you 1500 min, but don’t tell you it’s only 1.5 GB. You have to but each GB for $15.00 each. That’s where they get you. Be Careful. Only thing I can do is throw my pretty Samsung in the trash. Now I have to go back to my old carrier Consumer Cellular and get a new phone and it includes 3.5 GB each month.

Great coverage, Just don't bounce payment

Overall Great Coverage, Great Reliability, but do be careful In the event you either don't have enough money or the payment declines You will lose ALL DATA you may have gathered over time.

Great low rates for very simple uses.

I have been a tracfone user for 15 years and realize that a carrier that relies on other carrier's towers is bound to have less reliable service. That service has improved over the years and the smartphone plans and data service has increased accordingly. Tracfone now sells phones with features beyond those supported by tracfone. For instance, most smartphones are able to support a hotspot. Tracfone claims that hotspot usage is unauthorized and any use of a hotspot may result in the account being investigated. Hotspots do work on some tracfones and not others, in some areas and not others. Since you pay for the data as you use it, it seems like a flimsy cover for poor technical support to say that the use is unauthorized when the true issue is that they fail to consistently support the feature. Customer service is "hit or miss" depending on the issue and the agent you encounter.

My wife and I have been with Tracfone for 15 years

My wife and I have been with Tracfone for 15 years. We have upgraded out phones about every 3 years, That math comes out to 10 upgrades and new activations. We have bought phones from QVC, HSN, Amazon. We have never had an issue activating a phone nor have we ever lost a single paid for minute. The few times we contacted customer service we found them to be helpful, knowledgeable and pleasant to speak with. Waiting time to speak with a rep was very short. I can only conclude that all these negative reviews are total nonsense.

terrible customer service

forget about any kind of refund or customer service

Tracfone pros and cons


  • Large plan selection

  • Widely available in retail stores

  • Unlimited carryover for unused minutes/texts/data

  • Good value for very light users


  • Outdated service model (selling minutes/texts/data piecemeal)

  • Expensive for moderate to heavy data users

  • Overly complex plan structure

Tracfone cell phone plans







1GB Data

T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon





2GB Data

T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon





3GB Data

T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon





8GB Data

T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon





Verizon vs Tracfone Plan Comparison

Keep your Verizon phone, number & coverage: Save $600 per year


Network Coverage

4G LTE Data


Annual Cost


Verizon 4G LTE





Verizon 4G LTE




*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$50/mo$600/yr

Tracfone Specs


AT&T, T-Mobile, Verzion



4G LTE Bands:

850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Bring Your Phone:


Keep Your Number:




Credit Check:






Taxes/fees included:




WiFi Calling:


Visual Voicemail:


Multi-line Discounts:


Multi-month Discounts:


International Roaming:


Tracfone FAQs

What is Tracfone?

Tracfone is an MVNO that offers cheap prepaid cell phone plans.

Is any good?

If you're looking for cheap cell phone service without compromising coverage, Tracfone will help you cut your phone bill significantly.

What cell towers does Tracfone use?

Tracfone operates on the nationwide Verizon, AT&T & T-Mobile 4G LTE & 5G networks.

How much does Tracfone cost?

Tracfone offers a range of cheap cell phone plans starting at $20 per month.

Tracfone Info




9700 NW 112th Ave, Miami, FL 33178



Customer Service:

(800) 867-7183

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