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Yahoo Mobile Reviews in 2021

Yahoo Mobile customer service ratings

yahoo! Mobile
Average Customer Rating 14 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars 0
4 Stars 0
3 Stars 1
2 Stars 2
1 Star 11
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Read 14 Yahoo Mobile user reviews

Constantly needing to spend time with support

... in order for them to "reprovision the service" to get basic phone calls or hotspot to work. Huge quality problems in their backend service, it really is unbelievably bad

Very inconsistent text receiving when sending to f

Half the time you send a text it never gets to the recipient. Cant Facebook video messenger without phone being connected to another wifi source. The ZTE Blade b 40 phone is so slow

If I could rate a -1, I would. Stay away.

Chat room staff said activation button not working so Yahoo Mobilr would activate manually "overnight". They disconnected Verizon, billed for Yahoo Mobile & did not activate Yahoo Mobile. Unable to activate. Terrible customer service. Cannot talk to supervisor in chat. Promised 2 hr callback, waited 5 hrs, now mid night, finally call in am. Supervisor to email in hour with return ticket to return new phone, never received. Later in day entered chat to follow up, got run around. Told would get call between 730pm and 8am. Stay away. Staff are scripted, rude, poor customer service. Give "pat answers". Make you feel like you are just a number. Initially when phone not activated, I was advised would be escalated and to expect 3-5 days fir corrections. Stay Away. RUN!

Avoid it unless you really like frustration.

I spent a week just trying to activate the service, and the only help they offer is through chat...no phone number, no email communication even. The chat window itself is often blocked on their own website and inaccessible. After numerous frustrating chat sessions, I finally gave up and requested a return. Turns out their mobile app you activate through is screwed up. They informed me I'd have to get the phone back to them within the 14 day window from when they shipped the phone and etc to me, which meant I was already 7 days down, and they'd email the return label to my yahoo email address. After 2 days of no return label email, I sent the phone back using the phone swap shipping label they included with my new phone and disputed the yahoo mobile charge with my credit card company. The email with the return label finally showed up after 4 days. Repeat: it took them 4 DAYS to email me a return shipping label! I've had no contact from them since (almost two weeks later) and they still haven't cancelled my account. So, long story short, they suck. It's amateur hour. The phone was buggy, the mobile app is buggy, their website is buggy and a buggy chat is your only communication option with them. Just avoid them like the plague.

no good for data

i never got mobile data speeds higher than .79 mb down. when i cancelled they said i used the service to much to get a refund of the monthly fee. i had the phone about 8 days and didnt have service for 4 of those days. It is straight up fraud and theft

Service is terrible. Just use Visible.

Customer service is great but why should you get a service that requires you to talk to customer support 10 times a month.

Run from this. You don’t get phone support

No help unless in chat. No additional features I didn’t realize until i switched. After having my phone stolen I got no help trying to find the account number to switch carriers. Finally found the info after 3 hours search

Do not get yahoo mobile

If I could give 0 stars I would. The service was fine for months, but then randomly wouldn’t work anymore. The customer service was the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. After days of troubleshooting they said my phone was compatible and insisted it wasn’t compatible. I have an iPhone 11. They’re barely on the 12. I used their website to check my phones compatibility and guess what? It’s compatible. It’s like they didn’t even try to look at my account. I spoke to somebody after that who WAS able to get my so called non compatible phone to work again. But then the same issue happened just a couple days later. I rage quit and went to Verizon’s other service visible. Hoping to have better luck with this. But please do not go with yahoo mobile. You will regret it.

Thought it would have a stronger signal.

Doesn't seem much better than my Metro PCS coverage


They charged me twice for a phone and plan but didn’t process the order, so never sent me a phone. Locked my number in so I couldn’t go to any other providers. Customer service is a merry go round to nowhere. It’s absolute insanity. This phone company will fail solely based on their website and app not being functional.

yahoo! Mobile pros and cons


  • Unlimited LTE data

  • Mobile hotspot usage


  • Data speeds may be slower in times of traffic

  • Restricted to Verizon's 4G LTE network

yahoo! Mobile cell phone plans

yahoo! Mobile Specs





Bring Your Phone:


Keep Your Number:








Taxes/fees included:




WiFi Calling:


Visual Voicemail:


Multi-line Discounts:


Multi-month Discounts:


International Roaming:


yahoo! Mobile FAQs

What is yahoo! Mobile?

yahoo! Mobile is an MVNO that offers cheap prepaid cell phone plans.

Is any good?

If you're looking for cheap cell phone service without compromising coverage, yahoo! Mobile will help you cut your phone bill significantly.

What cell towers does yahoo! Mobile use?

yahoo! Mobile operates on the nationwide Verizon 4G LTE & 5G network.

How much does yahoo! Mobile cost?

yahoo! Mobile offers a range of cheap cell phone plans starting at - per month.

yahoo! Mobile Info



Customer Service:

(866) 562-7219


Go to Website

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