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  • Pros
  • Monthly contract that can be cancelled anytime
  • Bonded and registered with Attorney General Offices
  • Actively challenges late payments and charge offs
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Identity theft protection
  • Cons
  • Monthly fee can be difficult to afford
  • No phone service during off-business hours
  • No live chat services is based in Florida and has been actively involved with consumer credit repair services since 1997. In the past 15 years, they've created alliances with Transunion and Equifax in order to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information. Their credit repair process revolves around three main processes. The first step is pulling your credit report to spot the problems or errors that are potentially hindering your score. The second step involves contacting the banks and lenders responsible for the inaccuracies. In the last step will track the progress of the corrections and work with you to rebuild your history.

So what's their track record look like? typically has 7% of the credit reporting problems removed each month. To add to that, this organization has the lowest first-time fee of all the companies on our list. It's right around $12.99 which is a savings close to $87 if you're comparing it with Sky Blue Credit's fee. They also offer unlimited credit bureau disputes, identity theft protection, a month-to-month contract and user-friendly website. The biggest drawback is the $89.95 monthly service charge. It's the highest of all the companies on the list and between $20 to $30 more per month. That's a monumental difference in the long run! Despite their high fee,

CreditRepaircom receives a 4.5-star rating from Top Consumer Reviews as well as an A- by the Better Business Bureau. Review the aforementioned positives and negatives once more before making your decision.

CreditRepaircom reports that the firm successfully removes judgments, bankruptcy, liens, late payments, and defaults from clients' credit profiles. According to a representative, the firm creates a custom plan for each client. They recognize that each client's credit repair needs differ:

  • uses a three step process to improve your credit. The first step includes a thorough review of your credit reports to identify prospective dispute items.
  • Next, staff communicates directly with creditors and credit reporting agencies to dispute and monitor changes to your credit profile. Finally, monitors an presents your updated credit scores. According to a representative, most clients see gradual improvement of their credit scores. Patience in improving your credit scores is required, according to the firm.
  • provides an unlimited number of creditor and CRA disputes because, according to a representative, removing your credit report errors begins and ends with disputes made under FCRA. Removing negative items from your credit reports positively affects your credit scores.
  • The firm takes pride in customer support services. There was no wait when we contacted the firm by phone. In addition, says it prioritizes learning about you. Repairing your credit, educating you about how to achieve and maintain good credit, and helping you to actualize personal dreams and objectives is considered part of the process.
  • The representative says that achieving credit repair takes many steps. If clients want to discuss a concern or have a question, they'll find a responsive organization.
  • also offers telephone access to clients seven days a week. If you've ever tried to reach some credit repair services on the weekend and receive a voice message, access may be important to you.
  • According to the company, thousands of clients have achieved better credit over almost 20 years in business. was founded in 1997.
  • reports that the average client sees 7 percent of negative items drop each month.

Take advantage of's free offer. Get your TransUnion credit report summary and credit score at no charge. has also established partnerships with LendingTree,, Credit Karma,, and

Signing Up for

Signing up for credit repair services is easy to accomplish. The intake professional will take your details and first payment on the phone or you can sign up online. The online signup includes four items: 1) provide personal data, 2) payment info, 3) sign the legal agreement, and 4) receive confirmation that you've signed up for credit repair services. CreditRepaircom's site is easy to navigate. It's user friendly with a clean, flat modern design. You'll find information written in plain language about the credit repair services offered, service pricing, and credit law. If possible, explore the FAQ section before contacting the firm. Write down a list of questions and call before making a decision to use their services. Tools

The firm offers better than average tools to stay in touch with clients. You can send and receive emails or texts within the secure personal portal. There's no need to send communications via personal email while you're a client. Each customer's personal dashboard makes it easy to assess current progress:

  • The personal score tracker is a great tool to provide at-a-glance analysis and progress to date.
  • Use's mobile app on your smartphone and/or tablet to review the credit improvement progress made by the firm on your behalf. It's great to check the personal dashboard before placing a call. Your conversation will be much more productive.

Customer Policy

In comparison to other credit repair providers, doesn't offer refunds if a client is dissatisfied. One of the customer service reps said that offers month-to-month service and clients may cancel at will at any time. Couples receive a discount from Importantly, couples need not be married to take advantage of the offer.


CreditRepaircom is a good company that can certainly help you get on track with your credit. Their site is easy to navigate and packed with helpful information regarding credit repair services. Be aware that their monthly fee is significantly higher than any other company on the list but they do offer some good credit repair services in return. Take advantage of's free credit consultation to find out if it's the right program for you.

CreditRepaircom is a bit more expensive than some of the other credit repair services. The firm says that personal relationships with its customers, and mutually beneficial relationships with its business partners, are essential to achieving success. As with other credit repair services, do your research, ask questions, and consider your financial and time commitment to achieving results before signing up.

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Recommended Easy to understand Hard to cancel once signed up

It's a complete rip off that you can't check your credit score for free more than once. If you have used their free credit score once, no matter how many years down the line you use it again you still have to pay! There is also no way to cancel online, of course they make it as difficult as possible to cancel hoping you pay them more.

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Recommended Easy access to check credit score Difficult to cancel

The service in itself is good, who doesn't want to be able to keep an eye on their credit report this day and age. But it is terrible that once you have signed up, you can't cancel online and you have to search very hard to find their phone number to cancel. That is almost fraud in itself!

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Recommended clear results Took a while to see results

Overall, It took a little bit longer to start seeing clear results, but now things are going quite all right. I'm satisfied and looking forward to the future with

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Recommended Useful app None

This service is quick, easy, and most importantly trust worthy. In no time, I start to see all the negative points on my credit disappear. And the app helps you see it and manage the account.

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