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Wing Reviews & Ratings

Wing customer ratings in 2021

Average Customer Rating26 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars13
4 Stars1
3 Stars4
2 Stars1
1 Star7
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Read 26 Wing user reviews

One of the worst company ever

This company is the worst from not porting the phone correctly to the people lies after lie to the cutting services when the due date isn't even close then you have automatic payments and they still mess it not to mention the all day just to get the phone back on when it's they fault. The best thing I ever did was leave this mess and hold them accountable for their actions.

Customer service

Company has nothing but liars for employees. They say one thing but does another thing entirely. They also hold your phone number hostage.

Service, low cost

Going from AT&T to Wing was the best financial decision I ever made.

Customer support, great service

I'm saving over $100 every month with Wing Alpha. While it sounds too good to be true, it really is true! Amazing service, customer support goes above and beyond. Try it, you won't regret it!

Customer service

Wing has the best customer service you'll ever find! I was originally paying $100 for Verizon service every month for a single line and mediocre customer service. I found out about Wing thanks to a YouTuber so I gave them a try. Oh man are these guys great! They make Verizon look like the loan sharks from a mafia! They handled everything professionally. They smoothly switched me over. I will say it time and time again: no one can outdo Wing's customer service! You'll talk to an actual person who gives a s*** about your issues. You can even text them and they respond quick as hell! I couldn't be happier with Wing.

Customer service

Wing's customer service is fantastic but that's where it ends. Unfortunately, their service doesn't work for me. Data is so slow that it takes anything forever to load. A video, a Reddit post, anything.

Cheaper monthly bill

Been with Wing for only three months but so far I really like the service.

Network is weak

Wing has really weak service in my area. Sure they may have good customer service, but it doesn't matter if the actual service doesn't work.

Cheap, friendly support

You won't regret Wing's service! There aren't enough positive things to say about Wing. It's so much cheaper than the last carrier I had, T-Mobile, and the service is just as good if not better. Don't even have a single bad thing to say about them!


Its cheap but I've had a lot of outages while traveling. It also took well over two weeks to even get my phone. Don't use Wing unless you're looking for heartache.

Helpful support, pricing

Easy choice when you're thinking of switching! Excellent prices and fantastic customer service!


Been w/wing for 2 months and have no issues at all.


Consider giving Wing a try!! Super friendly and they are extremely helpful. I got to even keep my phone and phone # - the process to port was painless! They even have better pricing!


Wing has nothing but a bunch of liars and crooks out to take a customer's hard-earned money. They promise you one thing but turn around and do a completely different thing. They charged me for service that I wasn't even able to use! Some company!


I'm sorry but Wing has such bad customer service.


They have horrible customer services. They ignored me sometimes they don’t reply for 2 weeks. If you don’t get unlimited they will find a way to use your data so you have to buy more. They gave the insurance company the wrong information about what iPhone I have so when we lost it they sent me a way older model. They even have the nerve to blame me for giving them the wrong info. Keep in mind I had to send them my IMEI number when I first join along with my final bill from AtT. I never write reviews but I this is the worst experience I had with a cell phone company.

Lying, customer service horrible

I sign up with wing October 23, 2019 and let April 30, 2020. It does not take 10 minutes to set up phone. It takes forever to get your issue take care with customer service. I let wing because the at&t tower stop service the wing after you go over 30 for data. I had the unlimited plan. I had at&t phone and wanted me to get tmobile sim card. I went and got one for tmobile and still didn't work. They said send me one but would take me 3 days to get it. I was without phone for at least 2 days already. NEVER GO TO CHEAP CELL PHONE SERVICES AGAIN. Once I got a new services and phone. They wouldn't let me bring my old phone number either. Horrible experience of my life.


Was going to transfer my phone. Stayed on the phone with them for 2 hour changed 3 different people. It became 6oclock .That was it. They had already taken my money off my card . And I still don't have phone service with them. So they stole my money sorry business

Not much. Easy to switch over to them

Lie to get you to switch. After 30 days I had enough and wanted back to my old carrier. Made me jump through hoops and make a full months payment even though I was switching back to old supplier. Threatened to disconnect my service. Don’t waste your time. Not worth the aggravation.

Customer Service

Was on hold with the company once for 50 minutes and the next day for an hour adn 6 minutes, and bith phonecalls just finished by them disconnecting me. NOBODY SHOULD EVER USE THEM!!

Easy sign-up. Reasonable price.

We have been with wing for 1 year now. no problems what so ever.

I even tried them

I'm having to file a civil suit and I'm hoping that the federal trade commission does a class action lawsuits against em for violating consumer protection rights

Just wow!!! I used 147GB hotspot in one night.

Overall been excellent. Been losing data every so ofyen bit they seem to get it right back on.

Impressive customer service

A+ cellular service and CS is super helpful! I needed help porting over my phone number - they fixed it in no time flat!

Great price, great customer service

Wing runs on Sprint's network, which is pretty weak compared to the others, but makes up for it with low prices and fantastic customer service. Would recommend.

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Wing Network Specs

Network:T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T
Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:No
WiFi Calling:Yes
Visual Voicemail:Yes
Multi-line Discounts:Yes
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:Yes

Wing Company Info

Headquarters:55 Broadway, New York, NY 10006
Customer Service:(888) 800-9921
Support:Email Support
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter
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