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Verizon MVNO List in 2022

Cheap cell phone carriers with Verizon network coverage

Compare cheap Verizon plans in your area

List of Verizon MVNOs in January

Verizon is top dog when it comes to network coverage. And don't they know it. Their plans are painfully pricey.

If you love Verizon but want a cheaper way to use their network, we've got great news.

Verizon MVNOs offer the same service at a fraction of the cost.

MVNOs, mobile virtual network operators, are low-cost carriers which hook onto one of the four main telecoms networks.

With a low-cost carrier you'll get extra bang for your buck. There's no contract, so you're free to stay or go. And with a Verizon MVNO, you're getting coverage from the highest rated network in the US.

Compare cheap Verizon plans in your area

Complete list of Verizon MVNOs

Boom! MobileVerizon & T-Mobile
CREDO MobileVerizon
Net10 WirelessVerizon
Page Plus CellularVerizon
Red PocketAT&T, T-Mobile & Verizon
Spectrum MobileVerizon
Straight TalkT-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon
TingT-Mobile & Verizon
Total WirelessVerizon
TracfoneVerizon, AT&T & T-Mobile
TwigbyVerizon & Sprint
US MobileVerizon & T-Mobile
Xfinity MobileVerizon
WingAT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile
Affinity CellularVerizon
Reach MobileVerizon
Selectel WirelessVerizon

Verizon MVNOs

Affinity Cellular

Affinity Cellular is an Iowa based carrier. Exclusively available to AAA members you can expect plenty of discounts and rewards. The selection of phones available is limited, but you can bring your own phone as long as it's compatible with Verizon.

Known for their simple and affordable plans, they offer a great range of options, including a plan for emergency use only.

CREDO Mobile

CREDO Mobile is more than a low-cost carrier. They're a company that has a heart at the center of their business.

Committed to progressive social change, they support many nonprofits. They've raised a staggering $90 million to date for progressive causes.

CREDO Mobile started using the Verizon network in 2017. They offer a good range of options, including an unlimited data plan and multiple line plans.


Lively is a low-cost carrier like no other. They offer plans with two types of phone - the Jitterbug smartphone or Jitterbug flip phone. These devices are super user friendly and Lively will help you or your loved one navigate a new device.

Targeted towards seniors, Lively plans offer features like 5Star, 24/7 access to urgent care to help someone in an emergency.

They're a great carrier if you're in the market for a simple no-contract plan, where you only pay for what you need.

Net10 Wireless

With Net10 Wireless you're fully covered. Piggybacking off all the main networks, coverage is something you won't need to sacrifice. With no contract and a hassle free way to keep your own phone and number, what's not to love?

If your phone isn't CDMA compatible it may not work on Verizon's network. If you need a new phone you can save hundreds by purchasing a refurbished smartphone.

Net10 Wireless offers a good variety of plans. Don't get stung by their large data plan, other carriers will give you a better deal. The network flexibility and nationwide coverage makes them a great contender though.

Page Plus Cellular

Page Plus is pretty standard. But no matter how you use your phone you'll find a plan to fit. They offer prepaid cell phone plans with nationwide coverage that are simple, convenient, and smart.

We don't reckon you need unlimited data - average data use is between 3 to 5GB. But, if it's a must-have for you, Page Plus offers a decent unlimited plan.

If you're in the market for a new phone, Page Plus also have a great selection of smartphones. Finance options are available, or you could save yourself hundreds of dollars with a refurbished smartphone instead.

Reach Mobile

Another socially conscious cell phone carrier who works with nonprofit organizations. Reach Mobile empowers women with connectivity. Every Reach plan brought also provides free connectivity to those who can't afford it.

There are budget friendly deals for low data plans. If you think you need more, Reach Mobile also does unlimited data plans.

You can't buy a phone directly from Reach. If you're looking for a new phone, you'll have to bring your own or try a refurbished device. As long as yours is compatible you can move over easily.

Red Pocket Mobile

With Red Pocket Mobile you can choose any major network in the US for your plan. They piggyback on Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T's network so you can get the same service at half the cost.

No lengthy tie ins, keep your phone and number, no activation fee, and no hassle.

To save more money you can keep your old phone - if it's compatible - and match a low cost plan that suits your needs. The customer service is only available over the phone or live chat and it's been noted wait times can be lengthy.

Spectrum Mobile

If you're a Spectrum internet customer, you're in luck. Spectrum Mobile is exclusively available to their home internet customers. But there's another catch. You'll also need to sign up to auto pay and meet their credit requirements.

They do offer unlimited talk and text, no contracts, and taxes and fees are included. There's also unlimited data options.

If you're happy with your Spectrum internet service than signing up for a cell phone plan is a great way to save money. With no contracts you can cancel at any time if you're not happy.

Total Wireless

Total Wireless can hook you up with some great deals on multiple lines.

If you're looking for a great deal Total Wireless offers some of the best shared plans to help cut your bill in half. All Total Wireless plans include unlimited talk and text with a range of data limits to choose from.

There are some bad reviews around customer service which has room for improvement. But if you want to save your dollars and you love the Verizon network this may be a good option.


Tracfone is one of the longest running alternative carriers. They also own multiple other low cost carriers which they run across all four major networks.

With no contracts and no extra costs you don't have to sacrifice quality.


We know we bang on about not needing unlimited data and Twigby offers a low cost option for those willing to drop their data usage. Their simple plans allow you to customize by selecting the minutes and data you want - so you basically pay for what you actually need.

And don't worry about using more. If your Mom's been filling you in on neighborhood gossip and you go over your minutes, don't worry. Twigby will bump you onto the next tariff up. At the end of the month, it'll reset back to your original plan. No expensive overcharges.

As Twigby hooks onto two networks - Sprint and Verizon - you can check which network coverage is best in your area.

US Mobile

US Mobile runs on both Verizon and the T-Mobile network. US Mobile believes in offering simple plans that are great value, and that's just what they do. You're able to customize your own plan based on what you use.

With prepaid contracts, flexibility is their foundation. You can increase or decrease your plan at any time. And their customer service is available 24/7.

Their phone selection is pretty small. But you can save more money by bringing your own phone.


Visible like to keep things simple. One plan. Unlimited everything.

And that's not it. There are no data speed caps, no coverage gaps, and no extra taxes or fees. The plan even comes with a mobile hotspot.

Visible also offer an option for multiple lines with their Party Pay plan. The more people you add the more discount you get.

Any downsides? As with some low cost carriers, during busy periods your data speeds can be reduced - aka data deprioritization. If this is a major issue then you may want to check out other MVNO's. With no stores, you will need to be comfortable with dealing with everything online and there is a very limited phone selection.

Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile offers a variety of plans depending on your data usage. But just like Spectrum Mobile, you're not able to access a plan with Xfinity unless you already have their home internet service.

If you do have Xfinity home internet the great news is you'd get Verizon's network and Xfinity's network of Wi-Fi hotspots when signing up for a cell phone plan.

Exclusively for their internet customers, they do have an unlimited data option. But there are plenty of other low-cost carriers more widely available with cheaper deals.

yahoo! Mobile

If you're wondering why yahoo is getting into the cell phone business you're not on your own. Yahoo is owned by Verizon. Now it makes sense right!

As a newbie in the world of MVNOs with only one plan, yahoo! Mobile keeps it simple and affordable.

Not the cheapest MVNO out there on the Verizon network, but it still saves you money. With unlimited calls, data, and mobile hotspot usage.

Best cheap Verizon MVNO plans

TwigbyVerizonUnltdUnltd3GB$10** 50% Off for 6 Months
US MobileVerizon & T-MobileUnltdUnltd5GB$15Free Starter Kit with code: MSPUSM
TingT-Mobile & VerizonUnltdUnltdUnltd$25** $20 Off for 3 Months
TwigbyVerizonUnltdUnltd0GB$6.50** 50% Off for 6 Months
TingT-Mobile & VerizonUnltdUnltd5GB$20** $5 Off for 6 Months

Best Verizon MVNO phone deals

Apple iPhone 12 miniVerizon, T-MobileUS Mobile$729
Apple iPhone 13 miniVerizon, T-MobileUS Mobile$729
Apple iPhone 12Verizon, T-MobileUS Mobile$780
Apple iPhone 13Verizon, T-MobileUS Mobile$904
Apple iPhone 13 ProVerizon, T-MobileUS Mobile$999
Samsung Galaxy Z FlipVerizon, T-MobileUS Mobile$1,049
Apple iPhone 13 Pro MaxVerizon, T-MobileUS Mobile$1,099

Verizon MVNO list FAQs

Which MVNOs use Verizon's network?

Verizon is one of the most popular networks and you'll find a variety of MVNOs operating on their service including, Red Pocket, Twigby, US Mobile, Community Phone, and many more.

Which MVNO is the best?

There isn't a one size fits all when it comes to cell phone plans, but there is a Verizon MVNO for everyone. If Verizon offers you the strongest coverage in your area, the best value MVNO also depends on what features you're looking for and what your budget is.

What is the best alternative to Verizon?

With Verizon being known for its expensive cell phone plans, an MVNO operating on the Verizon network could cut your costs by half. You'll have access to the same nationwide coverage so you don't have to make any sacrifices and you'll get much more bang for your buck.


With MVNOs using the Verizon network you can expect flexibility, freedom and a plan that's 50% cheaper than going direct. No more long contracts.

You can also compare cheap cell phone plans from other low-cost carriers. Why not save even more by paying for what you need. We know running out of data is a pain, but with the average data use between 3 to 5GB, check whether you really need unlimited data by using our data usage calculator.

With each low-cost carrier being tailored toward specific needs you'll find basic talk and text only plans to unlimited data plans.

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