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The Best Verizon Unlimited Data Plans: Are They Worth it?
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The Cheapest Unlimited Plans on the Verizon Network

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Verizon unlimited data plans have undergone the same changes as the rest of the major carriers over the past several years.

Back when cell phones ran at 2G speeds, wireless providers sold plans with limited minutes and text messages, along with a variety of data buckets.

Then came 3G speeds and unlimited data plans. Around 2011, carriers started to get wise to the impending future of data-gobbling smartphones and put a stop to the data glut.

Finally, in 2017, all four carriers brought back unlimited data, with T-Mobile making a drastic move by doing away with all of its other plan offerings.

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Regardless of which network you're on, there are questions about whether you need to pay for endless high-speed data. Are you being ripped off? Do you really need all that data? How can you save money on your cell phone plan?

We're going to answer these questions and tell you how to reduce your monthly bill without sacrificing connection quality or hindering your favorite mobile activities.

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What Does Unlimited Data from Verizon Really Mean?

Your assumption is probably that you get truly unlimited usage at 4G LTE data speeds. It's only natural to think that, right? Wrong.

Every major carrier includes fine print in their plans clarifying that your speeds may be throttled (also known as deprioritization) after you use a certain amount of data.

Verizon Wireless splits their unlimited offerings into three different plans:

  1. gounlimited: There is no definitive amount you get with this plan before possibly being throttled. This means during times of heavy congestion you could be deprioritized at any time, regardless of how much data you've used.
  2. beyondunlimited: This plan includes 22 GB before throttling.
  3. aboveunlimited: With this plan, you get 75 GB of unthrottled high-speed usage.

On top of these limits, you probably already know that Verizon data plans pricing is not exactly cheap.

Do You Actually Need Unlimited Data?

CarrierNetwork CoverageData LimitMonthly PriceAnnual Price
VerizonVerizon 4G LTEUnlimited*$75$900
US MobileVerizon 4G LTE5GB$25$300
* Avg. Verizon unlimited plan customer uses 4GB data

The real question is whether or not you really need what you're paying these high prices for. The answer is simple - probably not.

According to Strategy Analytics, Verizon customers with an unlimited plan use an average of just 4 GB of data per month. That number jives with research on mobile data usage overall among wireless customers in the US, which sits at an average of about 3.5 GB per month.

What it boils down to is that unless you do insane amounts of video streaming, gaming, and other data-hungry activities, you can get away with buying a much smaller - and cheaper - cell phone plan.

Even better news, we give you a fast and easy way to figure out what size your plan should be. Head over to our data usage calculator and find out in a couple of simple steps.

Switch to a Cheaper Plan on the Verizon Network

Once you've decided you're paying too much for your wireless service, the next step is to find a better deal. Fortunately, you can keep your beloved Verizon network signal without paying Verizon prices. Plus, you can pick a plan that fits your needs instead of your carrier's.

Benefits of Switching to a Verizon MVNO

Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) are smaller wireless carriers that buy service on one or more of the big four networks. They resell this service at a cost that's typically 50% or more lower than the major carriers.

MVNOs can afford to offer you these discounted rates because their operating costs are lower. They usually don't have brick-and-mortar retail stores, and their advertising budgets are much smaller. Here are the reasons this is great for you:

  • Reliable service on the same top-rated Verizon Wireless network you already know
  • Cheap cell phone plans - at least 50% off the major carriers' rates
  • Custom plans offered - only pay for what you'll use
  • No credit checks or contracts
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to bring your own phone and keep your phone number
  • Simple online signup

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Verizon MVNOs

Here are a few options when it comes to getting a cheaper wireless plan on the Verizon network.


With Twigby plans, you're looking at extremely competitive pricing for light to medium users. You won't find unlimited data plans, but you will find amazing prices on 10 GB and under. Twigby offers free global texting and a discounted rate for your first six months.

US Mobile

US Mobile offers not only custom plans which let you pick and choose your call minutes and texts, but you can also choose an unlimited data plan if you've decided you really need one. For a 5 GB plan (plenty for most users) you'll pay less than half of what you'd pay the major carriers.

Red Pocket Mobile

There are six plans available from Red Pocket, including a 5 GB plan for less than half the cost of the big guys. You also get free calling to over 70 international destinations, and your SIM card is free. The carrier operates on all four networks, so if you're looking for a Verizon plan you'll have no problem.

Save More Money with a Refurbished Phone

We don't just want you to save money on your cell phone plan. We also want to help you find a more affordable smartphone.

Why Buy a Used or Refurbished Smartphone?

Buying used is smart financially, plus it's practical.

On top of the benefits of buying a refurbished Verizon phone, you can also sell your old phone and put more cash back in your pocket.


Verizon MVNOs offer all of the same options you're used to, including perks like talk and text to international destinations and mobile hotspot usage, at a fraction of the price.

It's easy to get a better deal on your wireless plan:

Stop paying for data you'll never use and cut your cell phone bill in half!

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