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4G/5G data
Same coverage - massive savings!YOU SAVE:
Magenta - $70/mo
Unlimited Extra - $75/mo
Play More Unlimited - $80/mo
Monthly cost
Average monthly data usage is only between 3-5GB
Avg. user rating

    Visible SIM Cards

    Visible BYOP SIM kit

    Visible SIM Card - HorizontalVisible SIM Card - Vertical
    Customize your data plan
    $25*See Deal* $15 Off 1st Month
    Visible phone plans starting at $25/mo* - See Deals

    Visible prepaid SIM card

    Visible SIM card description

    • Coverage provided by its parent company, Verizon Wireless
    • Prepaid - no contract, credit check, or activation fee
    • Bring your own compatible device or buy a Visible phone
    • Keep your phone number
    • Mobile hotspot/tethering supported
    • No international use supported
    • Customer support available by chat 7am to 12am EST weekdays and 10am to 10pm weekends, and by phone by request
    See Deal
    Visible SIM Card - Visible Unlimited SIM cardVisible SIM Card - Visible Unlimited SIM card
    $25** $15 Off 1st Month
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    Visible features

    Data Speed5G & 4G LTE
    3G NetworkCDMA
    Mobile Hotspot
    Bring Your Phone
    Keep Your Number
    Credit Check
    Customer Service24/7
    Money Back Guarantee
    ContractNo - prepaid
    Taxes/fees included
    WiFi Calling
    Visual Voicemail
    Multi-line Discounts
    Multi-month Discounts
    International Calls
    International Roaming

    Visible compatible phones

    As Visible runs on the Verizon network their SIM cards are compatible with CDMA phones. If you're not sure if your phone is compatible you can use our IMEI checker.

    Most of the latest phones use both the GSM and CDMA technology.

    Phone compatibility checker
    Dial *#06# on your phone to access IMEI

    Visible coverage

    Visible is powered by the Verizon network, offering you access to their nationwide 4G LTE network and 5G where available.

    Whether you're new to or have used them before, you can check cell phone coverage in your area using your ZIP code.

    Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your Area

    Visible SIM card data plans

    Visible Unlimited DataVerizonUnltdUnltdUnltd$25** $15 Off 1st Month

    How do Visible plans compare?

    US MobileVerizon & T-MobileUnltdUnltd5GB$15* Free 10 Day Trial
    US MobileVerizon & T-MobileUnltdUnltd12GB$20* Free 10 Day Trial
    VisibleVerizonUnltdUnltdUnltd$25** $15 Off 1st Month
    Red PocketAT&T, Verizon & T-MobileUnltdUnltd100GB$50
    US MobileVerizon & T-MobileUnltdUnltd18GB$25* Free 10 Day Trial

    Visible SIM card benefits

    There's a number of benefits when buying a SIM card kit with Visible;

    • Prepaid: all plans are prepaid, so you can pick the features you want and pay upfront each month.
    • Same coverage: operating on one of the three major networks, you'll get the same quality coverage.
    • Keep your own phone: they make it easy to bring your own phone so you don't have to spend money upgrading to the latest handset, unless you want to.
    • Low cost plans: saving you up to $600 a year on your phone bill. Offering all the same features, but with half price plans.
    • Easy to switch: simply wait for your SIM kit to arrive, pop your new SIM into your phone and you'll be up and running, all within a few days.

    Visible SIM card activation

    It's easy to bring your own phone to a cheaper carrier:

    1. Order the Visible SIM starter kit online
    2. Replace the SIM card in your phone and follow the activation process
    3. If you're looking to transfer your phone number, this can take up to 24 hours

    Visible SIM card FAQs

    How much is a Visible SIM card?

    There's a variety of cell phone plans available to suit all budgets, with prices between $25 - $40.

    Where can I buy a Visible SIM card?

    One of the reasons low-cost carriers can pass on savings to you is because they are online only and don't have any physical stores. You can purchase a Visible SIM card online.

    What phones are compatible with Visible SIM card?

    Most unlocked phones are compatible with Visible SIM cards. If you're not sure you can check your phone compatibility.

    Can I bring my own phone to Visible?

    Yes. You can bring your own phone to Visible and they're compatible with most unlocked phones. You can check phone compatibility on the carrier site prior to ordering.

    What is Visible SIM card starter kit?

    Your Visible SIM card starter kit includes everything you need to switch over. Pick your plan, order online, and it's delivered straight to your door. Follow the instructions to activate your new plan.

    Visible info

    Headquarters1200 17th St., Denver, CO 80202
    Employees51 - 200
    Customer service

    Visible customer reviews

    Average Customer Rating92 User Reviews
    User Rating Distribution
    5 Stars15
    4 Stars9
    3 Stars6
    2 Stars9
    1 Star53
    0 Stars0

    Don't Make My Mistake!

    This Company is some type of unethical trick/switch-bait by the worst of the worst at Verizon (can you hear me now Verizon?) They pull the customer (me, not so smart) by enticing them with low promo prices like their $25 per line per month so that fathers who aren't very smart (me) think that it would be a good idea to switch their whole family to Visible/scam!

    First, they sell you a very mediocre phone at a very unfair price, then they promise you some gift card, which will never show up, then you will wait one week for the phones to arrive (24 hours/next day FedEx of a bigger lie!), then if you have purchased insurance, it might take even longer than one week for you to get a replacement, because you will have to deal with Visible Non-Existant Customer Service of a Joke!

    So go ahead and make the same mistake I've made!

    Slowest cellphone I''ve EVER had.

    My first flip phone with access to the web was 20 times faster than this piece of junk. DO NOT get this service.

    No phones, chat only, long wait times unreasonable

    Spent over an hour chatting to return defective out of the box phone. Wont let me order a new phone at my expense for 30 days. Have to wait 4 days for return instructions

    They try to rip you off in the long run.

    I had dropped calls and my internet was slow

    Frustrating poor access

    My wife has Verizon, I have visible. She gets great speeds and most importantly ping speeds, I get 10% less in cities. We travel with our RV and I get zero service while she gets great service. As I write this we are streaming TV on her phone and I have ZERO access.

    IT’S NOT WORTH THE $25!!!


    Signed up...said my phone would not work. Free swap out for their Moto G Pure.

    Got their phone 3 days later. Was charged $140 for it...they added this amount to my first month payment of $25...NOT APPROVED by me. It promised it would be FREE.

    Contacted customer service...WHAT A JOKE!

    Data signal was all over the place, never steady. SUPER SLOW compared to Cricket.

    Contacted customer service...WHAT A JOKE!

    It simply wasn't useable.

    Tried putting their sim card in my old phone just to see what happens. Worked perfectly...they LIED about my phone being incompatible. Then scammed me for $140 for a truly AWFUL phone.

    I returned their phone.

    Took 4 weeks to get my money for it back.

    Customer service....is simply pointless. They hired the most uneducated and incompetent people I've ever dealt with. I say this because they can't even read the script they use to "help" you. You can't talk with anyone. It's a TOTAL FAILURE!

    Nine times I had to contact them for the 3 days service I ended up only getting for a months payment.o


    What a ripoff!

    They took my money and my phone number, sent me a defective phone, and now refuse to refund my money for service I never received.

    Awful. DO NOT Switch!!!! Not worth the money.

    Terrible from the start. They had to cancel my first account I made. But they stole that credit card info and have been charging me from two accounts, even after I cancelled service. Now they are refusing to refund my money they have taken.

    The perfect plan

    Everyone should really try out Visible. They have unlimited everything for just 25/mo. Excellent coverage and great quality on the phone.

    Read EVERYTHING before you buy! Unscrupulous!

    Buyer beware! I thought I did my homework when I made the decision to sign up for Visible. However, moments after my deposit was processed, I discovered they couldn’t support my Series 3 Apple Watch. I immediately contacted customer

    support, and a very kind person helped me cancel. What she failed to tell me is that my money would not be refunded! They may not be illegal, but unscrupulous comes to mind! Wonder what other policies are buried???

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    CDMA Compatibility
    LTE Compatibility
    5G Compatibility
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