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Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
Apple iPhone SE (2nd Gen)
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Super satisfied with this phone

Charges quickly, easy to use, and OS is the superior OS around. I'm very satsified.

New features, fun size, better storage capacity

Gave my wife this phone and she absolutely loves it. Lots of new features with much larger storage.

2nd gen nowhere as good as the first

The 2nd gen Apple i-Phone SE is such a piece of junk compared to other Apple phones. It seems so much more limited with its capabilities. The phone's slow and the battery drains so fast that you'll need to charge it twice in one day. Stay away from this phone!

A worthy successor to 1st gen!

I loved the 1st gen SE a lot so when 2nd gen came out, I was stoked. So far this SE is a worthy successor. It has a beautiful display and work flawlessly. It also handles all my needs perfectly. Not to mention Apple's product support is just outstanding! Apple's definitely knocked it out of the park!

Great present to get

Great phone. Bought this for my kiddo and they love how good it runs.

Bummer it doesn't come with 5G

It's a pretty good phone that's compact. Pretty good value too. Just wish it had 5G instead of 4G.

Size is everything

Small size is enough to fit in my jeans pockets.

Wish I upgraded sooner...

WOW, I'm impressed with this SE! I've gotten this one after my iPhone 6 finally gave up the ghost and wasn't worth fixing. First I am happy with its size. Not too big. In fact it's the same as my old phone. Second it's really fast. I'm surprised with how much faster this is! It's really, REALLY fast!! Third I absolutely love the phone and its features. I'm so glad I upgraded!

For basic needs only

It performs at my expectations. Not the best phone out there (to make up for the pricing) but also it's not bad at all. The camera features are a bit lacking, but I'm okay with the basic functionality.

High learning curve but good otherwise

Moved from the S8 to the SE. I'm really liking this phone but it has a huge learning curve if you're not used to Apple phones. A user manual doesn't come inside the box either. Took me several hours to figure everything out.

Compare iPhone SE (2nd Gen) prices by network

Device/Network 128GB64GB256GB
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) Unlocked$37/mo$39/mo$46/mo
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) T-Mobile$37/mo$39/mo$46/mo
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) Verizon$37/mo$39/mo$46/mo

Compare iPhone SE (2nd Gen) prices by storage

Device/Storage UnlockedT-MobileVerizonAT&T
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) 128GB$37/mo$37/mo$37/mo
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) 64GB$39/mo$39/mo$39/mo
iPhone SE (2nd Gen) 256GB$46/mo$46/mo$46/mo