• Monthly Price: $0-24.99
  • Data: 0.5-2GB
  • Minutes: 200-
  • Texts: 500-Unlimited
  • Pros
  • Offers a 100% free plan
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Cons
  • Doesn't offer the latest phones
  • Minimal customer service

FreedomPop Cell Phone Plans

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Cell phones have revolutionized the way we access online resources. While the convenience is beneficial, it also comes with a hefty cost. J.D. Power reports that the average person spends $73 on cell phone service, and this doesn't factor in smartphone usage. With smartphone usage, including plans, phone financing, and insurance, these costs rocket upwards of $140 a month.

Luckily, FreedomPop is a low-cost alternative that stands as an excellent cell phone carrier for the budget-friendly consumer. Founded in 2012, FreedomPop's goal of ensuring everyone is able to connect has drawn telecom and web entrepreneurs to join its team. Building off this foundation, it raised over $109 million in funding capital, illustrating a high level of confidence from investment firms.

FreedomPop Phone Plans

Package DataMonthly Price
100% free plan 0.5 GB$0
BYOD: 100% Free Talk, Text and Data 0.5 GB$0
Unlimited Talk & Text with 500MB data 0.5 GB$10.99
Unlimited Talk & Text with 1Gb data 1 GB$19.99
Unlimited Talk & Text with 2GB data 2 GB$24.99

At first glance, what FreedomPop offers stands out amongst the competitors in the cell phone industry. It offers cell phone plans that rival even the cheapest of cell phone plans to meet any budget, going so far as to offer the world's first free cell phone plan.

Similar to other providers, FreedomPop has a healthy selection of phone plans available. Each of its plans is contract free, meaning you don't have to commit to service for a specified period. Moreover, their prepaid cell phone plans allow you to switch or cancel at any time. Below is a look at each plan, its highlights, and costs:

  • Basic 500: This is FreedomPop's free plan, where you receive 200 minutes of talk, 500 text messages, and 500MB of data access. The plan is perfect if you use your cell phone sparingly.
  • Premium 500: For $10.99 monthly, you receive unlimited talk and text. Concerning data use, the plan offers the same 500mb offered on the basic plan. If you require more data, consider taking advantage of all your local WiFi hotspots at coffee shops, libraries and more.
  • Premium 1 GB: As demonstrated by its name, the plan gives you 1GB of data with unlimited talk and text for $19.99 monthly.
  • Premium 2GB: With a price of $24.99, you receive unlimited talk, text and 2GB of data. To compare, Verizon's cell phone plans include a 2GB plan for $35 per month plus tax.
  • Premium 3GB: You have access to 3GB of data, unlimited text and talk for $29.99 a month.
  • Premium 4GB: You receive unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of data for the low price of $34.99 monthly.
  • Unlimited 2GB: This is the only unlimited cell phone plan offered by FreedomPop, which falls short of the true unlimited data plans. With it, you receive 2GB of 4G LTE speed. After, you still have access to the Internet, but the speed throttles down. You also receive unlimited text and talk for $29.99 monthly.

Overall, what you will find is its affordability across the board is unmatched.

FreedomPop Phone Selection

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What makes FreedomPop enticing is it offers the most popular smartphones. When you browse online for FreedomPop phones, you'll find everything from the Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy models and more. If you don't mind having older models, you can save even more money, as it offers discounts as high as 50 percent.

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FreedomPop is versatile in that you can bring your unlocked phone with you and keep your number. To see if you qualify, you need to visit its website then click on the activate here link located at the top of the website. It will ask you for your device's MEID or ICCID. You can find this in the about section on your phone. It also requires you to enter your email address to validate. To find out how to unlock your phone, you can check out our handy guide.

Due to its huge selection of smartphones and its ability to transfer yours, you can save money when switching. Best of all, because you don't finance its phones, you won't increase your monthly bill. Yes, the initial charge can be steep for a new phone, but you should consider how much you save monthly through FreedomPop as well.

Coverage & Deals

FreedomPop offers nationwide 4G LTE coverage. You can access its coverage map by visiting its website and scrolling towards the bottom of the home page. You can also check service availability by entering your ZIP code and email address on its homepage.

As noted above, FreedomPop offers deals on some its smartphones, where you can receive up to 50 percent off the retail price. It also offers a free phone plan and free shipping, so you don't have to pay anything out of pocket.

To remain informed of its best deals, be sure to visit its website regularly. When do you, it highlights its best smartphone deals on its FreedomShop page.

How to Check Your Data on FreedomPop

FreedomPop offers a free application you can download on your smartphone. This gives you account access where you can view data usage, change plans and more. It's important to note the app isn't well received by customers, who note the app crashes regularly.

Customer Service

If you need help regarding your service, FreedomPop offers multiple online resources. You can browse its support section to access answers to common questions, read the forum to receive advice from other users or submit a ticket to gain feedback from its support staff. Oddly, it doesn't have phone support at this time.


FreedomPop was the first carrier to offer a free cell phone plan. Even if you need more data, you won't pay as much as you would against the other carriers. You can compare cell phone plans to find out more information about these carriers. Overall, its low pricing is hard to beat, but it does come with a cost.

However, the support you receive with FreedomPop is negligible at best. While other carriers provide multiple means of assisting you, with FreedomPop it's more of a fact-finding mission than service. Therefore, if you don't mind conducting research to find answers, then the price is well worth it.

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FreedomPop Plans FAQs

Q How does FreedomPop work?


FreedomPop uses nationwide 4G LTE coverage to provide talk, text, and data services to its customers. It was the first carrier to offer a free plan and it features varying plans depending on how much data you plan to use.

Q What phones does FreedomPop offer?


FreedomPop sells smartphones from all the major manufacturers including Samsung and Apple with many smartphones discounted in price. It also offers a free smartphone so you don't pay anything out of pocket for service.

Q Are FreedomPop phones unlocked?


No, initially its phones are locked. To unlock a FreedomPop phone, you must have had six months of service, the device hasn't been replaced or stolen, and your phone isn't on a chargeback or fraudulent account. If you meet these requirements, you can ask FreedomPop to unlock it via its Ask A Question area.

Q Which cellular network does FreedomPop use?


Most of FreedomPop's phones work within the CDMA network.

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