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  • Pros
  • 365-day warranty
  • Contemporary styles designed in-house
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  • Affordable prices
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  • Customer service isn’t available on the weekends
  • Limited return policy of 14 days

EyeBuyDirect Review

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Finding eyewear for you and your loved ones shouldn't place a huge strain on your finances. EyeBuyDirect started its business in 2005 with this intention. Since its inception, it has grown its brand based on its affordable offerings.

To see if EyeBuyDirect is a smart choice for you, it's important to examine its product offerings and promotions to see how it compares to other eyeglass providers.

Types of Eyewear

If you want a wide variety of choices for every member of your family, EyeBuyDirect has what you need. Concerning eyeglasses, it carries contemporary designs for men, women, and children.

Meanwhile, if you want sunglasses, it has pairs available for men and women. Overall, it has a wide selection of types of eyewear to appeal to your family's needs.

Shopping for eyeglasses online is simple through its well-designed website. You can search for the glasses you want based on lens types, designers, and more. This makes your shopping experience fast and stress-free.

Once you select the glasses you want, you have 14 days to try them out. If they don't fit you can replace them for free. What's more, with EyeBuyDirect, you receive a 365-day warranty. This means if there are defects in workmanship, it will replace the pair for you for free.

Types of Frames

EyeBuyDirect possesses three types of frames for its eyeglasses. These include rimless, semi-rimless and full rim. In addition, you have your choice between an ample array of stylistic options.

To demonstrate, for men's eyeglasses you have your choice between Rectangle, Round, Oval, Browline, Square, Wayfarer, Horn, and Aviator shapes. Along with this, you have your choice of five materials including wood, titanium, and plastic. The wide range of variety in shapes, types, and materials allows you to customize your glasses exactly to your liking.

Types of Lenses

One of the most important things, when considering the best online eyeglasses providers, is the types of lenses they offer. After all, if they cannot fill your prescription they won't be a viable option.

In this regard, EyeBuyDirect doesn't disappoint, as it has bifocal and free-form progressive lens available. If you want prescription sunglasses, it also has progressive transitions lenses.

If you have trouble reading your prescription, EyeBuyDirect has a great resource for you. You can visit its website, find the "how to read your prescription" tab, then watch the informative video, which details all aspects of your prescription. Along with the video, it has a guide with definitions for all the abbreviations, so you better understand the type of glasses you require.

Designer Glasses

Another important factor when examining providers is access to the top brands. This gives you a chance to choose between the freshest designs from the top designers in the industry. After browsing EyeBuyDirect, I found EyeBuyDirect to be different from other providers in that it doesn't offer access to the top brands like Randy Jackson or Ray-Ban.

However, it does have an extensive selection of contemporary styles such as geek chic. It also has its own brand of crafted eyeglasses with its own distinctive style. Therefore, if you want exclusivity, EyeBuyDirect is a good option to consider further.

Discount Glasses

Finding the right style shouldn't mean overspending on them. EyeBuyDirect understands this, it is why it has a sale section on its website with a wide selection suitable for tight budgets. Furthermore, after looking at its inventory, it features contemporary styles for men, women, and children, resulting in it being an excellent place for all your family's eyewear needs.

Coupons and Promo Codes

If your budget is tight then it's important to find the best deals available. When shopping on EyeBuyDirect's website, you can do this by scrolling down and clicking on its coupons section.

This gives you access to all the promotions it's currently running. If you are a new customer, you can receive a discount off your order. It also offers promotions where you can receive a specific percentage off your order if you spend a certain amount.

EyeBuyDirect Customer Support

If you have any questions, EyeBuyDirect offers great support accessibility via phone, email and live chat. It has flexible customer service hours Monday through Friday for phone support. However, it doesn't have reps available on the weekend, placing it at a disadvantage relative to providers who offer support seven days a week.


EyeBuyDirect started its business with the purpose of being an eyeglass provider that offers affordability unrivaled by other providers. It achieves this to a degree through its extensive inventory where you can receive contemporary styles while not having to drain your bank account.

Meanwhile, there are several drawbacks I discovered. For one, because it doesn't offer top brands it won't be an appealing option for customers who want the latest styles from companies like Gucci or Nike. At the same time, it does offer contemporary styles you might not find with other providers.

Second, its return policy is short compared to other providers, who range in policies from 30 days to one-year to try out glasses. Therefore, if it takes you time to become acclimated to new glasses, this is an important consideration you should account for.

Ultimately, EyeBuyDirect delivers contemporary styles at affordable prices, making a smart option if you want exclusivity.

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