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  • Pros
  • "Best Value 2017" Award Winner
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Accelerated challenge program: Challenge 15 disputes in 35 days
  • Risk-free 90 day guarantee
  • Easy online application gets you started quickly
  • Personalized advice to improve your FICO score
  • Cons
  • Monthly monitoring fee required
  • Online chat is not available
  • All communication is via email
MoneySavingPro Best Value Award 2017

After a careful assessment and comparison of the top companies in the credit repair industry, we have selected Sky Blue as our Best Value. Their 28 years in business, range of services, and competitive price point were major factors, while their excellent online reputation including their BBB A+ and 5 Star Composite Rating signal the type of experience consumers can expect from Sky Blue.

Sky Blue charges a one-time $59 setup fee, followed by a $59 monthly charge thereafter. The process is rather simple to get started. First, make an account at and then send a recent tri-merge (three bureaus) credit report to their customer service department. They'll contact the credit bureaus to dispute items that are harming your score and work to permanently eliminate them.

Sky Blue Credit - Unlimited Interventions with Credit Bureaus

With Sky Blue Credit Repair you get an unlimited number of interventions with the credit bureaus. This is important to keep in mind because it indicates the company's dedication to solid results and customer satisfaction. If you have a spouse who's in a similar credit dilemma, they'll be eligible to get half off their monthly fee when you sign up simultaneously. Furthermore, Sky Blue offers a 90-day money back guarantee if you're not one hundred percent satisfied with your results. Their program operates on a month-to-month contract so don't worry about weeding through a pile of legal jargon in the event that you want to cancel.

One of the negatives is that Sky Blue requires you to provide them with a tri-merge credit report at your own expense. They do provide you various options where you can obtain a report but prices range from $14.95 to $29.95 per month. Bear in mind this cost when allotting funds for the program. After the initial report, you can elect to either continue receiving these reports or cancel your membership since Sky Blue has no affiliation with the tri-merge reporting organizations. The second shortcoming about Sky Blue is that it doesn't have an online management tool or live chat function.

Sky Blue Credit Repair - Customer Service

What sets Sky Blue apart from the other credit repair companies is their high customer success rate and ample services. They've been deemed a premiere service by Credit Karma, Top Consumer Reviews, and even earned the Fair Credit Reporting Act Certification from the Consumer Data Industry Association. Moreover, they're in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and boast an impressive A+.

Here are the main components they offer:

  • Credit repair services
  • Debt validation
  • Credit scores improvement

Calling Sky Blue to repair your credit is your smart first step before applying for credit. After analysis of your credit history, the Sky Blue team begins the process of disputing negative items on your credit report. They dispute approximately five items per credit reporting agency every 35 days. If the disputed items are not removed right away, Sky Blue creates new custom disputes to maintain the fluid process.

Sky Blue Credit Repair - Credit Status Assessment

As above, Sky Blue requests a copy of your tri-merge report. The tri-merge summary is used to obtain an overall assessment of your credit status. Many lenders use tri-merge reports as a key part of the loan evaluation process. Mortgage lenders such as banks and credit unions use the tri-merge to quickly identify underwriting issues, so Sky Blue's credit repair team starts here. Credit Report Importance Lenders assess your tri-merge credit report to determine creditworthiness. Before approving a personal loan, mortgage, car loan, or a new card, the lender reviews derogatory credit activity such as late payments or defaults. Positive information, such as paying card bills as agreed and on time, also appears on your credit reports.

More than 90 percent of U.S. lenders use FICO scores, originally developed by the Fair Isaac Corporation, to make credit decisions. Fair Isaac's two credit scoring models are used to determine the consumer's basic and/or industry-specific FICO credit score. Industry-specific FICO credit scores are wider in range (250 to 900) while basic credit scores range from 300 to 850. CRAs gather details about how your pay existing bills and report it. Fair Isaac Corporation then calculates the credit score(s). Tri-Merge Credit Reports

Each of the three credit reporting agencies-Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian-maintains your credit history report. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends that each consumer reviews his/her credit reports regularly to identify errors. CRAs are not responsible for the accuracy of the information reported to prospective lenders.

Each CRA acts independently of others, and each CRA may reflect a separate FICO score on the tri-merge report. However, the tri-merge three-in-one report is a summary of information provided by all three CRAs. Rather than pull individual credit reports, lenders request the tri-merge report. Most use the mid-FICO score reflected in three-in-one data.

Other parties can request your credit reports. Employers, landlords, insurers, telecoms and utility providers may use information contained in your credit reports before extending job offers/promotions or unsecured services. Not all of these parties request a tri-merge credit report: they may decide to use one credit report over another.

Sky Blue Credit Repair - FICO Score Factors

Five types of credit data are used to calculate your FICO scores. Each of these factors contributes a typical percentage of the total credit score calculation, including payment history (35 percent); accounts owed (30 percent); credit history length (15 percent); utilization of credit (10 percent); and new credit lines/accounts (10 percent).

The contributing percentage of each factor is not a hard and fast rule. For instance, if you've got a relatively short credit history, your FICO score isn't necessarily low. However, relatively low (less than 40 percent) account balances and positive payment histories can have a greater influence on your credit scores.

Sky Blue Review Recap

Sky Blue Credit Repair ranks on our list due to its ease of use, high customer service ratings and low first-time/monthly fees. TrustLink Reviews awards Sky Blue Credit 5-stars for their impressive array of credit repair services and satisfactory results. After careful review, Sky Blue is more than qualified to help to victims of bad credit and get you back on track towards recovery.

Using tri-merge credit information is more costly than accessing your free annual credit reports. Although one CRA's credit history may be more positive than the others, Sky Blue doesn't take the easy road to credit repair.

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Recommended Great people None

Good folks at Sky Blue!

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Recommended They work hard for you. Process may take a few months.

Okay. Great job! I don't leave reviews ever. But I'm leaving reviews about Sky Blue on a bunch of sites today. New scores today are up to 700 from 500. Very cool.

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Recommended Honest service staff. Nothing yet.

This is the only company I spoke to that just answered all of my questions honestly without giving me the run around. I signed up today, so I don't have any results to report, but I'm keeping the faith and they are off to a great start with me.

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Recommended Great people Can't think of anything

They got my scores up 100 points in three months.

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Recommended Very informative and helpful None.

I read a LOT of good reviews about Sky Blue Credit Repair before I signed up, and they met all of my expectations. Nice people, smart answers, they found things on my credit report to dispute that I did not even know were there. And they are quick, quick, quick! Top recommendation.

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Recommended Easy sign-up process. No cons

Everything was great about them. I was turned off by another company that spammed me to death. Sky Blue was totally polite and not pushy. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

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Recommended Very informative support staff. Monthly fee

I didn't even know about credit repair before. I saw an ad about it and checked out the top companies in Google. We picked Sky Blue because of the BBB rating and the reviews. They removed almost all of the mistakes from our reports, old stuff that we didn't even know about. And our scores are greatly improved.

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Recommended Solved my problem quickly and efficiently. Monthly fee

A friend recommended me and it was a very good suggestion. I will be telling other people too. I have a lot more hope now.

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Recommended Did a thorough job A little pricey.

For the price Sky Blue really gets the job done. They did all the footwork for me and found over 50 problems to dispute. I had some medical issues in the past and things were hard. This has made a big difference for me.

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Recommended Honest, saved me money! Nothing

First of all, these people are definetly honest. I called and they told me that my problem was going to fall off in a couple of months anyway, so I didn't even join. They could have easily taken my money. They totally earned my respect.

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Recommended Great customer support. None

Very happy with Sky Blue. Pleasant people and quick support.

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Recommended Made handling credit easy A little expensive but you get what you pay for.

Credit is very stressful. Skyblue made everything easy. I paid a couple hundred dollars in total, over about 4 months, and they did a great job. Best money ever spent for sure.

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Recommended Everything None

They removed almost every bad thing from my report and my credit scores are over 700 for the first time ever. When I was done last week they emailed to tell me that there was nothing left to do so no more charges from them. What great service and honest.

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Recommended Great service No cons

I used them for the last 4 months and they have done a fantastic job for me, plus they are always friendly and helpful when I have a question. Very, very happy with Sky Blue!

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Recommended great staff No cons

I have personally used Sky Blue service, it's pretty great. The staff there are very helpful and get you all of your results fast. Compared to other services, Sky Blue is very affordable. I had about 6 negative items removed within just 3 months. You should give this company a try.

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