• Monthly Price: $49.99
  • Data: 5GB
  • Talk & Text: Unlimited
  • Pros
  • Offers insurance benefits
  • Offers a free music streaming platform
  • Cons
  • Shuts off data access when you go over
  • No unlimited data plans
  • No online phone store

ROK Mobile Cell Phone Plans

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ROK Mobile is more of a unique prepaid cell phone carrier.

When you sign up for services through it, not only do you receive cell phone service, but upon activation, you receive a plethora of other insurance benefits such as accidental death and final expenses coverage, ID theft insurance, and roadside assistance to name a few. Along with these insurance policies, you receive your choice of plans.

Let's take a look at the different services ROK offers.

ROK Wireless Plans

Package DataMonthly Price
The ROK Unlimited Plan 5 GB$49.99

ROK Mobile, which is an MVNO, offers varied plans which make them perfect for all budget and most usage requirements. To illustrate, if you plan to use your phone to make calls only then the basic, standard or premium life plans are great for you. With each of these options, you receive access to the ROK talk WiFi calling app. Upon download, you can use a compatible device--that allows WiFi calling--to make your calls.

Aside from the Basic Life plan, you receive extensive insurance coverage. The Standard Life plan comes with roadside assistance, accidental death insurance with up to a $100,000 benefit, and $20,000 for burial or cremation insurance. Meanwhile, the Premium Life plan includes all the features in the Standard Life option, but with the added benefits of pharmacy savings, telemedicine, family legal services, and ID theft insurance. Considering each of these costs less than $20 a month, which on the insurance end you could easily pay for life insurance, this makes these choices smart deals.

ROK Phone Plans

If you want texting and access to data, you'll want to select the Premium Life + Mobile Plan. With this offering, you receive all the benefits of the Premium Life plan with unlimited talk, texting, and access to 5GB of 4G LTE data. ROK sets hard data limits, meaning once you exceed your monthly allotment it will shut off data access.

You have the option to buy an additional 1GB of data for $15. Therefore, if you plan to use much in the way of data, ROK might not be the best option for you, as you will have to continually add data or renew your plan early, both of which negate the savings you want to receive with ROK. If you use a lot of data, you should consider using an unlimited data plan instead.


ROK operates under the largest CDMA network, Verizon. This means you can expect to receive excellent reliability when making calls or accessing data.

Speaking of which, with data connection speeds of up to 4G LTE you can stream music, videos and more with your mobile device. Take a look at our cell phone coverage maps to compare Verizon's network to the competition.

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What Cell Phones Can I Get With ROK?

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ROK differs from other providers in that it doesn't offer an online store where you can buy cell phones. However, you can use the "Find a store" tab to discover stores near you. When there, you can buy devices and purchase plans. Furthermore, since ROK doesn't sell phones aside from the retail level it doesn't offer you the option of cell insurance.

You also have the option to bring your own device with you. To qualify, it must be on the CDMA network and it has to be unlocked. With these factors in mind, you can see if your phone qualifies by contacting ROK's customer service department.

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ROK Phone Activation

Activating service through ROK is hassle free. To do this, you can activate service online or through one its partnered retail stores. If you plan to bring your unlocked CDMA device, you'll need to transfer service from your existing provider. We have a guide that will walk you through the process of unlocking your phone if you're interested. Nevertheless, to activate your phone with ROK Mobile, you need the following information ready when contacting customer service:

  • The phone number you want to transfer
  • Account number of the old carrier
  • PIN associated with the account
  • Address on the account

ROK Mobile Hotspots

ROK has over 30 million free hotspots available to you. To find them, download the MyROK app available in the Apple or Google Play store, as this will help you locate them. The benefit to using mobile hotspots is you receive access to free data, so you reduce the data usage on your account.

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ROK Customer Service

There wasn't much in the way of customer reviews for ROK. The main complaint I discovered was many users reporting slow data connection speeds. Of course, connection speeds depend on where you live, the type of device you have and what you do online.

Additionally, if you need to contact ROK you have to visit its website and submit a request or call its customer service line. You can also visit a local dealer to receive face-to-face interaction, something of which you won't find with other prepaid providers.


ROK Mobile is different in the regard it packages its cell service with insurance products. On the surface, this is beneficial if you don't do much aside from talking on your phone.

However, if you like to text and use data often, you'll find the only plan offered is much more expensive than what you will find with other companies. For this reason, you might want to consider an alternative prepaid cell phone carrier.

You can also use our cell phone comparison tool to see how ROK compares to other MVNOs and the major carriers.

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ROK Mobile Plans FAQs

Q How does ROK work?


ROK packages its plans where you can use WiFi calling and receive insurance protection such as accidental death coverage. With this, you can make calls domestically and internationally as long as your phone has a WiFi connection. You can also purchase the premium plan which includes unlimited talk and text and access to 5GB of 4G LTE data.

Q Is my phone compatible with WiFi calling?


Many newer Android devices have this feature available. You can contact ROK's customer service team to determine eligibility.

Q Does ROK offer family or shared line plans?


At this time it does not.

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