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Sprint vs Verizon: How Do They Compare?

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Wireless companies need to battle with each other in order to win the hearts of loyal customers. Sprint and Verizon are just two of the four major carriers constantly battling for the crown in the United States, but which one topples over the other in terms of value, plans, and features?

Sprint vs Verizon

I will help you investigate the two wireless providers in hopes of steering you toward your desired provider, beginning with an overview of Sprint Wireless.

Sprint Overview

Sprint (otherwise known as Sprint Corporation) is the fourth largest mobile network operating in the nation, serving 60.2 million customers as of October 2016. The service offers wireless services through not only its main service but also through various subsidiaries including Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. They are known to offer the latest and most popular phones.

Sprint is known for quality, but unfortunately, the service isn't as strong as Verizon's network. While the network may fall a little short of Verizon, the service balances out with more affordable individualized plans and features. One of the plans is even unlimited - a plan that is not offered by Verizon. Some contracts provided by Sprint, however, may come with strings attached.

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Unfortunately, Sprint also falls a little short in one other area: customer satisfaction. According to the Benchmarks By Company chart by the American Customer Satisfaction Index, Sprint's ASCI customer satisfaction falls below Verizon Wireless but by only a point. As of 2016, the American Customer Satisfaction Index score was 70, a 1.4 percent positive increase from the previous year.

How much will Sprint pay you to switch?

If you're considering switching to Sprint, you will not only save 50 percent when moving from select Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile rate plans, but the service will cover your switching fees up to $650 per line (less phone trade-in credit provided) via a Visa Prepaid Card after online registration and new phone activation.

You can read more about switching to Sprint here.

Verizon Overview

Verizon Wireless, on the other hand, provides the strongest and most reliable network available, which covers 99 percent of the United States. This provider, known to be the number one military employer, has attracted a whopping 142.8 million subscribers as of July 2016. Like Sprint, Verizon offers the most popular smartphones on the market.

Furthermore, the service actually places emphasis on the rural community, featuring the LTE in Rural America Program. This program allows coverage for 2.7 million rural residents in 169 counties.

However, while the service boasts such extravagant statistics, it also is one of the most expensive services around. Then again, you are paying for high-quality service. This includes great customer service, though the ACSI score is set at 71 for 2016, which is no change compared to the previous year.

How much will Verizon pay to switch?

Verizon will also offer up to $650 in the form of a prepaid card once you trade in your phone.

However, the trade-in must be in good working and cosmetic condition and be worth more than $0.

Furthermore, if you had an outstanding balance for your old device, you'll receive up to $650. However, if you just paid an early termination fee, you'll earn up to $350.

We do have more details regarding the switch to Verizon here.

The Plans

When it comes to phone plans, who is the winner: Sprint or Verizon? Sprint is generally much more affordable compared to Verizon. Even better is that Sprint offers an "unlimited everything" plan at a price that beats Verizon's 4GB plan. That's quite tough to topple, admittedly.

Sprint's Cell Phone Plans

All of Sprint Wireless' cell phone plans feature unlimited talk and text, so you should turn their attention to the data amount. Fortunately, the plans range from 1GB to 40GB, which is perfect for just about anyone.

And in the case that you somehow need 40GB of data, you can always opt for the truly unlimited plan, which is dubbed Sprint Unlimited. There is sometimes a limited-time deal attached to this particular plan. For instance, you can receive two lines of unlimited data, talk, and text for a good deal, with the third, fourth, and fifth lines being free of charge.

Sprint Unlimited allows you to stream videos, gaming, and music with an unlimited amount of data, but you'll be only able to stream video at up to 480p+ resolution, music at up to 500kbps, and gaming at up to 2Mbps.

That being said, you can always add the premium streaming package for a fee, which lets you stream HD videos at up to 1080p+, HD music at up to 1.5Mbps, and gaming at up to 8Mbps.

As the icing on the cake, Sprint also features unlimited 2G data once the high-speed data has been exceeded. This means no sneaky overage charges whatsoever for the customer.

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Verizon's Cell Phone Plans

Verizon features a number of plans to appeal to a wide variety of consumers. Nearly all of Verizon's cell phone plans come with unlimited talk and text, so it must stand out through its data plans. Unfortunately, it doesn't. The size packages a customer can purchase are between 2GB and 30GB of data - labeled by sizes such as small, medium, and large.

That being said, there are other packages to select from beyond the "sizes," up to 100GB of data. While the amount of data offered is greater than what Sprint distributes, the 100GB data package is priced at a ridiculously high amount.

However, like Sprint, the new Verizon plans boast what is known as safety mode, which means you will not be charged overage fees once you exceed the data limit. Instead, you will be facing slower speeds. This applies to all of Verizon's new plans.

Where once, Verizon has been criticized by Engadget for being "woefully outdated," recently Verizon released their unlimited data plan, keeping it on par with all the other major cell phone carriers.

So when it comes to "Verizon vs. Sprint plans," which is the clear winner here? I would have to give Verizon the point here.

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sprint vs verizon family plans

Sprint Vs. Verizon Family Plans

Family is important, whether they are blood family or close friends (or both). What's also important is saving money with a carrier's family cell phone plans. Nevertheless, the question you are probably asking at this moment is, "Does Verizon or Sprint provide you with a good family plan for your dollar?" Let's take a look.

Sprint Family Plans

Sprint's Better Choice plans are no longer labeled by size but instead listed by data amount. Not only that, but Sprint has also decided to split the amounts into two categories: family, which is further described in this article, and single. The family shared data plans run from 6GB of data to 40GB. With these plans, you can apply up to ten lines, which should suit most families.

Verizon Family Plans

Similar to Sprint, Verizon's family plans, which are delved into further here, are integrated into the new Verizon plans. You are able to add up to ten lines to the plans. However, Verizon might appear to bear an edge over Sprint: after all, you'll receive an extra 2G of data per line.

However, one can forget that Sprint can offer unlimited text, talk, and data for a small fee per line per month. In this case, Sprint wins, hands down.

Verizon Vs. Sprint Coverage

Coverage is important, to say the least. You need to make sure that your call is reliable in most, if not all, areas. You don't want to have a situation where your call with a potential employer or important figure dropped. So when it comes to Sprint vs. Verizon coverage, which earns the gold star?

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Verizon Coverage

Verizon is currently the best when it comes to coverage. The network covers 99 percent of the nation, and as mentioned in Verizon's overview, the service also works with rural communities, even going so far as to implement its LTE in Rural America Program.

Unfortunately, Alaska, some of Maine, Western Virginia, and some of the Western US do not have access to the 4G LTE network. While this is a downside, the network blankets a grand total of 2.4 million square miles.

Sprint Coverage

Sprint doesn't have as vast of coverage as Verizon, but the network reliability, according to recent data from Nielsen (and as flaunted on commercials), is within one percent of the competitor. Their coverage is not as great as Verizon's in the western United States, but Sprint does offer international coverage.

Verizon Vs. Sprint Customer Service

Should you go with Sprint or Verizon when it comes to customer service and support?

Verizon Customer Service

Verizon's customer service is quality. When you pay for a service, you're also paying for quality customer service, and it shows with Verizon. Overall, Verizon's customer service representatives will provide you with exceptional service through various outlets, including FAQs, forums, social medias, chat box, and phone.

Sprint Customer Service

A few years ago, Sprint earned the worst score in customer service, with many of the criticisms citing value, voice, text messaging, and 4G reliability as the main complaints.

However, with time comes improvement for the service. Since then, Sprint has geared up and armed itself with knowledgeable representatives. Unfortunately, it still falls behind the other major carriers, including Verizon.

So which is better in regards to customer service: Verizon or Sprint? Hands down, the award will have to go to Verizon.

Sprint or Verizon: Which Is Better?

Verizon and Sprint are just two of the best cell phone providers in the industry. While Sprint offers solid, affordable plans with incentives, Verizon offers greater network reliability, coverage, and customer service. So when it comes to the war, Verizon stands victorious, but you absolutely cannot go wrong with Sprint.

If you wanted to see how Sprint and Verizon compare to the rest of the industry, use our cell phone comparison tool.

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