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Unreal Mobile Reviews

Unreal Mobile user ratings in 2020

Unreal Mobile
Average Customer Rating30 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars9
4 Stars4
3 Stars2
2 Stars3
1 Star12
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Unreal Mobile User Reviews

Not RecommendedTextingCalling issues

This service is a damn joke. It's good for texting and calls but you can only do that in the UNREAL app. I can't receive calls!

RecommendedFast delivery, customer serviceNone

SIM delivered super quick! Good customer service! Had a technical issue at first but it's since been solved and now I'm loving the service!

Not RecommendedNoneActivation

Unreal SUCKS. I was unable to activate my phone and that's where it ended for me. Moved onto Mint Sim.

RecommendedPorting process, serviceNone

Process was really quick and painless! So far have had no issues.

Not RecommendedNoneNetwork

really really terrible network calls are impossible and app crashes frequently! STAY AWAY FROM UNREAL!

Not RecommendedNoneNo unlimited data

Unlimited data? What unlimited data!? There is none! UNREAL!

RecommendedLow feesNone

It's Unreal all right! It's unreal because of the pricing! So low!

RecommendedGreat priceNone

I transferred to Unreal from RedPocket. I liked RedPocket, don't get me wrong, but Unreal had the better price. So far I'm very happy with the switch. No issues.

RecommendedGreat starter serviceNone

Works well as a starter service for my kiddo.

Not RecommendedNoneToo complicated

Unreal isn't great. Lots of trouble to get started. Really not worth the hassle.

RecommendedCustomer serviceSlow customer service

Customer service is pretty good but it is very slow.

RecommendedLow costRequires technical proficiency

This is a great option if you're looking for a low cost service! It may take some technical knowledge to get it to work but after that you're golden! You will need the Unreal application. Took less than a couple of hours to port my phone number from Verizon. So cheap for what you get!

Not RecommendedNoneTechnical errors

My husband and me tried Unreal but this was such a bad experience. I wasn't able to activate my phone due to an error on their end but my account kept being charged. I ended up getting a refund but I immediately moved to Mint Mobile. So much better.

Not RecommendedNoneCustomer service

Don't waste your money on this piece of crap. I purchased a sim card but it didn't work so I purchased another one. Turns out that one didn't work either. Data was okay but texts or calling wasn't working. Customer service only made matters worse by being rude. Changed to Straight Talk and have been happy ever since.

Not RecommendedFriendly customer serviceNo service

I wish I could give Unreal 0 stars. This is the worst phone company I've ever had the displeasure having. Didn't get service despite doing everything correctly - ported my phone number, activated my sim card. But no service. Tried to contact an agent but they have no idea what the issue is.

RecommendedSimple and easyNone

Really easy to order phone and SIM cards from. Flawless experience with customer service and activation. Very happy.


Absolutely love the pricing of Unreal! Would give it 6 stars if I could!

RecommendedHelpful representativesNone

I was able to port my phone number in less than an hour without any issues. When I also talked to agents they were friendly and very helpful.

RecommendedOkay coverageCompany issues

I swapped to Mint Mobile after the unreal experience I've had with Unreal. Service for Unreal was fine until I tried to port my number to another carrier. No matter what I did I was unable to port it out. It was like they were holding my number hostage!

Not RecommendedNothingCustomer Service, Phone Quality, Porting Out Issue

You have to do everything through the Unreal app, which is not a problem for me. However, I realized I was missing calls and could not receive voicemails.

I needed a reliable phone provider, so I decided to transfer to a different carrier.

However, Unreal Mobile is making this impossible. I have been trying to transfer to Xfinity Mobile (who has been great for my wife), but my number is still stuck with Unreal Mobile for over 2 months now. I have troubleshooted this many times with both Unreal and Xfinity on the phone. However, Unreal does not have the capability to troubleshoot their side. They use a 3rd party port provider, Inteliquent, and they can only contact them by email.

Here is a timeline of my experience trying to port out my number so far:

Early June - I had been trying to port out my number to Xfinity Mobile. However, I was unable to complete the port out request from Unreal Mobile. I followed Unreal's exact instructions on the Unreal site/portal, and I was using the correct information.

June 4 - I first emailed Unreal about the port out issue.

June 7 - I was already paying for Xfinity Mobile, and I needed a reliable phone ASAP. Unreal Mobile was not working for me, as I could not receive calls or voicemails. I emailed Unreal Mobile again that this port out request was urgent.

June 7 - I also call Unreal. They say they never received any port out request and ask me to re-send.

June 16 - 1st 3-way call with Unreal/Xfinity. We confirmed Xfinity was submitting the port out request with the correct information (same information I submitted all along) and tried a few other port out attempts.

June 22 - I finally received an email back from Unreal. There was nothing new or helpful in the email. It took 18 days to respond to my initial port out issue, and the email provided me nothing, just information I had already confirmed on the phone and got from the portal 3 weeks ago. I realize that Unreal will never resolve this issue through email.

June 23 - 2nd 3-way call with Unreal/Xfinity. Unreal still has no update. Unreal support team asks me to re-submit the port out request again. I continue having Xfinity resubmit the port out request every week as usual.

June 30 - Unreal Hangs up on me, as we try to make the 3rd 3-way call. I had been hung up on before from Unreal, but I only decided to start documenting this starting June 30.

June 30 - 3rd 3-way call with Unreal/Xfinity. Xfinity continued to provide all information requested from them, including port out request IDs. Unreal still has no update.

July 7 - 4th 3-way call with Unreal/Xfinity. Xfinity continues submitting port out requests, and has been every week as Unreal requested. Unreal has Xfinity try different SPIDs, NNIDs, Zip codes, and addresses. Xfinity submits the port out requests and receives a proper port response every time. Xfinity can provide the port out ID, port response ID, error information, etc. Xfinity side/backend is working properly. However, Unreal continues to say they never received any request. Unreal first emails their 3rd party port provider Inteliquent on July 7.

July 14 - 5th 3-way call with Unreal/Xfinity. Unreal has no update. Xfinity asked me to try porting out to Google Voice as a possible medium. However, numbers with Unreal Mobile cannot be ported to Google Voice.

July 21 - 6th 3-way call with Unreal/Xfinity. Unreal still has no update from 3rd party port provider Inteliquent.

July 28 - I call Unreal asking for an update. Unreal still has no update from 3rd party port provider Inteliquent.

July 28 - I get an email from freedompop saying they are still waiting for an update from 3rd party port provider Inteliquent.

August 4 - 7th 3-way call with Unreal/Xfinity. Unreal confirms Xfinity has provided and submitted all information correctly again (this happens almost every phone call). I request to review my emails/calls with Unreal, and the Unreal agent hangs up on me. Unreal still has no update from 3rd party port provider Inteliquent.

August 4 - I get an email from freedompop saying they are still waiting for an update.

August 5 - An Unreal Agent tells me that their system is set up to randomly hang up on people (me). He says if there are more calls, my call may be immediately hung up on without any warning. I actually believe this could be true, since they have hung up at the start of calls, after 1+ hours on the phone, and even while they put me on long holds. This random hang up system is terrible, and has wasted so much of my time.

Note: Unreal Mobile and Freedompop are sister companies. The issue seems to be temporarily passed to a freedompop.com person sometimes.

I have probably wasted 40+ hours on the phone over the past 2+ months trying to port out my number. As I emailed on June 7, this port out request is urgent and I want to leave Unreal as soon as possible...

Not RecommendedYou think the unlimited is best part until....phone lost all sounds after Unreal update

customer support is as everyone says, high promises, low on action.

RecommendedUnlimited data, if you're not a speed hogApp has intermittent issues

Been using it for almost a year, get great coverage, and when I do run out of 4G data, I can still survive on 2G. Can't beat the price.


I tried to use and activate. First you have to use their app to do anything, you cant use the phone call or messaging apps. Called to get assistance, they just send you to sales or tell you to visit the website, so no live person, jsut sales people. THEN I tell them its horrible and i want to cancel, THEY HUNG UP ON ME 5 TIMES! I finally called my bank to cancel and block all transactions, and i threw away the sim. Worst experience i've ever had with a carrier, AND I SELL PHONES!

Not RecommendedPrice good, lots of badmust use app, no customer service.

Network is ATT.

Price is good. Sim kit, unlimited talk, text, 1GB 4G data then at 2G, bought at $20 for 3 months, renewal will be at $10/month.

BAD: must download their app. Every thing is done through the app, phone, text. The app interface is very poor, too crowded, small print. Your phone's dialer and message app does not work.

Be careful of automatic add ons when you buy stuff.

Customer service: impossible to reach them. Tried for several days over and over. Their lines cut off the call for any thing other than sales and sales people were unresponsive to tech assistance questions.

The internet seems to work fine.

RecommendedIt's cheapI don't get any service everywhere I go.

The plan was cheap and sounded like a good deal at the time. After messing with all the information I got it activated but there was one problem. I had no bars i mean anywhere I went. I don't recommend getting this service.

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Unreal Mobile FAQs

How do I switch to Unreal Mobile?

Switching to Unreal Mobile is smart, quick and simple. You don't have to buy a new phone, since you can bring your device to Unreal Mobile. You can keep your old number. All you need to do is order a Unreal Mobile SIM card and once you have that, you can switch your phone service in as little as 2-3 minutes.

Does Unreal Mobile have network coverage in my area?

Unreal Mobile is powered by AT&T, Sprint, meaning you get the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage as you would if you signed up to AT&T, Sprint directly.

Can I keep my phone number when I switch to Unreal Mobile?

Yes! It's easy to port your existing phone number to Unreal Mobile during the activation process.

Can I bring my phone to Unreal Mobile?

Yes! Most unlocked smartphones that have a SIM card slot will work with Unreal Mobile. If your phone is locked to a carrier you will need to contact your existing carrier to get it unlocked.

Is my device compatible with Unreal Mobile?

You can check your devices compatibility on the Unreal Mobile website before you signup.

Is there a contract or credit check with Unreal Mobile?

No. Unreal Mobile works on a prepaid month-to-month basis, meaning there is no credit check or commitment so you can switch carriers as often as you like.

Does Unreal Mobile offer unlimited data plans?

Most people don't need unlimited data, the average person only used 2-5GB per month. Typically, it's better to choose a customized Unreal Mobile plan and only pay for the data you actually use.

Does Unreal Mobile offer family plans?

Unreal Mobile plans are already extremely low-cost, so they do not offer further discounts for families.

How does Unreal Mobile billing work?

Unreal Mobile plans are prepaid with no contract. This means that you pay for 30 days when your plan starts, not afterwards. Unreal Mobile allows AutoPay to ensure you automatically renew your plan every 30 days.

Can I share my Unreal Mobile plan across multiple devices?

Additional lines can be added for $20 per line on all of Reach’s shared data plans. Up to 4 lines can exist on an account.

Does Unreal Mobile allow tethering?

Yes, Unreal Mobile allows tethering but it may depend on the plan you select, so you will need to check on the Unreal Mobile website.

Does Unreal Mobile offer international calling?

Yes, Unreal Mobile includes calls to international countries, more information can be found on the Unreal Mobile website before you sign up.

Does Unreal Mobile have a refund policy?

Unreal Mobile offer a refund within 7 days if you are not satisfied with the service. Be sure to check the full details on the Unreal Mobile website.

Who should switch to Unreal Mobile?

Unreal Mobile are perfect for anyone that is looking to save money on their cell phone plan, without compromising on coverage. Whether you're a family, senior, student, cord cutter, business owner or just a savvy consumer, there's a customized plan suitable for everyone.

Unreal Mobile Network Specs

Network:AT&T, Sprint
Technology:CDMA & GSM
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

Unreal Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:1100 Glendon Ave, Ste 700, Los Angeles, CA 90024
Customer Service:(855) 486-7325
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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