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    Visible Reviews

    Visible customer reviews & complaints

    Average Customer Rating116 User Reviews
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    5 Stars30
    4 Stars11
    3 Stars8
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    Reviews of Visible in 2022

    Read 116 user reviews


    The service is absolutely awful, and is completely scratchy — if it works at all. I only had the phone a little over a week and sent it back. I discovered that i had absolutely no service when I drove to my school that is about 1 hour from where I live.

    The service is not the only thing that is INvisible. The customer service is because all you can do is chat online!!! This is an absolute waste of money and time. RUN AWAY QUICKLY.

    Like my dad always told me, if it sounds to good to be true, it usually is.

    I never received an iPhone I paid for.

    I purchased an I phone 12 pro max from Visable.They promised 24 hour delivery. It has been 10 days still no iPhone. I contact them and they refuse to send me the I phone and refuse to refund the money. They blame FedEx. I did not hire FedEx. If FedEx lost the phone Visible should make it right with me and file a claim with FedEx. I should not have to lose over 1200 dollars because their shipped cannot or will not deliver!

    Terrible experience with this company.

    I was without service for 3 days. Talked to countless people that came across very kind but ultimately could not solve my issues. After all of the back and forth they are insistent on keeping my money. My guess this is how they make money. Appears to be a total scam! Don’t sign up for their service. You can guarantee I’ll tell anyone I know to steer clear!!

    This cannot be an American company!

    Ordered my phone and received an email that my address was updated. Odd! So I reached out to Visible to confirm my address as there is no place to do so on their website. Customer service told me they answered all my questions and disconnected the chat. I haven't even received my phone. Of course, it was too good to be true. Please save your time and energy, go elsewhere!

    Visible did not accept my phone

    I do not know if anyone else had this problem but I have an old Verizon phone and a phone I brought from Verizon a year ago and I tried bring over both phone (the older Verizon phone about eight months ago & the new one a couple of days ago). Both times the website stated that my phones was not compatible and I would have to buy their phone. How is a Verizon phone not compatible with their service, if they are using Verizon signal. I feel they just want you to buy their phones. I gave a two star because the unlimited plan seems good, only if you could use their service.

    They lie about everything!

    Horrible phone service, lies from customer service, and they do not honor their advertised promotions. Please don't sign up with them!

    Throttled speeds, almost unusable.

    Is it a Verizon or Visible problem? Download speeds seemed capped at 5/mbs, that I understand, but upload speed??? Have yet to get anything over .1 /mbs and often I need to resend request for webpage as it times out.

    I live 15 miles from Seattle, using Pixel 3a and Visible service is almost none existent compared to my Tmobile service at same location with same phone.

    Unlimited data was the reason I switched, but because of the results, I'll be switching back after 1 month of pretty poor service.

    terrible website and customer service

    If I could leave zero stars I would! I just spent two days trying to place an order with visible for their phone while they put temporary holds on my card and said I needed to check the card information. I tried 3 different cards and couldn't place an order.

    There is no true customer service there! I was told by one of their chat representatives they would email within 24 hours and call me the next day. neither happened. Their chat representatives tried to tell me they don't put temporary holds on cards and I sent pictures on Instagram proving they did put 3 little holds on one of my cards so I know I have the numbers info entered correctly. I might not be so upset if they have not made an appointment to call me at a specific time and then didn't even have the decency to call me while I took off work to make sure I was there for their call. Why would ANYONE sign up and pay a company that is only going to give them grief?

    That's not something I will do. No matter how cheap they are.

    SHAME ON YOU VERIZON! For creating such a shoddy website and company and for disregarding people who are trying to pay you!

    Not enough room to explain.

    I’ve been in visible for about a year now and it doesn’t seem to get better, I’m in an area they say has amazing coverage but am constantly finding myself with one bar and my phone never loads anything if it does it takes about ten minutes, I think when I had cricket it was better than this. I’m severely disappointed with the false reviews and all this fake talk about it being a good company. If it was good they would have the reviews in the app they own not a separate one. I’ve tried to just get used to it and I’ve tried waiting it out or resetting my phone or going outside and no matter what it’s always one bar, even if it’s at two it’s still the same and does not work. The first month it was okay but after the first month it all went down hill.

    everything. their customer service sucks

    I ordered service and the phone I paid in full for the phone, then found out they would be switching to 5G by the end of the year this happened and late November. I only found this out because my phone that was supposed to show up in 2 days was not going to show up for 4. When I text message customer service because you can't call they told me I could simply refuse the phone and order another one. When I did as they asked I was unable to order another one cuz I found out afterwards that you can't order another phone until they receive the first one back and this could take 5 to 8 business days meanwhile because they ported my number my current carrier limited my service and I could no longer receive texts. I messaged visible customer service again and explain to them that I needed a phone, and I didn't care if it took a while for the credit on the first phone I could pay for a second phone. They told me to just create another account and order a second phone,this can't be done if your porting a number because the computer recognizes the same number and tells you to bugger off. I messaged customer service again explained it again and was assured that everything was fine and fixed and that I could order a phone. This happened at 11 p.m. at night so I didn't order a phone until the next morning I was already on with customer service for 2 hours at night and this had been My 6th call in to visible mobile. The representative I spoke to that time instructed me that a complaint into the better business bureau would expedite matters on my behalf and that he was going to personally make sure this went up the chain to corporate after reviewing all of my conversations with customer service. After I still wasn't getting the phone and we're over a week waiting for a phone that wasn't coming I was told by a manager that I could just continue to wait and suck it up. My other option is they could release the port request on my number but this would take an additional 24 to 48 hours to review. When I told him to release the port I got an email back saying they would not release the port because their system had mistakenly sent me a SIM card. I messaged into customer service one more time and ask them if the SIM card had a keypad so I could dial and make phone calls or if I was supposed to insert the SIM card into a candy bar since they would not send me a phone. I was once again contacted buy a manager this one claiming that he could fix the whole problem and that I should not have had to suffer through all of this nonsense. His resolution to me was no resolution at all the only thing they offered me after nearly 10 days of constant messaging back and forth with customer service was to actually release my port within the next few minutes. My port did not actually release for 3 days. I would avoid visible mobile at all costs I would pay twice as much not to use them.

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