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Decluttr Review

Considering buying or selling a used phone? Read our review of Decluttr

By Rob Webber - Last updated on

If you are looking to make some extra cash and you want to get rid of unwanted stuff that is laying around the house, Decluttr could be the ideal platform for you.

This is a site that is dedicated to the sale of a wide range of items such as CDs DVDs games and more. You can also sell cell phones, tablets, games book, and other items via the site.

If you want to clear out your home, get rid of unwanted items with ease, and make some money on the things you no longer want or need, selling your items on Decluttr is a very good idea.

Sell your phone for cash online

Selling to Decluttr


  • It provides a simple and convenient means of getting rid of unwanted items.
  • Payment the day after items have been inspected.
  • You can sell via the desktop or the Decluttr app.
  • All you need to do is scan the barcode or enter barcode manually to get an instant price.
  • You get free shipping on all items you sell with the use of the provided shipping label.
  • The process makes selling your stuff easy.


  • They reserve the right to not pay you for rejected items- and they will not return the items.
  • You don't get a huge amount for your items.

While you will never become a millionaire by selling to declutter, you can make valuable extra cash that can come in useful for a special treat or a rainy day.

The ease of use that this site provides is one of the main benefits and has helped many people to get rid of their unwanted items by selling them to Decluttr.

If you do decide to sell your stuff via this site, all you need to do is:

  • Go onto the site.
  • Scan or enter the barcode of the items you want to sell.
  • Receive an instant price on these items.
  • Decide if you are happy with the price given.
  • Select how you want to get paid.
  • Pack your items into any suitable box.
  • Ship them free of charge.
  • Wait for the items to be inspected.
  • Get Paid.

It really is as simple as that. The downside is, of course, that you won't make a huge amount by selling in this way.

However, you will benefit from total ease and convenience with the chance to Decluttr your home and make a little extra spending money into the bargain.

Also, there is a $5.00 minimum per order and each order can be no more than 500 items. However, you can create multiple orders.

Sell your phone vs store trade in prices

DeviceEst. In-store tradeBest cash offerExtra cashSell device
iPhone SE (2nd Gen)$90$121$31Sell Device
iPhone 11$0$234-Sell Device
iPhone 11 Pro$0$318-Sell Device
iPhone 11 Pro Max$0$361-Sell Device
iPhone XR$0$149-Sell Device
iPhone XS$0$173-Sell Device
iPhone XS Max$0$226-Sell Device
iPhone X$0$149-Sell Device
iPhone 8$0$68-Sell Device
iPhone 8 Plus$0$129-Sell Device
iPhone 7$0$40-Sell Device
iPhone 7 Plus$0$68-Sell Device
iPhone 6S$0$19-Sell Device
iPhone 6S Plus$0$31-Sell Device

Buying From Decluttr


  • No shipping costs.
  • 12 month limited warranty on all cell phones.
  • Pay with Visa, Mastercard, or even PayPal.
  • Lower prices compared to buying from new.
  • A good choice of products for sale.


  • It can take 7-10 business days for your items to arrive.

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If you are looking for a used phone or other consumer technology, you can benefit in a number of ways by choosing Decluttr. When you purchase from this site, you get a full 12 months limited warranty on all tech, which means greater peace of mind and protection.

In addition to selling technology such as mobile phones, you can also access a range of other products such as pre-owned music, games, and DVDs when you buy from Decluttr. You can also access a range of special deals and offers that give you even more money off the already low prices. When purchasing through Decluttr all you need to do is:

  • Select the category you wish to shop from.
  • Browse the products for sale and compare prices.
  • Select the item you want to purchase and add to cart.
  • Checkout and provide payment/shipping details.

You can use a range of payment methods to purchase from this site, which includes credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

As with all products that you purchase online, you do take a risk when ordering products you haven't been able to see in person. However, the quality guarantee and limited warranty provided by the site offers protection in the event of a problem.

Recap - Is Decluttr any good?

If you want to make a little extra cash and clear out your home, Decluttr is definitely a service that is worth considering. For those looking to purchase products, this site provides a convenient, safe, and simple way of getting great deals on phones, other technology, and media products.

As far as selling smartphones go through, be sure to look around. Check out our comparison tools to see if Decluttr will pay you the most amount for your phone, or if another competitor will pay you more.

Rob Webber
Rob Webber

Rob has 15+ years experience in the US and UK running price comparison sites for cell phone plans, smartphone deals, TV, and internet. He loves thinking outside of the box to build tools that empower consumers to make more informed decisions.