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  • Calls: Unlimited
  • Max Callers: 8-100
  • Trial Period: 14 Days
  • Monthly Price: $24-69
  • Pros
  • High-quality audio and video facilities
  • Advanced interactive features
  • File sharing, record, and replay features
  • Presenter control is easy to switch
  • Cons
  • No operator assistance

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Offering access to high-quality audio and video conferencing facilities, WebEx is a popular choice for businesses that want to be able to save time and increase convenience when it comes to holding meetings and conferences. This service comes with a host of advanced interactive features, which makes it ideal for a wide variety of businesses.

There is no operator assistance available with this conference calling service. However, the ease of use means that you should not encounter any issues, as this is a very user-friendly system. Some of the features that you can benefit from when you choose this service to include file sharing facilities, around the clock conference scheduling, the ability to easily switch presenter controls, call recording and replay features, video conferencing for up to seven people, and a whiteboard feature.

If you need to contact customer support you can select from a variety of options, including email, phone, and live chat facilities. The software also comes with a range of tools and resources such as training videos and informational articles. This service has scored an impressive 4/5 from PC Mag and 7.2/10 from the G2 Crowd.

Pricing & Package Options

WebEx has three paid package options to choose from where the name of the package represents how many guests you can have attend. The first package listed at twenty-four dollars per month allows up to eight participants; this is called the Premium 8 package. Following the Premium 8 is the Premium 25 package, which runs at forty-nine dollars per month and allows up to 25 participants.

Finally, the Premium 100 package going for eighty-nine dollars per month allows up to 100 participants. Now, even though the number of possible guests varies per package, all three packages do have common offerings.

These offerings include video conferencing where up to seven video feeds can be used at once, audible and video meeting recording, screen, and application distribution, available mobile apps that are free, and finally the capability to divide the presenter role amongst the group.

With all three packages, it is possible to purchase CallMe plans. This basically allows the conference to call you. There is a monthly fee for this feature that starts at forty-five dollars per month for five hundred minutes. For every minute over there will be a nine-cent fee charge.

For those who do not want to have to pay monthly for WebEx meetings, there is a plan for you! WebEx

Meetings Free is an offered plan that allows you to involve up to three participants, one host license, VolP audio connection, document and desktop dividing capability, a usable whiteboard, video at standard-quality, and cloud storage up to 250MB.

With WebEx Meetings Free you also receive a fourteen-day free trial of the Premium 25 package. You receive this free trial without having to put any credit card information, so you don't have to worry about being automatically charged at the end of the free trial. If you do choose to upgrade to Premium 25 at the end of the fourteen-day trial, you will then enter your payment information and get all of this and more.

Signing Up & Getting Started

Getting started with WebEx is simple for you. All you need to do is sign-up using your contact information, make up a password, agree to either receiving or not receiving notifications from WebEx through email, and then start to have fun. Once you have completely registered you can add a picture of yourself and personalize your profile with details and information you want to provide. Of course, you could always skip this option and jump right into the downloadable quick-start guide, which will show you how to use WebEx and familiarize you.

Of course, you could always skip this option and jump right into the downloadable quick-start guide, which will show you how to use WebEx and familiarize you.

WebEx wants you to understand how it works so that you can use it to the best of your ability. It is for this reason that WebEx offers programs like StartMeeting and Intercall and meetings can be hosted or joined right from the home page of your account.

Tools that Boost Interaction and User Experience

The most important thing for any host is that the experience of their meetings is memorable and enjoyable. Hosts want to keep their participants engaged and on topic. WebEx is a great way for hosts to make their members feel involved and present. Participants have the opportunity to use the chat feature and really come together with other members during meetings.

While everything is going on, hosts can record everything that is being said throughout the meeting and being done on the screen. Basically, everything can be shared from the host's perspective to the participant's perspective of the meeting.

Aside from WebEx being interactive, it is extremely accessible. Because of the free mobile apps available for apple, android, and blackberry devices meetings can be joined directly from your smartphones. It is even possible to organize your account by scheduling meetings directly from your device as well.

It is tools like these that are offered through WebEx that really make it easy and fun for people from all different places to come together and work. It is important to take advantage of all the things WebEx has to offer that could make meetings fun.


Choosing WebEx as your conference calling services provider means that you can look forward to a solid and reliable service that offers some great interactive features to enhance your conferencing experience. As seen in this article there are more pros than cons for what WebEx has to offer.

How does WebEx compare to its top competitors? You can check out our buyer's guides for ConferenceCalling.com and GoToMeeting for in-depth analysis, rankings, and comparison.

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Recommended popular web conferencing product rigid interface

WebEx solved my problem I had with tying to conference in employees and staff. I've remarked the interface is rather rigid compared to other services but it is cost effective and is popular across the board.

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