AT&T vs T-Mobile

People are constantly battered with television commercials and advertisements of the rivalries between the major cell phone carriers in the United States. With so many factors to contend with such as cost, coverage, customer service, and plan offerings, it can be difficult to determine which cell phone plan is right for you.

AT&T vs T-Mobile

I have evaluated the different aspects of T-Mobile and AT&T's cell phone plans to help you measure who is the victor. Let's begin with an overview of AT&T.

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AT&T vs T-Mobile

AT&T Overview

AT&T boasts the second largest subscriber base in the nation. The wireless service is home to 131.8 million subscribers as of the second quarter of 2016, according to Strategy Analytics. Why have so many migrated to AT&T? For one, AT&T offers a solid network, which is considered 50 percent faster than 4G LTE2.

AT&T also offers the latest phones in its smartphone arsenal on top of shareable plans. The plans are considered a little more expensive compared to the typical wireless carrier, but the service does offer an unlimited plan (with a catch).

To top it all off, AT&T's customer service is also fantastic, sitting at an ACSI score of 71. This score, however, falls a little short of T-Mobile's score of 74.

How much will AT&T pay to switch?

AT&T will offer you up to $650 per line via an AT&T Promotion prepaid debit card.

The value of your AT&T Promotion Visa Prepaid Card will be determined by your previous carrier's Early Termination Fee or the device payment plan balance at the time of your termination.

To obtain a card, you simply need to purchase a new smartphone on AT&T Next - which allows you to purchase a phone with $0 down - and activate a new line. After activation, you can port your number to AT&T, trade in your old smartphone, and send the provider your final bill.

T-Mobile Overview

T-Mobile provides an extensive network, featuring the fastest LTE available, for its customers. Unfortunately, the service does not exactly work quite well in rural areas, which can be considered a major disadvantage for potential customers.

T-Mobile also carries a wide array of phones, including the latest and greatest. These devices complement its plans, which range from prepaid to unlimited. Even though it's a good idea to adopt T-Mobile's ONE unlimited plan, you can certainly take advantage of T-Mobile's Music Freedom and Binge On features that are embedded into its other plans.

And T-Mobile's customer service? It's considered the best in the industry, boasting an ACSI score of 74, a full three points higher than AT&T's score. Not only is the customer support network solid, but so isn't its loyalty programs.

How much will T-Mobile pay to switch?

Similar to AT&T, T-Mobile will offer up to $650 per line (up to 12 lines) via prepaid MasterCard. If you're worried about the early termination fees or a remaining phone balance, don't worry - T-Mobile has got your back.

That being said, T-Mobile may have some unique exclusions to its deal. For instance, the iPhone 7 trade-up offer is ineligible for the promotion.

AT&T vs T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile or AT&T; which would win in a battle of the phone plans? Each wireless carrier has their advantages and advantages, but in the case of "AT&T vs T-Mobile plans," one will clearly topple over the other.

AT&T Cell Phone Plans

AT&T's cell phone plans are quite standard. These plans are deemed "Mobile Share Advantage," which features no overage fees whatsoever. This means you will experience reduced speeds once your high-speed your selected high-speed data amounts have been exceeded.

Mobile Share Advantage plans range from 1GB of data to 100GB of data, which can be shared among all family members.

AT&T also offers a GoPhone prepaid service, which ranges from no data package to 8GB of high-speed data. You can also purchase a certain amount of minutes or data for a fee per day or even per minute, which is quite unique to AT&T's service.

And if you do not mind purchasing a DIRECTV or U-verse TV package, then you'll be able to opt for an unlimited cell phone plan, which grants you unlimited talk, text, and data. It's important to note that AT&T may very well slow your data speeds after 22GB of usage.

T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans

T-Mobile cell phone plans come in three types: T-Mobile ONE, Prepaid Plans, and Other Plans.

The most enticing plan is T-Mobile's ONE, which features unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data. Similar to AT&T, T-Mobile may face a limit. After all, those who consume more than 28GB per month will encounter reduced data speeds during congestion periods. Additionally, with the basic ONE plan, you'll be only able to stream videos at up to 480p (DVD quality), games at up to 2Mbps, and music at 500kpbs. However, you can upgrade to T-Mobile ONE Plus for an additional fee, which lets you stream HD video and better quality music and gaming. For an even higher fee, you can add international perks to the ONE Plus plan.

Fortunately, if that becomes a tad too pricey for you, you can save a few extra dollars per month per line utilizing the AutoPay feature.

Of course, if T-Mobile's ONE is not for you, you can take advantage of T-Mobile's prepaid cell phone plans or Simple Choice plans.

In regards to prepaid cell phone plans, you can browse individual monthly plans, pay as you go plans, family monthly plans, mobile internet plans, and the international tourist plan. Individual prepaid lines run from 3GB to 10GB of 4G LTE data. With family plans, you'll receive up to 2GB per line.

And with Simple Choice plans, you'll be able to enjoy unlimited music and video (with select services), face no overage fees, and make unlimited calls and send unlimited texts to and from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Simple Choice plans range only from 2GB to 10GB of data, which is smaller compared to what AT&T offers.

So in the case of T-Mobile vs AT&T, who takes the point? I would have to go with T-Mobile here. Plans are far more affordable, and you can adopt an unlimited plan with no strings attached.

at&t vs t-mobile family plans

T-Mobile vs AT&T Family Plans

Family is important, whether or not they are by blood. One way for families to bond together is by adopting a family cell phone plan together. But between AT&T and T-Mobile, which is more affordable? Which carrier boasts more features? In the category of "AT&T vs T-Mobile family plans," it's a tough call, but one edges out over the other.

T-Mobile Family Plans

T-Mobile places a heavy emphasis on family. For one, T-Mobile grants its customers the ability to add more than nine lines to its T-Mobile ONE plan.

Furthermore, T-Mobile also offers family monthly prepaid plans, complete with multi-line discounts. For every line you add, each family member will receive up to 2GB of 4G LTE data. These prepaid plans come with Binge On unlimited service and Music Freedom unlimited streaming service. The first line is the most expensive and the second line is a little less expensive, but additional lines are considered quite cheap.

T-Mobile also provides families with Simple Choice plans, which also includes Music Freedom and Binge On. Data ranges from 2GB to 10GB, but it's important to stress that T-Mobile ONE is cheaper if you want more than 6GB of data per line.

AT&T Family Plans

With Mobile Share Advantage you can add lines to AT&T's plans for a certain fee (dependent on the device). And if you're not a fan of Mobile Share Advantage, you can always save money with the Multi-Line Discount on prepaid plans. For the second device, you will save only a few dollars, but for the third, you save a bit more, and so on and so forth.

So when it comes to family plans, which carrier comes out on top: AT&T or T-Mobile? While AT&T allows you to add lines to its unlimited plan, it's still a bit more costly, especially when you factor in DIRECTV or U-verse service. However, you can also receive a lot more data through the Mobile Share Advantage plans. That being said, I would have to give the "family plan" award to T-Mobile. It's more affordable, overall, especially when you consider T-Mobile's ONE plan.

T-Mobile vs AT&T Coverage

When it comes to coverage, which is on top: T-Mobile or AT&T? After all, you need coverage in order to make calls or use your data. And there are plenty of instances where you may need both. Lost in a desert? You will need your GPS, which requires data.

T-Mobile Coverage

T-Mobile is incredibly strong and reliable if you live in an urban area. In fact, you'll be thrilled to have the fastest 4G LTE speed if you happen to live in such an area.

On the other hand, if you live in a rural area, you may receive abysmal coverage from T-Mobile.

AT&T Coverage

AT&T's coverage is solid. It may not be as fantastic as Verizon, but it covers a lot of locations in the nation. In fact, it reaches hundreds of millions of people in both the United States and Mexico. It's rather impressive, admittedly.

Though AT&T's speed is slightly slower compared to T-Mobile, AT&T's coverage is more extensive. AT&T is the winner here.

T-Mobile vs AT&T Customer Service

According to American Express survey provided by HelpScout, 78 percent of consumers "have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience."

That can hurt a business a lot. Furthermore, only 4 percent of dissatisfied customers vocalize their poor experience with a business.

So which provider - T-Mobile or AT&T - has better customer service that is least likely to turn people away?

T-Mobile Customer Service

Referring to its ACSI score, T-Mobile has the highest score in the wireless industry, with 74. It shows, too! The customer service is knowledgeable and will do all that they can to ensure that the customer is happy. Furthermore, T-Mobile offers a couple of fantastic loyalty programs that include free goodies every Tuesday.

AT&T Customer Service

AT&T's ACSI score is not too far behind T-Mobile - it sits at 71. The service is solid, with many representatives doing what they can to ensure that the customer is happy. There are various outlets that you can take advantage of to contact AT&T: FAQs, chatbox, phone, social media, or community forums.

Similar to T-Mobile, AT&T offers a loyalty program that allows you to save money on items such as tickets.

Due to the ACSI score, I would have to choose T-Mobile as the better between the two in customer service, though AT&T isn't that far behind.

AT&T vs T-Mobile: Which Is Better?

After analyzing the most important elements of the two competitors, I've come to the conclusion that T-Mobile is the best cell phone plan between AT&T and T-Mobile. T-Mobile boasts a greater customer service score, an unlimited plan with no strings attached, and faster LTE speed. That being said, AT&T doesn't fall too far behind, offering better coverage compared to T-Mobile.

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