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Republic Wireless Plans

Monthly Price $20-90
Data 1-10GB
  • Pros
  • Blended Wi-Fi and cellular network
  • Incredibly low prices
  • Carries latest Android models
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Cons
  • Doesn't directly offer insurance
  • Does not support Apple products
  • No unlimited data option

Republic Wireless is a provider that focuses on simplicity, known for distributing inexpensive plans; in fact, it has recently received the PC Readers' Choice award for highest satisfaction for plan costs ever recorded. However, is Republic Wireless right for you? Together, we will delve into what the service markets towards consumers.

Republic Wireless Plans

Package DataMonthly Price
1GB Plan 1 GB$20
2GB Plan 2 GB$30
4Gb Plan 4 GB$45
6GB Plan 6 GB$60
10GB Plan 10 GB$90

Republic Wireless has - hands down - the cheapest plans available in the wireless industry, beginning at an inexpensive, jaw-dropping $15. All plans from the provider include no contracts, the fastest nationwide LTE network, no overages, and, of course, the highest satisfaction for plan costs.

Furthermore, you can always change your plans when your needs shift, straight from the Republic app. The site also places emphasis on its Adaptive Coverage Technology with Bonded Calling. The technology blends together phone calls over available Wi-Fi, 3G, and 4G LTE data networks for more coverage, which would be extremely helpful in areas like a garage or basement.

Is there a catch to this service? According to Republic Wireless, not at all. The plans are so cheap because the service leans on Wi-Fi first rather than cellular service. This leads to savings on monthly bills for you. The result of the move is the extra coverage with Wi-Fi and cell at no additional cost.

Republic Wireless Monthly Plans

As mentioned, these prepaid plans begin at $15 per month. With that plan, you'll receive unlimited talk and text. Still hard to believe.

However, the value of the service decreases as you climb higher on the data ladder. In regards to data, you can choose between 1GB and 10GB packages, with 10GB being a whopping $90 per month.

Supposedly, the best value offered by Republic Wireless is the 2GB package, which is only $30. Overall, the plans are straightforward, with no strings attached whatsoever.

Republic Wireless Family Plans

According to Republic Wireless, there is no family plan. Their reasoning is begging of a mention:

"Our plans are so affordable, everyone in the family can have their own talk & text and data plans - all managed under one account - and still less expensive than most family plans available."

Republic Wireless Cell Phones

Republic Wireless provides customers with the latest phones. There is no filtering or sorting option, but you can easily scroll down the list.

Unfortunately, Republic Wireless does not support Apple phones. In fact, it only sells Android-based phones with its patented Wi-Fi + Cell technology.

While that may be a disadvantage for many fans of Apple, others may be content with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the Moto X. The service also sports manufacturers LG and Huawei. Each phone can be purchased at the full value or be placed on an installment plan.

Republic Wireless Phone Insurance

Unfortunately, as insurance is a big deal for a lot of people, Republic Wireless has not introduced insurance to its phones. There are, however, third-party options that you can always consider.

Republic Wireless Phone Activation

Activating your Republic Wireless phone is not exactly efficient. In fact, the process is a bit unique. The site's activation page may direct you, depending on the phone, to download the Republic Wireless app. Only after you download the app can you activate your phone.

Republic Wireless Mobile Hotspot

Republic Wireless does not sell physical hotspots but will allow you to turn your phone into one at no additional cost. There is even an instructional section on the site dedicated to the tethering/hotspot process.

Republic Wireless SIM Card

Republic Wireless offers SIM cards alongside its Bring Your Own Phone program. Unfortunately, the program does not support any Apple products, but it does support the latest phones, including the Google Pixel and the latest Samsung Galaxy model.

From there, you can purchase a SIM card kit, which contains your subscriber profile, for only $5. The SIM card itself is designed to fit all compatible Android phones. Finally, you can insert your SIM card and activate it.

Republic Wireless Deals, Promotions & Discounts

Sales and promos aren't always commons with Republic Wireless. For instance, you may receive a $125 discount off of the Samsung Galaxy S7. The sales may also be extremely limited to a couple of phones. However, you're saving a lot with the phone plans anyway, so it's a welcoming price to pay.

Republic Wireless Coverage

Republic Wireless relies on two networks: Sprint and T-Mobile. Though both aren't the best networks available, they are solid. That being said, they only serve as backups: all phone usage will primarily go through Wi-Fi.

Republic Wireless Coverage Map

Republic Wireless Customer Support

The value of Republic Wireless' plans are phenomenal, and the service is praised by the press, but how does the customer service rank?

According to the official site of Republic Wireless and at the time of this writing, the provider has received a 90 percent satisfaction rate (of the last 100 customer ratings). The rate is incredibly high, though the service aims strictly for 100 percent.

  • Republic support can be accessed 365 days a year via the following methods:
  • Chat support
  • Community forum
  • Help tickets
  • Via knowledge center
  • The process is all online, so there is no call option available.

Republic Wireless Review Recap

Republic Wireless isn't exactly fancy. In fact, it's simple, with valuable plans as low as $15. Not to mention, its customer service ranks highly among consumers. There are no overages or strings attached with the provider. Furthermore, the service relies on technology that places priority over Wi-Fi, which is much more reliable and stable in areas that are difficult to receive any form of coverage.

It's hard to consider the disadvantages Republic Wireless offers. Unfortunately, it doesn't sell phone insurance, but you can always purchase insurance through a third party. There also isn't an unlimited data option. A third disadvantage? The provider does not support Apple products, so if you're a major fan of Apple's devices, you may want to consider another provider.

However, if you do not mind Android-powered devices, then you're in for a treat with Republic Wireless.

Interested in what plans other carriers may have? Then be sure to read our review of the best cell phone plans.

Republic Wireless Plans FAQs

Q What cellular network does Republic Wireless use?


Republic Wireless uses the Sprint network, with an interesting added trick. The service automatically switches to voice and text via the internet when users are in the range of a Wifi internet connection. As soon as you are out of Wifi range, Republic switches back to use the Sprint towers.

Q Can you use your own phone on Republic Wireless?


Republic Wireless customers must get a phone with their service plan. A top choice is the Moto G4 smartphone at $199. Other low cost phones available from Republic are Ascend 5W and the Samsung Galaxy J3, both at $179. More phones from Moto and Samsung are available at prices from $299 and up.

Q What is the data on a cell phone plan?


Mobile phone service carriers offer data plans allowing customers to access data via the internet. The data flows over 3G, 4G or LTE networks. Data plans sell access to the internet per gigabyte of data, usually starting at 1GB and going up to unlimited plans, with more data flow increasing the price.

Q What is the difference between data and WIFI?


From a smartphone, you can access the internet via a WiFi connection or a cellular network. Browsing the net via WiFi is free, but you pay your mobile phone service provider to use a mobile data connection. You can only use WiFi if you are within the range of a WiFi network.

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