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T-Mobile BYOP Plans

Cheap BYOP & BYOD plans from carriers powered by T-Mobile

Best Cheap Plan
1GB LTE Data
$10 per month
Best Light Data
3GB LTE Data
$20 per month
Best Average Data
8GB LTE Data
$20 per month
Best Unlimited Data
Unltd LTE Data
$40 per month

Bring Your Own Phone to the T-Mobile network

Rob Webber

Rob Webber

BYOP stands for "bring your own phone". It refers to the practice of keeping your device when you change wireless carriers.

When it comes to BYOP on the T-Mobile network you have more options than you may think. Thanks to the uptick in smaller mobile providers called MVNOs, you and your smartphone can waltz right past T-Mobile's high prices and hook yourself up with a cheaper cell phone plan.

You can use your current phone and still have reliable wireless service on the carrier's nationwide 4G LTE network.

Find Cheap Cell Phone Plans in Your Area

Whether you need an unlimited plan, a family plan, or extra features like international calling or mobile hotspot usage, there are BYOP plans to fit your needs.

Stay tuned to learn more about BYOP plans from top MVNOs and how you can save 50% off your cell phone bill without sacrificing the quality and coverage of the T-Mobile network.

The Best T-Mobile BYOP Plans of June 2020

T-Mobile BYOP Plans
Switch & Save $600/yr - Calculate Your Savings

T-Mobile vs Mint Mobile Price Comparison

Keep your T-Mobile phone, number & coverage: Save $600 per year

CarrierNetwork Coverage4G LTE DataPriceAnnual Cost
T-MobileT-Mobile 4G LTEUnltd*$70/mo$840/yr
Mint MobileT-Mobile 4G LTE8GB$20/mo$240/yr
*Don't waste money on unlimited data - Avg. data usage is only 3-5GBSavings$50/mo$600/yr

Keep Your T-Mobile Phone and Number and Switch to a Cheaper Plan

Switching is simple:

  1. Choose a carrier. There are plenty of carriers offering cheap T-Mobile service. Each one provides different plans and features, so you should have no trouble finding one to fit your data needs and budget.
  2. Check that your phone is compatible. T-Mobile uses the GSM network, which means you'll have the best luck if you already have a device that runs on either the T-Mobile or AT&T network. You can quickly check compatibility on most carrier websites.
  3. Order a SIM card. Most MVNOs operate solely online, which makes it very easy to sign up. You just order a T-Mobile SIM card kit, pop it into your phone, and activate service following the carrier's instructions.

You'll want to be sure your device is unlocked from your last carrier. Need help? Read simple instructions on how to unlock your phone. You should also know how to change your APN settings just in case you need to make some adjustments in your phone.

Benefits of T-Mobile MVNOs

Here are just some of the advantages of bringing your own device to a T-Mobile MVNO:

  • Get blazing LTE speeds on the fastest wireless network in America.
  • Save 50% or more on your cell phone bill.
  • Choose from custom plans - only pay for what you really need.
  • Keep your phone number.
  • No contracts, credit checks, or early termination fees.
  • Enjoy great customer service.
  • Buy online for fast and easy signup.
Switch & Save $600/yr - Calculate Your Savings

Best Cheap T-Mobile BYOP Plan

Red Pocket 0.5GB - $10/mo

0.5 GB4G data
$10per month
Powered by:AT&TSprintT-MobileVerizon

Best T-Mobile Light Data BYOP Plan

Ultra Mobile 3GB - $11/mo

Ultra Mobile - 3GB Data* 12 Mths Service for $240
3 GB4G data
$20*per month
Powered by:T-Mobile

Best T-Mobile Average Data BYOP Plan

Mint Mobile 8GB - $20/mo

Mint Mobile - 8GB Data* $60 for 3 Mths Service
8 GB4G data
$20*per month
Powered by:T-Mobile

Best T-Mobile Unlimited Data BYOP Plan

Ultra Mobile Unlmited - $49/mo

Ultra Mobile - Unlimited Data* 12 Mths Service for $480
Unlimited4G data
$40*per month
Powered by:T-Mobile

T-Mobile National 4G LTE Coverage Without T-Mobile Prices

T-Mobile Coverage Map

Best Overall T-Mobile BYOP Plan: Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile - 8GB Data* $60 for 3 Mths Service
8 GB4G data
$20*per month
Powered by:T-Mobile

When You Do Upgrade: Consider a Refurbished T-Mobile Phone

Are you ready for an upgrade? Smartphone on its last legs? Save over half-off retail price on your next device by buying used or refurbished.

Benefits of Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

  • It's cheaper - typically 50% or more off MSRP of a brand-new phone.
  • Third-party repair companies make it easy and affordable to fix your device.
  • New smartphone prices are growing by the year, with some nearing $1000.
  • Changes to new models are typically minor.
  • Reputable sellers offer perks like warranties and 30-day returns.

Think about it this way: you could spend $600-$800 on a phone that will be obsolete almost as soon as you buy it. Or, you could spend $200 or less and get a similar, slightly older iPhone or Android phone that has almost identical features.

Key Considerations

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for a refurbished smartphone:

  • Warranty: Sellers provide anywhere from no warranty up to a one-year guarantee.
  • Certified devices: In some cases, phone sellers provide certification through an extensive inspection and testing process.
  • Shipping: Most sellers provide postage for free.
  • Returns: Check to make sure there's a no-hassle return policy, just in case.
  • Insurance: You can purchase third-party phone insurance if you wish, for extra peace of mind.
  • Payment plans: Some sites offer phone financing through third parties like Affirm. This is rarely a good deal due to interest charges. You're better off paying in full if possible.

Ready to shop? Compare unlocked GSM phones to find the best deals on popular devices like iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy series.

After you get your new device, don't forget to sell your old phone for cash!

Save Even More - Sell Your Old Phone

According to Statista, the average selling price of a used smartphone is $229. So why let that unused device just sit in a drawer?

Maybe you've put off selling your phone because you don't want to be bothered with taking photos, putting up a listing, and dealing with interested buyers. Great news - you don't have to.

We make it simple by showing you the best offers from reputable buyers who will take that old phone off your hands for cash. See how easy it is to sell your phone.


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