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Finding the perfect combination of wireless service and affordable phones doesn't have to be a hassle. best cell phones.

Paying retail price for your favorite Samsung Galaxy devices gets old, we know. That's why we monitor the very lowest prices on top of the line phones and plans.

We strive to save you the most money possible across all of your wireless costs. Once you've scored a sweet discount on your device get the scoop on how to save $600 a year by switching to a cheaper plan.

Tello iPhone deals

Device 64GB128GB256GB
Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen) $329 $379 $479
Apple iPhone 14 - $629 $729
Apple iPhone 15 - $699 $799
Apple iPhone 13 - $630 -
Apple iPhone 14 Pro - $799 -
Apple iPhone 15 Plus - $799 -
Apple iPhone 14 Plus - - $829

Tello Samsung Galaxy deals

Device 64GB128GB256GB
Apple iPhone SE (3rd Gen) $329 $379 $479
Apple iPhone 14 - $629 $729
Apple iPhone 15 - $699 $799
Apple iPhone 13 - $630 -
Apple iPhone 14 Pro - $799 -
Apple iPhone 15 Plus - $799 -
Apple iPhone 14 Plus - - $829

Tello cell phone plans

Carrier Network Data Price
Tello unlimited talk & text plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 0GB $8/mo
Tello 1GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 1GB $9/mo
Tello 2GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 2GB $10/mo
Tello 5GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 5GB $14/mo
Tello 10GB plan T-Mobile 5G/4G Coverage 10GB $19/mo

Why switch to a Tello phone plan? Switching to a smaller carrier saves the average person $600 a year per line.

MVNOs, or mobile virtual network operators, are simply wireless carriers that rent space on the same networks the big companies use and sell service on the major networks at lower prices.

That means you can stay on the reliable T-Mobile network for less. Get the same coverage and call quality you love without the high prices.

T-Mobile vs Tello comparison

Keep your T-Mobile phone, number & coverage: Save $600 per year

Carrier Network Coverage 4G/5G Data Price Annual Cost
T-Mobile T-Mobile 4G & 5G Unlimited $75/mo $900/yr
Tello T-Mobile 4G & 5G Unlimited $25/mo $300/yr
Savings $50/mo $600/yr

Tello benefits

  • Same reliable network: Tello runs on the nationwide T-Mobile network, giving you the same coverage you're used to.
  • Cheaper plans: Save over half on your wireless bill without sacrificing network quality.
  • Custom plans: Tello plans are truly customizable. Choose your minutes, texts, and data to create the right plan for you.
  • No contracts: With a smaller carrier you're free to switch any time you find a better deal.
  • Bring your own phone: Tello is compatible with most GSM phones, making it simple to bring your own phone and keep your phone number.
  • Great customer service: Smaller carriers are known for their good customer support.

Tello features

Tello compatible phones

If you're shopping for a new phone to use on this wireless carrier, you just need to make sure your chosen device is 4G/LTE compatible.

Expand your phone options by comparing unlocked cell phones. These devices come free of any ties to a specific network.

Not sure if your phone is compatible with Tello? Use our phone compatibility checker to see if it'll work on their network.

Bring your own phone to Tello

Since Tello runs on the T-Mobile network now, you can typically bring any GSM (AT&T and T-Mobile) compatible device to your Tello phone plan.

All you need to do to make the switch is order a Tello SIM card kit. Pop it into your phone, choose a plan and you're ready to go.

Tello coverage

Cut your phone bill by up to $600/yr
Find a cheaper plan in seconds
Same coverage - switch instantly

Tello deals FAQs


Our goal at MoneySavingPro is to give you the tools you need to save money on all of your wireless expenses.

Save hundreds by comparing the best Tello cell phone deals from across the web.

Sign up for a cheap Tello plan and save $600 a year per line.

Not sure which device is right for you? Comparing cell phone features is quick and easy with our phone specs comparison tool.

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