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Apple iPhone 12
Apple iPhone 12
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Why did I believe the reviews?

The iPhone 12 is nothing but headache-inducing nuisance. I purchased this phone after reading lots of positive reviews but it's been trouble since the beginning. It doesn't always connect, it's very fragile (I've broken the back in less than a week of having it).

Did Apple downgrade?

Overall the phone feels a bit cheaper compared to my iPhone XR. It's decent, but the features doesn't make up for the decrease in design quality. Camera's great, sure, but I don't really even use it to justify this. Feels like a waste of money.

Great battery life

The phone lasts all day until bedtime. Very durable too.

Fantastic features makes this phone a delight!

I've been pleased with this phone since day 1. The battery life lasts much longer, navigating the phone is easy, and it feels light in the hand. A phone labored with love.

Could've used improvements

Feels good in the hand, but doesn't excuse the fact that there's only been a marginal difference between this phone and the iPhone 11.

An amazing product!

Apple always seems to knock it out of the park every year! The iPhone 11 was a monstrous improvement over the iPhone X to the point I thought it couldn't get any better, but I was proven wrong! Wowed by the performance upgrade!

Disappointed in lack of home button

OLED is very sleek. Outstanding quality, compact, at a very good value too. Only complaint I have is that I miss having a homescreen button (my older phone was an iPhone 7).

The grad gift to get!

I've picked up this model as my daughter's grad gift. She's so happy with it.

Love the media qualtiy

I've switched from the iPhone 7 to the iPhone 12 so I could take more professional-looking photos and videos, and I've yet to be disappointed. The camera quality is crisp and the there are so many photo settings I don't think I'll be able to use them all.

A great phone that does not disappoint!

While it's on the pricier end for me, the phone is absolutely worth the cost. I'm really glad that Apple has put out a new wave of colors. I'm really loving the purple one I've purchased.

Compare iPhone 12 prices by network

Device/Network 128GB64GB256GB
iPhone 12 Unlocked$71/mo$26/mo$32/mo
iPhone 12 T-Mobile$71/mo$430$582
iPhone 12 Verizon$71/mo$410$597
iPhone 12 AT&T$386$317$509

Compare iPhone 12 prices by storage

Device/Storage UnlockedT-MobileVerizonAT&T
iPhone 12 128GB$71/mo$71/mo$71/mo$386
iPhone 12 64GB$317$430$410$317
iPhone 12 256GB$509$582$597$509