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The Credit People was founded in 2001 and has since helped thousands of people repair damaged credit. Their hands-on approach aims to provide effective help from a well-trained team. They want to make credit repair as easy as possible for their clients. After sign-up, The Credit People provide your online account within 48 hours. This account allows you to track credit repair progress. The firm also offers to obtain your three credit reports (and three credit scores) free of charge. You're also offered a satisfaction guarantee.

The Credit People Credit Repair

The Credit People, based in central Orlando, FL, offer credit repair experience and lower than industry average pricing. The Credit People, a credit repair service with more than 10 years' experience, has assisted more than 100,000 clients in their search for better credit. Clients who want to buy a new home or refinance an existing home loan, arrange a low-cost auto loan, get a promotion, or reduce credit card and personal loan costs can benefit from better credit scores.

You have the option of paying a monthly or flat fee for services. The Credit People offers a $19, seven-day trial offer. Continue at $59 per month and cancel any time. People with a greater number of credit report disputes or more complex credit report issues may benefit from the $299 flat fee service.

What to Expect

The Credit People offer proprietary score-based results. After signing up online or by phone, the client is assigned to a credit repair team. The team performs score analysis on clients' credit reports. Because no two clients have identical credit reports, experienced credit repair staff evaluates each individual's credit reports. Credit history, debt-income and credit-type ratios, and scoring models are considered to design your credit repair plan.

The executive team at The Credit People is hands-on. They work with clients, listen to their concerns, and ask about each client's credit repair goals. Real client stories show how the team helped each client achieve a specific credit-based goal, such as buying a home, purchasing a new or used car, refinancing an existing mortgage, or getting a promotion at work.

The Credit People also offers better than expected data protection (2048-bit encryption, data depository, and PCI compliance) for clients concerned about their sensitive financial and personal details. After sign-up, clients have 24-hour access to their progress file, free credit scores and reports, and an "Unbeatable Satisfaction Guarantee."

Credit Repair Pricing

Performing your due diligence before deciding to sign up with any credit repair service is a must. The Credit People offer a try-before-you-buy offer ($19) for seven days. If the service and credit repair team are a good fit, continue services at $59 per month. There is no long-term service agreement with the pay as you go plan. You may cancel at any time.

If you want to avoid monthly fees, sign up for the six-month flat rate credit repair program ($299). The Credit People say there is no difference in the services you receive-the choice of monthly rate or flat-fee six-month program is yours.

According to industry statistics, the average credit repair client needs six to seven months to see maximum credit report results. Results are cumulative: The Credit People say that most clients see first results in 30 to 60 days.

The Credit People's credit repair services cost less. In comparison to others, here's how the Credit People stack up:

  • No cost to access credit reports – Other companies charge $10 to $30
  • No cost to access credit scores – Other companies charge up to $24 (about $8 x 3 CRA reports)
  • No cost for ongoing credit reports – Other companies charge for this service and you need to review updated credit reports to see credit repair progress
  • Try-before-you-buy ($19/7-days) agreement – Other firms immediately require $59 to $149 initial payment

If you've got just several negative items on your credit reports, a monthly fee may work best. If you have more items on your credit history, the flat rate program may be more cost-effective. According to The Credit People, all clients receive the following benefits and features:

  • Account access (24 hours)
  • Flat rate or monthly service pricing
  • Toll-free contact
  • Zero cost credit reports and credit scores
  • "Score-Driven Results" (includes more than your credit history!)

The Credit People use all legal means to repair your credit, including: unlimited credit report(s) disputes; debt validation services; creditor communications; inquiry validations; FCRA-certified staff; and credit help "beyond credit reports."


According to The Credit People, almost 80 percent of individual credit reports have errors. In addition:

  • About one-fourth of credit reports have serious errors that result in credit denials
  • Almost 30 percent of credit scores differ by at least 50 points or higher (when compared to the other two major credit reporting agencies)
  • Almost 30 percent of credit reports inaccurately reflect borrower account status. For example, if the consumer closed one or more credit accounts, the CRA reports they are open.
  • More than half of all credit reports contain inaccurate personal information or demographic data, such as misspelled first/last names, old addresses, or accounts that belong to another consumer.

The ability to perform successful credit repair programs for clients relies upon experience. The Credit People have more than 10 years' experience. They use in-depth analysis to understand what factors have damaged or helped your credit scores. By fine-tuning your credit variables, the firm says it works with you to obtain the best possible credit scores.

Credit Report Issues

The Credit People works to delete many credit report issues, such as judgments, liens, late pays, defaults, charge-offs, foreclosures, post-settlement negatives, repossessions, closed/open account status, personal identification errors.

The team also helps clients to remove old items from their credit files. Most old items do not fall off clients' credit reports without disputes.

Credit mistakes result from a variety of circumstances. Missing payments because of job loss or not using credit in a responsible manner can happen. Missing account payments and dealing with accounts in collection can damage your credit. Getting new credit lines or even employment in the future can result.

Many people mistakenly believe that paying off their old debts will clean up their credit. Unfortunately, without experienced credit repair services to remove negative information from your credit reports, you won't get the fresh financial start you're after.

Verdict - Average

The Credit People offer a cost-effective credit repair service. With more than 10 years of experience in the credit repair industry, The Credit People are considered a reputable and effective service by our reviewers. Take advantage of the seven-day ($19) offer to learn more about the firm and what they can do for you.

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