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The Best Verizon iPhone Plans

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The Best Verizon iPhone Plans
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Looking for the best Verizon iPhone plans but not sure how to get the best deal?

I've got news for you - it's easier than ever to get a great rate on service on America's most reliable network.

If you love saving money you're in the right place. We're going to cover how to find a cell phone plan that truly fits your needs, cut your cell phone bill in half and save 50% on your iPhone.

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Even if you're with a different carrier right now, switching to the Verizon network is simple and affordable. Stay tuned!

Love the Verizon Network but Hate the High Prices?

Between the rising cost of cell phone plans, hidden taxes and fees, and the $1000 price tag on the latest iPhone, you're probably close to fed up with wireless service expenses.

It's not like it's any secret that Verizon is the most expensive network out there. The good news for consumers is that smaller wireless carriers called MVNOs (Mobile Virtual Network Operators) have been quietly mounting a competitive firestorm over the past few years.

MVNOs, in short, are small carriers that lease space on the big guys' equipment. They don't have massive marketing costs or tons of brick-and-mortar stores to keep up - in fact most operate online. This is why they can afford to sell you service on the big four networks at a lower cost than you'd pay directly to the major carriers.

Benefits of MVNOs

Buying your iPhone plan from an alternative carrier is a wise choice for several reasons:

  • Great service on the nationwide Verizon Wireless network
  • Cheaper by 50% or more
  • No contracts
  • Custom plans to fit your needs so you don't overpay
  • Ease of bringing your own phone and keeping your number
  • Solid customer service
  • Ease of signing up online

MVNOs give you the same quality service as the big four, including plenty of speed and data for your favorite activities like apps, texting, and video streaming.

Do You Really Need Unlimited Data?

This question may seem out of the blue but trust me - it matters. Paring down your plan to meet your actual usage habits is one of the most significant ways to save money on your cell phone bill.

In today's world of obnoxious wireless ads and endless music and video streaming options, it's easy to assume that you must have unlimited data. The truth is that the average Verizon unlimited data plan customer only uses about 4 GB of 4G LTE data per month. That's a lot of unused data!

So how do you figure out what size data allotment you do need? Head over to our data usage calculator and find out.

If you do decide you need tons of high-speed data, don't worry - we've got a carrier for you.

Verizon vs Verizon MVNO Price Comparison

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
VerizonVerizon 4G LTEUnlimited*$75$900
TwigbyVerizon 4G LTE5GB$33$396
* Avg Verizon unlimited plan customer uses 4GB data

Best Verizon MVNOs for iPhone

Now that we've talked about how the major carriers are too expensive and the fact that you're probably paying for much higher data limits than you actually need, what to do next?

Look over our top two picks for the best Verizon MVNOs and see which one suits your needs.

US Mobile

If you're looking for a cheaper unlimited data plan, US Mobile is a great choice. This Verizon MVNO offers:

  • Nine unlimited plan combinations (variants in speed, features, and texts/minutes)
  • Flexible custom plan options
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Free SIM card for college students

Compare Now: US Mobile cell phone plans

Red Pocket Mobile

If you have average use habits then Red Pocket is a super affordable option offering a range of great iPhone plans:

  • Data buckets between 500 MB and 10 GB
  • Mobile hotspot usage
  • International calling to 70+ countries using your plan minutes
  • Free SIM card

Compare Now: Red Pocket cell phone plans

3 Simple Steps to Switch

Switching carriers may seem extreme, but it's becoming the smarter choice for many consumers. The truth is that it's actually really easy to do - and will save you hundreds a year!

  1. Calculate your usage: Decide how much data, how many texts, and how much call time you really need.
  2. Choose the best MVNO: Pick the carrier that meets your needs within your budget.
  3. Check iPhone compatibility: Verizon phones are CDMA rather than GSM. You'll want to check the carrier website to make sure it's compatible. Verizon iPhones come already unlocked, so if you have one you'll be all set.

If you need to buy a compatible Verizon iPhone we've got the hookup for you in the next section with info on the best cell phone deals.

Compare Cell Phone Plans

Time for a cheaper cell phone plan?

Save Even More - Buy a Refurbished Verizon iPhone

The secondhand iPhone market is nothing new. In fact, the refurbished smartphone industry saw 13% growth worldwide in 2017, compared to just 3% growth in new device sales (Counterpoint Research).

What does this mean for you? It means you can get a recent iPhone in great working condition for up to 50% or more off the price of a brand new one.

Benefits of Refurbished iPhones

  • You'll own your phone, giving you the freedom to go to any carrier you wish.
  • Reputable sellers make it simple and secure to buy a quality iPhone.
  • Most sites offer a warranty for your peace of mind.
  • Reusing electronics is earth friendly!

Find the best deals on iPhones and compare prices from multiple sellers side by side.


Even though the average cell phone bill has climbed to about $80 a month, you don't have to be a slave to the high prices.

  • Make sure you're not paying for a bigger plan than you actually need. Be realistic about your usage estimates - calculate your data and get text/minute usage info from your online account history with your current carrier.
  • Choose the best MVNO for your needs. All four major wireless networks are available through cheaper carriers.
  • Steer clear of device payments: Buy a used or refurbished iPhone for a steal and stay out of device debt.

Final tip - don't forget, when it's time to upgrade you can get cash for your unused device. Phone buying websites make it fast and easy to sell your iPhone - all you need to do is drop it in the mail!

COMPARE NOW: Cheap Verizon MVNO plans starting at $10

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