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    Verizon Reviews

    Verizon customer service ratings

    Average Customer Rating102 User Reviews
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    Read 102 user reviews

    Verizon and Galaxy S20 horrible

    phone stopped working x3 in past 5 months and unable to get anyone in chat due to my not being the primary owner. I am disabled and cannot afford to not have a phone.

    They used to be a good company.

    Their customer service is terrible. I spent 2 hours of my life trying to do something that ultimately took 10 minutes when I FINALLY got thru to a human that knew how do their job. They make it very difficult to reach a competent human being. First endless bots than a succession people who didn't know what they were doing.

    Way to much money for what you get.

    They charge you $10 extra to pay your bill if you speak to a person.

    Verizon has come to be a horrible company.

    I’m a new customer. Have ran into issues already and it’s only been 2 weeks. Every time I call in instead of fixing the issues their constantly promoting. I’ve been waiting on a supervisor to call me back for 2 weeks and good luck with the wait of even trying to speak with a live agent. Poor customer service! Poor communication. I set up my app and the app was giving me another customers information under my cell number. I explained this to a live agent and she apologize and went back to trying to get me to upgrade my plan etc. My issues where not resolved not even a little! I’ve been with the company shy of a month and I’ve got 2 bills already back to back both are different amounts. Going to Verizon was a horrible mistake!! I won’t be with them for long. I would think twice and always read reviews if I where you! Wish I could give them a negative 5.


    IRONICALLY. It is impossible to contact them via phone, EVERYTING is with voice recorders.

    on hold for ever, very poor customer service

    spam text, spam calls , and cant speak to anyone at verizon about this

    Customer service is terrible.

    Watch your bill very closely. Customer service may tell you things are removed from your bill that never are. We were charged for services never received and spent hours on the phone with customer service to get charges removed only to have them show up again on the bill. They also added a $700 upgrade charge for a new device before giving the $700 trade in allowance for the old phone turned in, essentially canceling it out. We are switching to another provider as soon as possible. Can't imagine any being worse.

    This multi million dollar corp has no sympathy

    My husband passed and went to take DC to them so that I could get it changed over but they charged me to cut his phone off and said they didn't accept the DC there three trips later finally got it changed its sad that they had to charge me 79 dollars for a phone of a man that is dead and will never use it I had my own phone

    They use your credit as a hostage + bad service

    They use your credit as a hostage, raise the price on agreements like the laptop, and they didn't even send me a working device that I paid for months. I waited for them to send me a working device. I got tired of waiting and requested many many many times for a replacement phone with insurance that I never got. I sent them all devices since they were for business and now I am being charged $800 for a broken device and canceling service for the other one before the 30 days. Horrible Horrible Horrible company to do business with. I suggest you just save up and buy the phone you want directly from the manufacturer like Apple or Samsung. Don't make the mistake of giving Verizon the opportunity to do business with them. Disaster is waiting to happen if you do business with these people

    They say order will be shipped,then they want id

    They tell you one thing,then they want documents over the phone

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    RankCarrierNetwork(s)Avg. rating
    1stReach MobileT-Mobile4.5
    2ndSpeedtalk MobileT-Mobile4.4
    3rdGen MobileT-Mobile4.2
    4thUS MobileVerizon & T-Mobile4.1
    6thTingT-Mobile & Verizon4
    7thTwigbyVerizon & Sprint3.9
    8thWingAT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile3.5
    9thUltra MobileT-Mobile3.3
    10thGood2Go MobileAT&T & T-Mobile3.3