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Alarm SIM Card

Alarm SIM card bring your own phone plans

Nationwide Coverage4G LTE Data SpeedKeep Your Device & NumberNo Contract
Best T-Mobile Plan
0GB LTE Data
$0* per month
Powered by:T-Mobile

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* $20 Off for 6 Months

Best Sprint Plan
1GB LTE Data
$10 per month
Powered by:Sprint

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Best Verizon Plan
3GB LTE Data
$15* per month
Powered by:Verizon

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* 25% Off for 6 Months

Best AT&T Plan
4GB LTE Data
$18.75* per month
Powered by:AT&T

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* 25% Off for 3 Months

Starting at$10
Powered by:Sprint
500MB Data Only000.5GB$5
1GB Data Only001GB$6
2GB Data Only002GB$10
4GB Data Only004GB$15
6GB Data Only006GB$20
8GB Data Only008GB$25
Unlimited Data Only00Unlimited$39

US Mobile SIM Card

Free Starter Kit with code: MSPUSM
US Mobile
Starting at$10
Powered by:VerizonT-Mobile
100MB Data Only000.1GB$2
500MB Data Only000.5GB$5
1.5GB Data Only002GB$10
3GB Data Only003GB$15
5GB Data Only005GB$20
8GB Data Only008GB$26
Red Pocket Mobile
Starting at$10
Powered by:AT&TSprintT-MobileVerizon
1GB Data Only001GB$10
5GB Data Only005GB$25
20GB Data Only0020GB$40

Ting SIM Card

* $20 Off for 6 Months
Starting at$16*
Powered by:SprintT-MobileVerizon
1GB Data Only001GB$2*
2GB Data Only002GB$6*
3GB Data Only003GB$16*
4GB Data Only004GB$26*
5GB Data Only005GB$36*

h2o Wireless SIM Card

* 25% Off for 3 Months
h2o Wireless
Starting at$45*
Powered by:AT&T
Unlimited Data Only00Unlimited$45*

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Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your Area

Prepaid Alarm Plans

If you're looking for a way to monitor your home from anywhere, invest in a smart security system. You can get a home security alarm that works in conjunction with your smartphone to make keeping an eye on your place easy.

Whether you'd like a security system for staying safe on occasion or around the clock, you'll have everything you need to make sure your home is secure once it's connected and ready to go.

You may need a SIM card to achieve this complete connectivity, so learn more about this handy tool below to keep your family safe and sound.

Switch & Save $600/yr - Calculate Your Savings

What is a SIM Card?

A SIM card, which stands for Subscriber Identity Module, is a small chip you insert into a device to connect it to a cellular network. Because a SIM card will work in a similar way for an alarm system as a mobile phone, utilize one in your security system to let it function as a communication device.

You can use a GSM SIM card, which is a part of the GSM network, to join a cellular network by sliding it into the SIM card slot on your alarm system. Given that the GSM SIM card runs on the GSM network, you'll have the choice between a 2G, 3G, and 4G network, where you'll pay a monthly fee to connect your alarm system and portable devices.

Alarm Systems SIM

If you need to connect your alarm system to a cellular network in the same way you would your mobile phone, you'll need to buy a SIM card and pay a monthly fee for this service. SIM cards can do more than store your phone number, for they also hold information about your mobile carrier, contract and more.

Whether you opt for a prepaid SIM card or one with a plan, your alarm system will be able to function on your cellular network by using this technology. You'll need an alarm system SIM card to get the most out of your alarm kit, so think of these devices like mobile phones when creating a wireless home security system your family can depend on.

Once you activate your alarm system SIM card and insert it into your device, you'll have a security system connected to the internet. This type of wireless burglar alarm can use tools like a motion sensor, smoke detector, security camera or more to surveil your property.

With the guarantee of an alarm system that's running at all times, you'll feel comfortable knowing that your burglar alarm can use features like a motion detector to notify you of any issues. You can use an alarm system that will send a text message or one that works off of data to give you updates, so these easy-to-use features will be ready to go once you connect it with a SIM card.

Smart Device SIM

Because SIM cards enable features like talk, text, and data for other devices, you can use them to connect your smartwatch, GPS tracker, tablet and more.

You'll often need a service provider to enjoy the highest level of connectivity across all of your devices, so, once you choose a carrier like the T-Mobile network, you can work out an affordable monthly plan that fits your alarm system and other electronics.

With an alarm system that's armed and connected 24/7, you'll feel safe and sound, so shop brands, products and pricing to find the right one for you.

Michelle McLean

Michelle McLean

Prepaid SIM Card Comparison

Switch & Save $600/yr - Calculate Your Savings