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Visible Reviews

Visible user reviews & ratings

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Visible User Reviews

Not RecommendedI can use my phone as a hotspotTheir rebate seems to be a scam

I contacted Cust Svc about my two $200 rebates and they essentially told me it wasn't their responsibility because they had contracted with another company for the rebates. The only way I can contact customer service is on my phone. The web page link is dead.

RecommendedGreat price Great serviceNothing really

True unlimited data with hotspot tethering on Verizon's network and I'm only paying $25/month.

Can't beat this deal.

RecommendedSwitched from Verizon prepaid and can't tell a difHaven't had any problems yet.

Visible Wireless has been great for me. It has worked flawlessly. I couldn't be happier.

Not Recommendedcheapcustomer support can't read

As existing member tried to purchase a new phone from Visible with $100 promo per their wording - "New or existing members who purchase a select device that is in the eligible device list will receive a $100 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account."

Customer support keeps telling me new members only. Guess they can't read.

Not RecommendedTried Visable and customer service is terribleVery frustrating support

Absolutely worst experience ever, would rather have teeth pulled without novacaine

Not RecommendedNothingTotally no service

SIM only says “no service”, “no service”, “no service”

Not Recommendedno idea - couldn't use the serviceinability to activate service - deleted account

I was excited to try Visible as a secondary/backup Mobile HotSpot provider for home use. VZ service is fantastic at my location and I've paid for VZ Family Plan & new phones, for years. Ordered a new Android ZTE Blade A7 and received it and the SIM the next day. Followed instructions but service wouldn't activate. Attempted several times to no avail. "Ooops! there's a problem with Activation", "there's a problem with your account", "the device is not compatible with Visible", etc. After 24 hours, I contacted care via Chat. They asked if I had reported by phone lost/stolen. (umm nope). They proceeded with "there's a Permanent Suspension on your account and we cannot remove it. Is there anything else I can help you with today? I've canceled your account." This is all Pre-Paid, folks.. what the heck? This is the strangest thing I've ever been a part of. No attempt to fix the problem with the new account, no attempt to Activate services. Now get this.. I figured I'd try to open a NEW account and use the new Android they sent to me yesterday (May 19, 2020). I cannot reuse it because it is not compatible with Visible service!! Also, since they closed my account, I cannot log in to request a return slip. Woo Hoo.. wow! and I design business systems for a global Telecom company and this even shocks ME! I'm not sure how things can be THIS bad!?? I'm suspicious that all Names/Email addresses are sent through Verizon systems and current subscribers have strange issues during Visible setup.. All I wanted was the 5M up/down additional Mobile HotSpot.

Not RecommendedAbsolutely nothingService, tech support, customer service.

Call quality....broken up, muffled.

Data, constantly having to switch Airplane mode off and on, looses service....only LTE and very minimal.

Customer service is the worst. I honestly would rather talk with someone from India or wherever. Tech support or lack there of are illiterate non responding idiots

Recommendedunlimited netnothing so far

activated phone and never looked back

RecommendedPrice. Unlimited talk/text/dataPoor customer service. Only LTE. Loses service.

Sucks to transfer phone to visible. Lots of problems. Only customer service via chat, So must have internet other than a visible phone for phone activation. Have three phones. Two have lost service repeatedly. Also Accidentally turns on talkback. using one phone for internet at home, need to reboot phone every couple of days.

Not RecommendednothingDeception

I tried for 3 weeks to be a Visible customer. First, they assure me there is signal where I live. There is not. Next, they sell me a phone...a Visible blade 7 prime...that is different than the one they told me they would send...and you cannot get a case for anywhere. Then they cannot get me activated for over a 2 weeks. Then I want to make a return...they say sorry, it has been more than 14 days.

Not RecommendedNothing yetAdvertised as next day service, took me 6 days!

Order on sat and gets sent on Monday. Must be in the fine print. Phone wouldn't activate and one of the chats they blamed me. They kept saying 25-48 hours to resolve. When finally resolved I couldn't make calls and I was told sim card wouldn't work and I had to clear the phone as advised and start again. This literally took me 6 days and hours and hours of chat time. Some helpful, but most were not.

RecommendedGreat price performance! Kept Verizon coverageUsed it intensively for 3 weeks now. Unknown.

Had a minor glitch as I had provided the wrong password. Chatted on line with customer service, supplied the right password. 10 minutes later that service was online. Have never looked back. I am very pleased!

Not RecommendedSometimes worksFails to match advertising

I'd had Verizon for many years but got sick of paying over a hundred dollars a month just to have a phone in my pocket. When I heard about Visible, I ordered a SIM. I got it quickly, but then the headaches began.

First, no matter what I did, I couldn't activate the SIM. It's supposed to be a straight-forward process. Download app, input credit card info, start using phone. But it took me SIX FRUSTRATING WEEKS of back-and-forth with customer service, often waiting DAYS for a reply to my help-please texts (in app function), only to have my case upgraded to a "specialist" who was promised to email me. I never got any specialist emails. Not a single time.

Eventually, I had to order another SIM and somehow got it active (no thanks to customer service). I was happy to see during my first day I was getting around 13 mbps down. I was so satisfied that I canceled my home internet service ($80/month for sparing use). The same day I disconnected my home internet box, my Visible speeds fell to UNDER 2mbps consistently.

I contacted customer support. They had me turn the phone off. Turn on/off airplane mode. After each suggestion, my speeds DROPPED. What was customer support's diagnosis? That I should expect speeds to fluctuate like that. Even though they advertise they've done away with the data cap AND my speeds are now CONSISTENTLY (not fluctuating) below 2 mbps. As I type this, I just did another speed test: UNDER 1 mbps.

A couple days ago I read a Harvard Business Review article about the new age of customer service. The article's author wrote that more and more companies make it so onerous getting help or support that customers just give up and go away. The team studying this said from the company's perspective, it saves money to lose customers with problems than to "pay out" to those who don't get what's advertised or who have problems. So I guess my only option with Visible, since I'm not getting any of the customer specialists emails and the regular support agents can't do anything the rest of us haven't already tried, is to go elsewhere.

Visible. Great marketing, poor delivery.

Not Recommendeddon't know - could never get it activatedtried for hours to chat- no response

Received the SIM next day as promised, but could not get the phone to activate. Tried to chat for help for hours... no response whatsoever. Gave up and went to Walmart for Straight Talk. Might cost more, but at least it works.

Not RecommendedOne size fits all unlimited pricingCall quality was spotty; customer service worse

It took me more than 24 hours to get my phone transferred to Visible; and that was with constant nagging to the customer support folks. Finally went through. But then, the quality of the phone service was not as advertised. Calls would drop abruptly; places that should have had service registered as "no service;" and more. Using the cell as my business phone, I did not have that luxury, so I've switched back to my old provider.

RecommendedSimilar to VerizonStill feeling it out

Customer service chat was pretty quick. Some good potential with this company

Not RecommendedPrice and ease of enrollment Without LTE you have no phone either.

Easy to switch to Visible but a nightmare to get your number back to another carrier if it doesn’t work for you. It took me 10 days and literally 14 hours on the phone and in chat with Visible and Verizon to get my number back from Visible.

RecommendedVerizon-like ServiceNone

The service was rough at the start, but since then, it's improved exponentially. The call quality is near perfect and you could easily compare the service to Verizon. Would definitely recommend this service to my friends and family.

RecommendedGood ServiceNot Compatible with Some Phones

I was really excited to switch from Verizon to Visible, but I found out, after waiting to get on the early access list, that my unlocked iPhone 7 wasn't compatible. Beware! According to developers, only some iPhone 7 models work with the service, so check beforehand!

Not RecommendedNonePoor Customer Service

Visible was unable to get my service working until after a week. This is too long for me. Wouldn't recommend.

RecommendedGreat ValueNo Tethering

The price is great, but there's no tethering, which is disappointing. Customer service is helpful and prompt. awesome coverage

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Visible FAQs

How do I switch to Visible?

Switching to Visible is smart, quick and simple. You don't have to buy a new phone, since you can bring your device to Visible. You can keep your old number. All you need to do is order a Visible SIM card and once you have that, you can switch your phone service in as little as 2-3 minutes.

Does Visible have network coverage in my area?

Visible is powered by Verizon, meaning you get the same nationwide 4G LTE coverage as you would if you signed up to Verizon directly.

Can I keep my phone number when I switch to Visible?

Yes! It's easy to port your existing phone number to Visible during the activation process.

Can I bring my phone to Visible?

Yes! Most unlocked smartphones that have a SIM card slot will work with Visible. If your phone is locked to a carrier you will need to contact your existing carrier to get it unlocked.

Is my device compatible with Visible?

You can check your devices compatibility on the Visible website before you signup.

Is there a contract or credit check with Visible?

No. Visible works on a prepaid month-to-month basis, meaning there is no credit check or commitment so you can switch carriers as often as you like.

Does Visible offer unlimited data plans?

Most people don't need unlimited data, the average person only used 2-5GB per month. Typically, it's better to choose a customized Visible plan and only pay for the data you actually use.

Does Visible offer family plans?

Visible plans are already extremely low-cost, so they do not offer further discounts for families.

How does Visible billing work?

Visible plans are prepaid with no contract. This means that you pay for 30 days when your plan starts, not afterwards. Visible allows AutoPay to ensure you automatically renew your plan every 30 days.

Can I share my Visible plan across multiple devices?

Additional lines can be added for $20 per line on all of Reach’s shared data plans. Up to 4 lines can exist on an account.

Does Visible allow tethering?

Yes, Visible allows tethering but it may depend on the plan you select, so you will need to check on the Visible website.

Does Visible offer international calling?

Yes, Visible includes calls to international countries, more information can be found on the Visible website before you sign up.

Does Visible have a refund policy?

Visible offer a refund within 7 days if you are not satisfied with the service. Be sure to check the full details on the Visible website.

Who should switch to Visible?

Visible are perfect for anyone that is looking to save money on their cell phone plan, without compromising on coverage. Whether you're a family, senior, student, cord cutter, business owner or just a savvy consumer, there's a customized plan suitable for everyone.

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Visible Network Specs

Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Contract:No - prepaid
Credit Check:No

Visible Company Info

Headquarters:1200 17th St., Denver, CO 80202
Employees:51 - 200
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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