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    Visible Reviews

    Visible customer reviews & complaints

    Average Customer Rating116 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars30
    4 Stars11
    3 Stars8
    2 Stars10
    1 Star57
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    Reviews of Visible in 2022

    Read 116 user reviews

    Worst company in the history of companies.

    They will take your money every month exactly on time but they won't provide you with a service that you're paying for and then after 8 months of problems they give you a whole $15 credit worst company ever avoid it like the plague stay away from visible unless you want to be robbed every month.

    Get what you pay for

    Constant network issues. My voicemail hasn’t worked in a long time. When you try and get help it’s all typing , like a chat bot. No personal feel to it. Was a Verizon customer before this and never had issues. But they are expensive. May go with another carrier. Tired of this hit

    Customer Support can be useless

    Trying to get a 2nd phone activated on Visible. Our first bring your own didn't work with the SIM we ordered. Had to get another SIM and a couple hours texting with customer service before goodness. Bought a second phone directly from Visible. They can't get it to work with the SIM we bought from Amazon. Customer Service tries to help so many other customers concurrently that they can take 5 min to respond in a chat - and sometimes can't remember your situation so things must be repeated ....

    Awesome service for $40 unlimited on Verizon

    Unlimited everything on Verizon’s network what more can you ask for

    Low price comes with high cost

    When I first switched to Visible I found that my voicemail did not work. After several days of communicating back and forth, we finally got it to work. Just recently the same thing happened again. "We are unable to find the mailbox you are looking for". This cost me several important messages. I decided to go back to my original carrier. When you pay your bill, you are paying for the next month of service. Visible decided to terminate my service because I was going back to my original provider. I had already paid for the month of May but Visible terminated on May 8, 2021 because that was the end of my cycle. Visible has refused to refund the money I paid for the cycle beginning on May 8. They claim that my account is ineligible to receive a refund. So here I am paying for a service that I will never receive. I will be contacting the BBB and CFPB if Visible does not make this right.

    Price is good if you don't make phone calls

    I have been with them for 4 month with a party of 4 lines. Honestly speaking, do not sign up with this HORRIBLE carrier. This carrier has been giving me nightmare since day one. I bought the iPhone 12 pro max from them and I had issues starting with my first call (drop call). I, along with all other lines from different city with different devices, have experienced call issues that we have never had: drop calls, the other side can't hear me, call fails, white noises, and some other call issues that I didn't even know it was exist. This happens to all our 4 lines in various areas with different devices DAILY. Yes, I like the price but I can't stand not be able to make a phone call. Customer services? No hope. I am in the process of switching all 4 numbers to other carrier.

    Horrible experience. 0.5mbps is all I got.

    Offshore customer service. 60 to 80 minute wait times to just chat. At least 10 minutes between responses. Unable to resolve issues after two weeks. Claimed cell phone tower congestion. Total ripoff. Initiating chargeback through Discovery since these folks will not refund my money.

    Absolutely horrible!! Never again

    I was waiting on a return to be approved so i could cancel my loan & not be penalized for nonpayment. The phone was delivered back to Visible on Feb 18. It was never used. Never turned on. In perfect condition. Long story short, each time i spoke with someone, they assured me that I would be kept up to date and sent an email as confirmation. This never happened which is why I literally ended up calling every week just to see what the deal

    was. The first time, they told me they’d escalate the order, I was told the return for the phone had been approved and finally they told me everything was good to go and that they would call and cancel the loan for me and reminded me I’d get an email confirming all of this once we got off the phone. Well I never received an email so I had to call again the next day. I find out that the phone is still sitting in the warehouse since the 18 and at this point, its March 5. everything they said was a straight up lie. It’s been a complete nightmare!! I also told the loan company the deal and they’re saying I still gotta pay in the meantime until the return is finalized.

    I have done everything I’m supposed to do plus some. The customer service is a joke. They’re unprofessional. There’s nothing good about this company period. It seems like they’re just out trying to scam people. Stay away!!

    A Headache and not a value

    I signed up for Visible and have had to replace my SIM card five times in less than a year losing service for 48 hours at least each time. Visible customer service is contracted to an offshore call center and normal experience is 50+ people for live chat and 60 minute wait time is not unusual. I finally found out that Visible sold me a Motorola E 6 phone that has a well documented history of not recognizing SIM cards. Customer Service was not aware of this defect. On the margin, the $5 per month savings is not outweighed by the very poor customer experience

    Bad cell service - terrible customer service

    No hotspot so I was chatting with rep (no way to ever call them) She tried things for about an hour with no luck. Then she proceeded to tell me I need a new SIM card and they would send it out. What she failed to tell me is that they turned off the current one right after we closed the text chat. The text people were very sorry but No one at the text center can fix her mistake and turn my SIM back on. I am in the middle of a couple of business transactions with no phone.

    I asked for a copy of the text chat and they told me to get a subpoena

    I WOULD NOT recommend this company . Save a few bucks on Visible but how much wasted time and distress get I get for my money

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