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    Visible customer reviews & complaints

    Average Customer Rating116 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars30
    4 Stars11
    3 Stars8
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    Reviews of Visible in 2022

    Read 116 user reviews

    They lie, cut service, hours in chat and more

    Where do I start... My first order was unable to be processed because my shipping address was different from my billing address. I chatted with different agents over the course of weeks 25+ times before one agent felt such compassion for me that she called me and broke the rules in doing so. She advised me that although I was repeatedly promised a call back I would not receive one and I needed to open a new acct with a new email submit payment through PayPal.It worked and when I received my Samsung A51 phone it was invasive and would not allow me to disable BIXBY. When I tried to order an Apple phone they said I would have to open another account in order to purchase a second device. I told them that I would be without service and I was not willing to do that. I asked to port my number back to previous and they shut down my service and would not allow me to connect to que again.

    Slows down to unusable speeduring weekday evenings

    Good price but just not worth the headache of getting it to work when you really need it to.

    I love their unlimited data..it is truly unlimited

    They are great. I ported two numbers with just a little hiccup getting one of them activated. Couldn't validate my email, finally realized I needed to search visible in my emails to pull all them up and found most recent validation link..after that no problems. They are truly unlimited with no data throttling ever!! They always have depriortization but it is never a problem where I live. (Southwest suberbs of Minnesota). I can watch Netflix on hotspot with no problems. My data speed is always good on my phone..very very pleased with them. I came from first boost ( after dish took over and started throttling my data to 2g) and then Hello mobile (who said on their website they only depriortize after data cap on unlimited plan, nope, they throttle it to 2g ALL the time.). I recommend highly recommend this service if you don't live somewhere that depriortization will be an issue. :)


    I tried setting up an account with Visible and entered my email incorrectly. I got in contact with their costumer service and they told me there was nothing they could do to help me fix the incorrect email in my account, therefore I should return the device to them and start all over. I returned the package to them, they are still shcraging me for somehting that I don't have and everytime I try contatcing them about it I have to repeat the same story to everybody. I sepnd hrs on the computer trying to figure out the situation with them. Today a manger called me and said that she couldn't help me because she couldn't verify my informaiton ( reminder, Ive been tlakign to Visible about this since July 24th, everybody else was able to find my account but the MANAGER that called me today.....)

    Their rebate seems to be a scam

    I contacted Cust Svc about my two $200 rebates and they essentially told me it wasn't their responsibility because they had contracted with another company for the rebates. The only way I can contact customer service is on my phone. The web page link is dead.

    Great price Great service

    True unlimited data with hotspot tethering on Verizon's network and I'm only paying $25/month.

    Can't beat this deal.

    Switched from Verizon prepaid and can't tell a dif

    Visible Wireless has been great for me. It has worked flawlessly. I couldn't be happier.

    customer support can't read

    As existing member tried to purchase a new phone from Visible with $100 promo per their wording - "New or existing members who purchase a select device that is in the eligible device list will receive a $100 Prepaid Mastercard Virtual Account."

    Customer support keeps telling me new members only. Guess they can't read.

    Very frustrating support

    Absolutely worst experience ever, would rather have teeth pulled without novacaine

    Totally no service

    SIM only says “no service”, “no service”, “no service”

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