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Best Cheap Used iPhones of 2021

Compare used iPhone prices & deals

Deal of the Month: Pure Talk - $250 off iPhone SE
AppleiPhone 664GB
Apple iPhone 6
MSRP: $749$74See Deals
AppleiPhone 616GB
Apple iPhone 6
MSRP: $649$80See Deals
AppleiPhone 6S64GB
Apple iPhone 6S
MSRP: $749$84See Deals
AppleiPhone SE16GB
Apple iPhone SE
$85See Deals
AppleiPhone 6S32GB
Apple iPhone 6S
$91See Deals
AppleiPhone 6S16GB
Apple iPhone 6S
MSRP: $649$95See Deals
AppleiPhone 632GB
Apple iPhone 6
$98See Deals
AppleiPhone 6S128GB
Apple iPhone 6S
MSRP: $849$110See Deals
AppleiPhone 6128GB
Apple iPhone 6
MSRP: $849$112See Deals
AppleiPhone 6 Plus64GB
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
MSRP: $849$112See Deals
AppleiPhone 732GB
Apple iPhone 7
MSRP: $649$114See Deals
AppleiPhone 6S Plus16GB
Apple iPhone 6S Plus
MSRP: $649$120See Deals

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Cheapest used iPhones in April

In the age of technological advancement, when it seems as if new phones are being released every other day, there can be pressure to keep up with the latest and greatest - even if it's not necessarily the latest or greatest, as phone companies tend to release "filler" phones to keep up with releases until the next real technological advancement comes along.

With the latest and greatest, however, comes expenses, and at some point, you have to ask yourself: is it really worth the price to get that brand new iPhone when your current one is suiting you just fine?

Key Considerations When Buying A Used iPhone

If you're in need of a new phone, but you've decided you're not ready to upgrade to that shiny new iPhone X, the easiest way to go is buying a used iPhone. Of course, there are always considerations to keep in mind when going down the route of a used phone or a refurbished phone:

  • Returns - Many of the good buyback sites off a 30-day return policy.

  • Warranties - Warranties can differ between websites. Some, such as Gazelle, offer a 30-day warranty. Declutter offers a full 12-month warranty. Others, like Swappa, don't offer any warranty.

  • Certified - Gazelle and Declutter put their used phones through various, rigorous tests in order to assure they're in the best condition before putting them up for sale.

  • Insurance - An optional expense, but there is insurance to cover refurbished phones if you're worried about breaking it.

  • Monthly Payment Options - Gazelle allows for you to pay monthly, although this isn't recommended, as it accrues interest.

If you're interested in a refurbished phone, check out our list of the best buyback websites further down.

Why You Should Consider Refurbished

If you've already decided to save money by not purchasing the newest version of the phone there's one more decision you need to make, used or refurbished. Let's take a look at the differences before you take the plunge.


  • Previously owned.

  • Has undergone diagnostic testing, faulty parts replaced.

  • Data from the previous owner erased.

  • Repackaged and sold.

  • Often come with an extended warranty from the retailer selling it.


  • Previously owned, not refurbished.

  • Can come with cosmetic wear and tear.

  • Are ultimately fully operational and functioning.

Refurbished phones, in particular, offer a security that you don't get with simply buying a phone from someone off Craig's List or Facebook.

With a refurbished phone, you know you're getting a good deal from a reputable vendor, and there's no concern about its functionality.

With a used phone, there's no guarantee you'll get a perfectly functioning phone until the sale has already been made.

Shop Used iPhones

Looking for refurbished iPhones for sale cheap but don't know where to start? Don't fret, MoneySavingPro has already done the hard work for you. We have scoured the internet to find the best places to buy used and refurbished cell phones. Check out our reviews on these sites such as Decluttr and Swappa.

Once you've done your research, use our cell phone comparison tool, to be sure to find the best iPhone deal.

But don't stop there, make sure to sell your old phone for cash.

Save Even More Monthly with MVNOs

You've likely heard of the "big four" cell phone carriers - Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile. However, there are cheaper options beyond those, known as mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs). These are carriers which piggyback off the cell towers of the big four, but offer cheaper plans, usually month-to-month with no contract, and allow you to carry your own phone over.

A majority of MVNOs operate entirely online, which is part of what allows them to offer cheaper phone plans - they don't have stores to maintain, which keeps their costs down. Check out our guides on the big four MVNOs:

To save even more money, considering unlocking your phone to give you more options for carriers. Do you have a used iPhone unlocked? Find a carrier that fits your needs and your phone, and bring it over.


Remaining a loyal iPhone user doesn't have to break your bank. You can save more money and stick with Apple by:

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Apple Smartphone FAQs

How do I get the best Apple smartphone deal?

Apple smartphone prices start at $74, compared to new models that often cost over $1,000. The prices vary by model, condition and memory size. Buying refurbished or used is a great way to save money. Always compare deals to ensure you get the cheapest Apple smartphone price.

Will Apple smartphone prices drop?

Used and refurbished Apple smartphone prices drop over time. The best time to buy a used or refurbished Apple smartphone is always just after the newer models are released. Find the best deal on a Apple smartphone by comparing prices online.

What's the difference between a used and refurbished Apple smartphone?

A refurbished Apple smartphone has gone through multiple checks by a specialist company and comes with a certified warranty for between 1-12 months and also includes a no risk returns policy. While a used Apple smartphone will generally be the cheapest option, it will not have a warranty because you'll be buying it directly from the individual seller.