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  • Pros
  • Credit summary reports help get you on track
  • One of the largest credit repair companies, serving half a million customers
  • Targeted to greatly improve your credit and prepare you for future purchases
  • In business since 1991
  • Offers online account management
  • Cons
  • Higher initial and monthly fees
  • Requires more administration by customer

When you sign up with Lexington Law you'll automatically gain a team of 24 attorneys, over 200 paralegals, and a panel of agents in 19 states. This consumer advocacy group has been in operation for over two decades and is backed with the experience needed to solve your credit related needs. Like Sky Blue, they offer a couple's discount plus unlimited disputes and counseling. Lexington has three different plans to suit your needs.

The Lexington Regular Plan is the least expensive and includes credit repair services, unlimited disputes, identity theft protection, and free support. For a higher fee, you can register for the Concord Standard service which includes goodwill intervention, escalated information requests, and debt validation in addition to the services previously mentioned. The Concord Premier plan is the most expensive plan offered and consists of all of the features mentioned in the first two plans plus a monthly credit analysis, InquiryAssist, and ReportWatch.

Lexington Law - Improve your Credit Score

If you're hoping to improve your credit score before making a major purchase like a car or home, it's good practice to check your credit and dispute any inaccuracies at least a month before making an application. While it is true that any U.S. consumer can perform credit repair, it is also true that most Americans are not experienced enough to do so. Analysis of credit reports also requires a certain level of skill that most of us don't have. Knowing which changes will impact your credit requires an understanding of federal and state credit laws.

Simply put, most people do not have the necessary experience to perform credit repair for themselves. If they know it is appropriate to dispute errors on each CRA's credit file, they do not know how to accomplish this for maximum positive credit score results. They don't have in-depth understanding of credit laws. If you believe that a reputable credit repair service can assist you, and you've done an Internet search for top-rated credit repair firms, Lexington Law is in your search results. Lexington Law Firm, based in North Salt Lake UT, has 24 years of experience in the credit repair industry. Lexington Law is an actual law firm whose attorneys and paralegals assist clients.

Lexington Law Credit Repair

Many credit repair services are not actual law firms. Lexington Law Firm helps clients achieve better credit according to the law. While Lexington Law Firm disputes inaccurate items on their clients' credit reports, they also work to educate clients about how to maintain and manage their credit.

  • Credit law says that consumers can dispute every negative item on a credit report by requesting validation of the debt from the credit grantor and/or collector. If the item on your credit report can't be verified, it is an inaccurate according to the law.
  • Although the debt on your report may belong to you, collection agencies add fees and frequently claim you now owe much more than whatever the original debt was. Lexington Law Firm assists clients by performing legal disputes and requesting validation of debts on your credit reports.

Validation is key because many credit collectors simply don't bother to request your original credit grantor's documents. The information these firms post about you may be inaccurate. How to Get Started

You have the choice of signing up for Lexington Law Firm's services online or by contacting one of several toll-free numbers. You will first speak with an intake specialist:

  • Lexington Law Firm offers a cost-effective way to get started. The intake professional will ask you to authorize payment of $12.99 to access your credit reports. You are then assigned to an attorney and paralegal.
  • If you decide to get started with Lexington Law, the firm charges $99.95 (collected within five to fifteen days after your $12.99 payment) per month. You are then charged $99.95 for each following month for ongoing services.
  • Lexington Law will discuss what items negatively affect your credit score as well. For instance, if you've recently applied for credit, inquiries can damage your credit and make it less likely for a second or third potential lender to grand credit.

Lexington Law Credit Repair - Benefits

Lexington Law Firm presents their credit repair services in a reasonable way. They don't promise that all of your negative items, such as bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments, or student loans, will magically drop from your credit reports.

Just one credit mishap today can prevent you from securing an auto loan, mortgage, or new credit card. Although you won't add 100 or 200 points to your FICO score in a few days or weeks' time, you can improve your credit within several months to a year.

Once you're assigned to an attorney and paralegal team, you can reach out to them as desired. You can discuss any current and developing credit concerns while you're a Lexington Law Firm client.

Lexington Law Credit Repair Review Recap

Lexington Law won't promise that the firm can remove all of your negative credit report items or that your FICO credit score will "soar." You will receive the benefit of an established credit repair law firm whose experience can help you to recover from the high costs of bad credit.

They are among the best credit repair services in the industry. Although their email responsiveness is low and their first time fee is on the higher end, they still offer many advantageous elements within their program. If at any point you're unsatisfied with your results you can easily cancel the membership.

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Recommended Good customer service None

It was a great getting to talk to someone over the phone. It was refreshing being able to actually speak with a person, rather than an email. I wanted to let you know that I feel much better now that you guys took the time to speak with me.

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Recommended Professional No cons

I applaud your company and its staff on doing a great job with my credit history. I'm very happy with the progress made on my credit repair. Lexington Law is always professional and people oriented.

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Recommended Helpful, great staff None

First off, I was a bit skeptical about the whole thing, but that all changed when I started to notice the changes in my credit report in just a few months. Thank you for all your help and having a great staff who takes care of my needs.

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