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Apple iPhone 13 Pro
Apple iPhone 13 Pro
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Coming from the 6S!

It's a massive change from my 6S! It's very big and weighty, but I'm slowly getting used to it, even though it takes two hands to use the phone. The camera and display are just something else! To think I could take such crisp, clear photos! And the display! I seriously cannot go back!

The phone is amazing but...

I love it. Don't get me wrong. I'm torn because there are a ton of features I love about the Pro. Great camera, 120hz lightning fast screen... it's just hard to hold. The cameras are hefty, the angles are sharper than I'd like, and the phone is simply a bit big to hold in my hand. I don't want to go to the iPhone Mini, but I may just have to.

Battery life.

Battery life has been worth the upgrade.

Just amazed!

Upgraded from my X. Been a big fan of the 5g speeds and the speediness of the phone. Great camera!

Compare iPhone 13 Pro prices by network

Device/Network 128GB256GB512GB1TB
iPhone 13 Pro Unlocked$33/mo$37/mo$46/mo$54/mo
iPhone 13 Pro T-Mobile$42/mo$46/mo$54/mo$62/mo
iPhone 13 Pro Verizon$67/mo$72/mo$83/mo
iPhone 13 Pro AT&T$33/mo$37/mo$46/mo$54/mo

Compare iPhone 13 Pro prices by storage

Device/Storage UnlockedT-MobileVerizonAT&T
iPhone 13 Pro 128GB$33/mo$42/mo$33/mo
iPhone 13 Pro 256GB$37/mo$46/mo$67/mo$37/mo
iPhone 13 Pro 512GB$46/mo$54/mo$72/mo$46/mo
iPhone 13 Pro 1TB$54/mo$62/mo$83/mo$54/mo