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Virgin Mobile Plans

Monthly Price $35-60
Data 5GB-Unlimited
  • Pros
  • Cheap plans
  • Steep deals on phones
  • Unlimited music streaming
  • Cons
  • Relies on Sprint's network
  • Is not BYOP-friendly

Virgin Mobile is a well-known prepaid carrier and for good reason. It offers a strong lineup of plans and features, but it also carries some disadvantages. You should consider this option, but only after you have reviewed what Virgin Mobile has to offer.

Virgin Mobile Wireless Plans

Package DataMonthly Price
$35 Data Love Plan 5 GB$35
$45 Data Love+ Plan 10 GB$45
$60 Data Love Unlimited Plan Unlimited$60

Virgin Mobile has only two "Data Love" plans. These plans also include nifty features such as unlimited streaming of music and the ability to add a data pack to your monthly plan.

However, Virgin Mobile also supplies the user with cheap and tempting international offers.

Virgin Mobile Monthly Plans

As mentioned, Virgin Mobile features two unlimited "Data Love" plans: Data Love and Data Love+. The Data Love plan is quite cheap, providing you with 5GB of 4G LTE data. However, if you're absolutely obsessed with data, you only need to pay $10 more to receive a grand total of 10GB of data. These plans come with unlimited data access, talk, text, and music streaming.

Referring to the data access, once the high-speed data limits are exceeded, the speed reduces to 2G speeds for the remainder of the billing cycle.

In regards to unlimited streaming of music, music streaming does not count toward your specified data amount. The service currently works with Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRADIO, Slacker Radio, Napster (how does it still exist?), and 8tracks. Unfortunately, Apple Music is not on the list.

You can also add International services to your Data Love plans. For an extra $5 per month, you can add unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada, excluding Northern Territories. It also includes unlimited worldwide texting.

International+, on the other hand, grants unlimited calls to landlines in over 70 countries including the Dominican Republic, all for $10 extra per month.

Virgin Mobile Cell Phones

Virgin Mobile offers several phones; all come with free standard shipping, no contract plans, a seven-day guarantee, free activation, lost phone replacement, and the ability to keep your own phone number.

The service also offers more time to pay with PayPal Credit, meaning no payments and no interest if paid in full within six months on any purchase of $99 and over.

In regards to the phone lineup, Virgin Mobile displays the latest phones; furthermore, many come with promotional discounts. Virgin Mobile lists the following brands on its site: LG, Apple, Samsung, Kyocera, Huawei, Moto, HTC, and Alcatel.

You can filter through these phones by condition, phone types, no contract plans, customer rating, brands, features, and phone styles. Of course, you can also sort through the available phones by age, "featured," price, and alphabetical order.

Virgin Mobile Phone Insurance

It happens - devices end up submerged in a pool, run over by a car, or stolen by a thief. Without phone insurance, you would end up paying the full price to replace your phone. As you may be well aware, most phones are awfully expensive.

Virgin Mobile's phone insurance, which is only $7 per month, protects your phone in the event of loss, theft, accidental damage (even liquid damage), and out-of-warranty mechanical or electrical failures.

Additionally, Lookout's Gadget Guardian app will guard your phone. In case you lose possession of your device, you can issue app commands to locate, lock, and wipe the phone. You can also sound an alarm, even if the phone is in silent or vibrate mode.

Depending on your phone, you can face a $20, $50, $100, or $175 deductible. You are also eligible for a maximum of two approved claims within a 12-month period.

You must enroll in Virgin Mobile's phone insurance within 30 days of purchasing your new phone.

Virgin Mobile Phone Activation

Activating your phone with Virgin Mobile is a simple and easy process online. You can access the page by going to the top-right "Activate" tab. From there, you can select whether you're a new customer, want to move your number from another carrier to Virgin Mobile, are a current customer and want to swap devices, or a parent or guardian activating a device for someone under 13 years old. You will then need to input your device information.

Of course, if you're struggling with online activation, you can always contact customer service or find a Virgin Mobile store.

Virgin Mobile Mobile Hotspot

Virgin Mobile features Mobile Hotspot, which turns your smartphone into a mobile hotspot that can connect up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices. There are two plans suitable for the mobile hotspot:

Daily Hotspot, which gives you 500MB at a rate of $3 per day.

Monthly Hotspot, which presents you with either 1GB or 2G of data for $5 or $10 monthly, respectively.

To enroll, you simply need to log into your account on the site.

Virgin Mobile SIM Card

Unfortunately, Virgin Mobile USA does not sell any SIM cards. Furthermore, bring your own phone plans aren't exactly available with Virgin Mobile USA (despite being available in Canada), but you can move your phone number from another carrier to Virgin Mobile.

After all, according to this FAQ entry in regards to whether or not you can bring your own phone to the service:

No. Presently, Virgin Mobile will not activate non-Virgin Mobile devices and will only activate devices intended for Virgin Mobile.

Virgin Mobile Cellular Deals, Promotions & Discounts

Virgin Mobile carries some nifty deals and deep discounts off of its phones. For instance, you can currently slash $100 off of the Apple iPhone 5S. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any discounts for employees, students, or veterans. Furthermore, there is no loyalty program.

Virgin Mobile Coverage

Virgin Mobile functions on Sprint's network, as it is owned by Sprint. Though Sprint's network has improved greatly over the years, it's still not as great as Verizon and AT&T.

Virgin Mobile/Sprint Coverage Map

Virgin Mobile Customer Service

Unfortunately, I couldn't exactly find many positive ratings for Virgin Mobile. A lot of them are complaints with focuses on the lack of customer care. This includes representatives hanging up on the customers and outright lying. That being said, there are multiple methods to contact the customer service department.

You can always contact live representatives via phone, through e-mail, and with social media.

However, for less complex inquiries, you can always refer to Virgin Mobile's FAQ and discussion forums.

Virgin Mobile Review Recap

Virgin Mobile doesn't have the greatest network in the world - after all, it relies on Sprint - but it offers some extremely cheap plans with some neat features. That being said, the service is not exactly friendly towards those interested in bringing their own phones. If you wish to bring your own phone to the service, you may want to redirect your attention elsewhere.

Interested in viewing the plans of other phone carriers? Then be sure to check out our review of the best cell phone plans.

Virgin Mobile Plans FAQs

Q Who has the best cell phone service?


Virgin Mobile offers attractive low rates and several payment options for new phones in a push to make good cellular service affordable. They partner with music services offering free streaming apart from your data cap. The network coverage and optional features are not quite on par with leading companies like T-Mobile and AT&T.

Q How do I change my Virgin Mobile phone number?


Virgin Mobile users can change their current phone number online. Log into "My Account", and from the Settings & Preferences section, choose Change Phone from right hand navigation. Walk through the guided steps to receive a new number and pay a $10.00 fee.

Q Is Boost Mobile on a GSM network?


No, Boost Mobile works over a CDMA network.

Q Who does Virgin Mobile use for Towers?


Virgin Mobile is a prepaid wireless phone service provider operating over the Sprint 4G LTE network. The company was acquired by Sprint in 2009. Virgin Mobile offers prepaid phone plans over a range of data usage and price points, including unlimited plans.

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Not Recommended none adding new data is a nightmare

Every single month is a nightmare to refill data. You add money and your phone won't unlock, so you are forced to sit on the phone with a foreigner that you barely understand for upwards of 30 minutes to go through multiple steps to unlock it. This month was extra special for me, my phone service was cut off a week ago, but I IMMEDIATELY paid.

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Recommended Customer service always resolved my problems fast None yet

I'm a new virgin mobile customer. I've contacted customer services a few times with general queries and they've been fantastic. Pleasant and helpful each time. Much better than some of the other companies ive dealt with before.Coverage is okay and the data speed is good too.

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Not Recommended coverage is okay the support is terrible

I can't believe how bad the customer support is at Virgin Mobile. I finally got tired of having to call them and fix their mistakes so I cancelled my account and asked if I could donate the $68 to charity...They said no!

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