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US Mobile Reviews & Ratings

US Mobile customer ratings in 2021

US Mobile
Average Customer Rating55 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars33
4 Stars8
3 Stars4
2 Stars1
1 Star9
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Read 55 US Mobile user reviews

Customer service; no contract; great rates

Contrary to the report, US Mobile DOES offer discounts now for multiple lines. Plus “perks” when you have multiple lines. We switched from AT&T, now have zero dropped calls in our house whereas with AT&T it happened on every 3rd or 4th call. We are on their LTE plan so it uses Verizon towers so coverage is the same as if we went with Verizon (we tried their service but US Mobile is a better deal). Their customer service is top notch, you won’t wait forever to get ahold of someone and they address issues very promptly.

failed to provide promised service

Paid for the Ultimate Unlimited with the Ludacris upgrade. Connections were terrible, data never once managed to reach even basic plan speed. Text and VM would randomly be delayed by hours. I ported my phone number to USmobile from my old service. When I left, the account and pin they sent me did not allow me to port over my number again. All in all, 1/10. Failure to provide agreed service.


Don't waste your time & money !!!!! After 2 days of trying to activate the Super LTE network with various reps doing different settings they said my phone was not compatible, even after their own system said it was....so I was told to activate on the GSM network, after set up completion around 8:30 pm i did a few test to insure everything was okay, verified that internet connection was up and running, afterwards I turned my Wi-Fi back on, the next day before 9 am my internet stopped working, I called CS again and was told you guess it....I was out of data...I had used 2.5 gb in less than 13 hours, mostly overnight, in my sleep ! They provided me a "report" of my data usage that showed 20mb being used about every minute...weird right ???? My previous plan was 20 gb...never have I used more than 8 to 10 gb in a month...but somehow I can use 2.5 gb overnight on Wi-Fi ? The best part was when I wanted to port my number back to my old carrier, I chatted with CS to get my account # and pin....CS.....after a few mundane and smartly postponing remarks his answer....I can’t give you that information, I will send you a email. So I called CS, after answering 20 questions......his answer.....I can't give you that information, we will send you a email! So I had to move out of my spot on my carrier until the email arrive since the place was packed and I felt it was not right to keep other customer waiting... The service itself had a few dropped calls which I had never experienced with my real carrier and the phone would read "Emergency Calls Only" which seems to me it was losing network connection. No mms will work without data...so after calling about my messages not working i was giving a whooping 100mb of complementary data....which worked for a few days...... If you want a Headache ......Go Ahead !!!!!!!!!

Customer service, website, cost

Customer service: Great, really quick to respond and really nice. Able to fix all of my issues. Website: User-friendly. Service: Once in awhile I have issues with the network but other than that it works really well. Cost: Perfect for those looking for much cheaper phone plans.

Customer service, cheap rates

Very impressed with US Mobile. Customer service is very helpful and patient. Cheap rates too with good coverage!

Customer care

They took care of the issue immediately. US Mobile has the best customer care ever!

Great coverage

Carrier's great especially if you're looking for Verizon or T-Mobile coverage. Only problem I had was the activation. Took an hour and a half to port my number to the service.


the service you'll get won't be reliabile but you won't realize it for a bit. i didn't get texts for a while but i didn't notice until someone told me they asked me a q i never replied to.

Customer support team

One of the best customer support teams around. Glad that you're around in times of crisis.


An excellent choice for those on a budget. Fast data speeds, great reception. Fantastic customer service. This company is so much cheaper but with the same quality!

Not unlimited!!

They say you have unlimited but they DISCONNECT THE PHONE!!! Dont use US Mobile!

Service, customer support

US Mobile has some great, honest and caring people. The service is also phenomenal. A+!

Customer service

US Mobile is very fast and very efficient at what they do

Customer service

US Mobile always has had great customer service. They're always friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend US Mobile for customization and customer service.


BEST. SERVICE. EVER! Thanks US Mobile!

Inexpensive, superior CS

Been with US Mobile for a few years. Really inexpensive, superior customer support.

Customer service, savings

Best customer service ever! I'm saving so much on my monthly cell bill now!

Customer service

Everyone I spoke with customer service they have been very kind and professional. Would recommend!

Customer support

US Mobile always works hard to find a solution for you. They also respond very quickly!

Customer support

Patient and polite.


US Mobile has always been helpful to me.

Technical support

The technical support is very nice and super helpful and were able to help me fix my network problems.


I love US Mobile! My bills have been so much lower since going with them!

Customer service

After seeing all of the good reviews I decided to give US Mobile a try. From beginning to end it was such a bad experience. Spent several hours activating a phone when it should have been a few minutes. Customer service representatives ignore your questions. The whole process was an annoying time waster. Don't waste your energy on US Mobile and go somewhere else.

Customer service

Extremely poor customer service. They were unable to help me when I had a problem sending texts. Wouldn't recommend to anyone!

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US Mobile Network Specs

Network:T-Mobile & Verizon
Technology:GSM & CDMA
3G Bands:850, 1700/2100, 1900Mhz
4G LTE Bands:700, 850, 1700/2100, 1900Mhz
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
WiFi Calling:Yes
Visual Voicemail:Yes
Multi-line Discounts:Yes
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:Yes

US Mobile Company Info

Headquarters:50 Main Street, White Plains, NY 10606
Customer Service:(878) 205-0088
Support:Email Support
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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