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Visible SIM Card Starter Kit

Bring your own phone to Visible

Visible SIM Card - Horizontal
Customize your data plan

Visible SIM card description

  • Coverage provided by its parent company, Verizon Wireless

  • Prepaid - no contract, credit check, or activation fee

  • Bring your own compatible device or buy a Visible phone

  • Keep your phone number

  • Mobile hotspot/tethering supported

  • No international use supported

  • Customer support available by chat 7am to 12am EST weekdays and 10am to 10pm weekends, and by phone by request

Visible SIM card specifications

Visible SIM card data plans





Unlimited Data




How do Visible plans compare?





Reach Mobile



$15** 50% Off for 3 Months


T-Mobile & Verizon


$20** $5 Off for 6 Months

Reach Mobile



$23** 50% Off for 3 Months


Verizon & Sprint


$6.50** 50% Off for 6 Months


T-Mobile & Verizon


$40** $5 Off for 6 Months

Visible SIM card activation process

Bringing your own phone to a cheaper carrier is easy:

  1. Order the Visible starter kit online

  2. Replace the SIM card in your phone and follow the activation process

  3. If you wish to transfer your phone number, the process may take up to 24 hours

Visible SIM card FAQs

How much is a Visible SIM card?

There's a variety of cell phone plans available to suit all budgets, with prices between $40 - $40.

Where can I buy a Visible SIM card?

One of the reasons low-cost carriers can pass on savings to you is because they are online only and don't have any physical stores. You can purchase a Visible SIM card online.

What phones are compatible with Visible SIM card?

Most unlocked phones are compatible with Visible SIM cards. If you're not sure you can check your phone compatibility.

Can I bring my own phone to Visible?

Yes. You can bring your own phone to Visible and they're compatible with most unlocked phones. You can check phone compatibility on the carrier site prior to ordering.

What is Visible SIM card starter kit?

Your Visible SIM card starter kit includes everything you need to switch over. Pick your plan, order online, and it's delivered straight to your door. Follow the instructions to activate your new plan.

Visible Network Specs

Bring Your Phone:Yes
Keep Your Number:Yes
Credit Check:No
Taxes/fees included:Yes
WiFi Calling:Yes
Visual Voicemail:Yes
Multi-line Discounts:Yes
Multi-month Discounts:No
International Roaming:No

Visible Company Info

Headquarters:1200 17th St., Denver, CO 80202
Employees:51 - 200
Website:Go to Website
Facebook:Go to Facebook
Twitter:Go to Twitter

Visible User Reviews

Average Customer Rating40 User Reviews
User Rating Distribution
5 Stars4
4 Stars4
3 Stars2
2 Stars7
1 Star23

Horrible experience. 0.5mbps is all I got.

Offshore customer service. 60 to 80 minute wait times to just chat. At least 10 minutes between responses. Unable to resolve issues after two weeks. Claimed cell phone tower congestion. Total ripoff. Initiating chargeback through Discovery since these folks will not refund my money.

Absolutely horrible!! Never again

I was waiting on a return to be approved so i could cancel my loan & not be penalized for nonpayment. The phone was delivered back to Visible on Feb 18. It was never used. Never turned on. In perfect condition. Long story short, each time i spoke with someone, they assured me that I would be kept up to date and sent an email as confirmation. This never happened which is why I literally ended up calling every week just to see what the deal

was. The first time, they told me they’d escalate the order, I was told the return for the phone had been approved and finally they told me everything was good to go and that they would call and cancel the loan for me and reminded me I’d get an email confirming all of this once we got off the phone. Well I never received an email so I had to call again the next day. I find out that the phone is still sitting in the warehouse since the 18 and at this point, its March 5. everything they said was a straight up lie. It’s been a complete nightmare!! I also told the loan company the deal and they’re saying I still gotta pay in the meantime until the return is finalized.

I have done everything I’m supposed to do plus some. The customer service is a joke. They’re unprofessional. There’s nothing good about this company period. It seems like they’re just out trying to scam people. Stay away!!

A Headache and not a value

I signed up for Visible and have had to replace my SIM card five times in less than a year losing service for 48 hours at least each time. Visible customer service is contracted to an offshore call center and normal experience is 50+ people for live chat and 60 minute wait time is not unusual. I finally found out that Visible sold me a Motorola E 6 phone that has a well documented history of not recognizing SIM cards. Customer Service was not aware of this defect. On the margin, the $5 per month savings is not outweighed by the very poor customer experience

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